Everton v Arsenal Preview, Line-up and Score Prediction

Everton vs Arsenal Preview, Line up and Predicted score by KJ

Last time we faced Everton, we were embarrassed. Martinez set up to exploit our weaknesses and ensured that the likes of Monreal and Sagna were destroyed. This time should be different. The team is a lot stronger than the one that was at Everton last time and confidence is higher (even though we struggled against Besiktas).

Even then, Everton away is definitely one of the hardest games of the season and we Wenger will have to manage the team so that we can get the result against Everton as well as having enough energy to beat Besiktas at home to qualify for the group stages of the Champions League.

Everton are going to counter attack us relentlessly when they again and will target our full backs as they arethe easiest part of the team to exploit. However, Debuchy will have Sanchez in front of him to help him defensively and I expect Arsene to start Chamberlain so he can provide defensive support to Monreal.

Predicted Line up:
Debuchy – Chambers – Koscielny – Monreal
Flamini – Ramsey
Sanchez – Ozil – Chamberlain

The defence will be the same one that played against Besiktas but with an injury to Arteta, Flamini will be shielding the defence instead. It could suit us to a certain extent as Everton won’t be able to exploit our possession game as much and we can focus more on counter attacking with mobile players.

I expect Ozil to start because we struggle massively without him. He’s the heartbeat of this team and he will make us play far better, even if he isn’t fully fit.

Chamberlain should start over Cazorla for this game simply because Chamberlain can provide more defensively and is far more explosive providing more of a threat on the counter for us.

Finally, Sanogo will hopefully start because Giroud is clearly unfit and won’t provide much help at all with his lack of composure. At least Sanogo will tire out Everton’s defenders and will provide us with space with his unpredictable runs.

It will of course be a tight game but I can see us sneaking a 2 – 1 win.

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    1. Everton will be a good test to see how we perform against our direct tittle challengers.Priority will be to not miss the chances created in front of goal & to not concede many goals at back.I’m Quietly Optimistic.COYG!

  1. you have to try and be appreciative . the fact is giroud is better than sanaogo at creating space for others . sanogo just provides a better direct dribbling threat . giroud runs around more than sanogo

    1. Are u an idiot ? Giroud is a lampost and blocks all the space in the middle so it always becomes packed out

      Sanogo is the one who runs In behind .. Creates space for the wingers to drive whilst he gets into good positions into the box causing the defence to be stretched

      1. running in behind is not the only way of creating space . it’s actually just the most traditional sticking out of the box draws defenders a little further away from their goal line creating space for runners in behind . see wilshere vs norwich , rosicky vs everton , podolski in the champions league , gibbs against swansea and the list is endless . he uses himself as a decoy to draw defenses out of the box and create room for the through pass which he has as per the examples above played himself sometimes . i don’t wanna fight with you . i just want you to understand that tactics will not always be how you want them to be or how you know them . some people don’t do things the traditional way

        1. “some people don’t do things the traditional way” I would rather say:
          “some people cannot do things the traditional way”

  2. With that line up id be very confident but if i see a front line of
    God help us.

    1. We need to play with two wingers. We have target man who feeds off of tap-ins and headers and a playmaker who loves to play through balls out to wingers with pace, so I have no idea why Wenger keeps playing with Cazorla on the left.

  3. Where is Joel Campbell? Let Arsene give this guy a chance. He is something different from what we have been having. Ox somebody? Mix up eager players so that we can avoid teams predicting us. Well, am not the manager but just a passionate fan. We’ll banish the ghost of last year by putting them to sword.

    1. Agree. I would play Campbell up top. Think OG is struggling with fitness, or, a slight injury, and Sanogo is definitely not fit. Campbell is quick, holds play up well, and, is very good at finding the right pass. Much better for counter attacking than Giroud.

  4. sczecny
    debuchy chambers kosielny monreal
    flamini Ramsey
    Sanchez cazorla ox lade
    chambers instead of per because he is more match fit
    cazorla is more match fit than ozil so he should start
    giroud has more movement , strength and has a bigger chance of creating a shot for ramsey , cazorla or sanchez than sanogo .
    we should have an injection of pace later in the game . with joel campbell and mesut ozil coming on for cazorla and giroud

  5. Calling for Ox and / or Campbell today. If not starting then a decent amount of time off the bench, (not 10 mins at the end!).

  6. This is the line up i want to see:
    But i know this wont happen so here’s the Wenger’s line up

    I’m not being pessimistic or anything but I think that we will be lucky go get a draw,not because we are bad or anything,just playing away against Everton is a very hard match. Result: 1-1

  7. ox sanogo sanchez
    cazorla from what wenegers said it seams ozil may not be sharp enough to start yet, and tbf cazorla hasn’t been too bad, in his favourite position in the centre im sure he can deliver!

    1. that was relating to my earlier comment, I just re-read and realise I could be a little offensive, so sorry if it is my beautiful multi-coloured rainbow family. there is most certianly enough bigotry in the world right now as it is, didn’t mean offense!!!

  8. So Liverpool growing in numbers – Sturridge, Lambert, Balo + Eto soon to be signed.
    And our striker situation is? No news but looks like Poldi’s on his way to Juve.
    Just Sanogo and Giroud for the season ahead?? NOOOOOO………!

  9. Now people are beginning to see that Giroud”s performance has always been worse than abysmal. But sorry for you, Mr. Wenger’s selections are not based on a player’s performance so we’ll continue seeing Giroud play for us. We are always playing ten against eleven whenever Giroud plays. That’s why we are always humiliated by the big clubs.

  10. Apologies for posting off topic on about a rumor and sorry also if people have already pointed this out.

    I do not for one second believe the Giroud to PSG Cavani to us deal is anything but fantasy. However, I keep seeing this so thought I would say.

    Giroud is NOT cup tied

    Regulations of the UEFA Champions League 2012-15 Cycle

    Article 18.07 As a rule, a player may not play in a UEFA club competition (i.e. UEFA
    Champions League and UEFA Europa League, but not UEFA Super Cup) for
    more than one club in the course of the same season. Exceptionally, however,
    a player who has been fielded in the first, second, third qualifying round or the
    play-offs of the UEFA Champions League or UEFA Europa League is entitled
    to play in the UEFA Champions League or UEFA Europa League for another
    club as from the group stage. Moreover, as from the start of the round of 16, a
    player can be registered in accordance with paragraphs 18.18 to 18.21 below

  11. Chatting to my Dad about Arsenal this morning and on Giroud he said, “Do you know who he reminds me off?, Bendtner! Tall and strong but slow, immobile and not prolific”.
    He has a point!

  12. Is Sanogo fit?
    I can see his name on various line ups…!!

    Anyway, if it is not, that would be nothing new… We are always missing someone…!!

    I think he will be the same line up that faced Besiktas, minus Arteta.
    Wenger is not clever enough or tactically acute to innovate.

    Now might be the time to put Campbell (why is he not playing, it is beyond understanding) and Chamberlain (speed and skills) in order to disturb the Everton defence with some pace.

    Jack “where is the ball” Wilshere (missed passes, lose the ball and does not even have the pace nor the desire to get it back) will be in the middle again (Wenger has a blind misguided faith on the useless boy).

    I just hope Ramsey (better be ready to play as much games as you can because Wenger will use the Welsh until there is nothing left) will be his usual self (strong, decisive, creative and essential).

    Euhhhhh… Where is Diaby??

    1. Best Lineup:
      Debuchy – Mert – Kosc – Monreal
      Campbell – Ramsey – Ozil/Cazorla – Ox

      Wenger’s Lineup:
      Debuchy – Mert – Kosc – Monreal
      Sanchez – Ramsey – Wilshere – Cazorla

  13. Why not Giroud?
    He is the only one we got anyway!

    Instead of blaming Giroud all the time (yes, he could do better), some fans should blame “Arsenal God” Wenger…!!

    He is the one in charge of transfers. We have been needing a top striker for 3 or 4 years now…!! What’s up with that???

    Wenger he is the one doing the line up and tactics (even though he is clearly weak)…!!

    He even came out saying that Diaby looked good in training… Can you give me one player who does not?? May be that is why Wilshere is always on his squad… He might look very good in training !!!

    1. your love for all things wenger is brightening my saturday…would u care for some after eight mints?

  14. over confident fans again…..Goodison park is a fortress for Everton…

    even the mighty chelsea and city struggled

  15. After all this caution and pessimism I’m going for a 3-1 Arsenal win.

    Sanchez will show us all what he can do, and feature heavily.

  16. This game will be a good test to see if we’ve learn’t anything from our last thrashing to Everton. Have we sat down and studied them or will we just play our way and hope for a win?

    Has Monreal learn’t not to let Lukaku cut in onto his Left foot? I hope so.

  17. You know, if you notice today Giroud walking ( he is not able to run), around the corner trying to cross the ball in the danger zone, knowing that only small Sanchez is there, then we will probably not do so fine today.

  18. Everton will win 2-1
    Lukaku to score twice
    It will be a very intense match but Martinez will exploit our weaknesses

    We will win the second match

    1. No excuses, we are the better team. If Everton keeps bulling us, then the problems is Wenger alone.

  19. OT: There is a rumour from a SSN Italia representative that arsenal is in talks to sell podolski to juventus. I hope it’s not true.

  20. What is this site called, Buttom Corner? Those mother Fackers are even worse then Cought Offisde with their misleading Bs topics.

  21. where’s campbell?? i know he’s not french but common now wenger, playering a league 2 french teen and a lamppost over a Costa rican international first team player is just ludicrous. He should be starting every week until he proves he’s not good enough just like sanogo/giroud show us every week

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