Everton v Arsenal review – Giroud makes a point!

With the midweek game against Besiktas in mind and some of the Arsenal squad still to get up to speed, Arsene Wenger opted for a bit of an experimental selection for the away game with Everton. And with last season’s naive performance at Goodison still fresh in the memory, the Gunners were determined to be more solid and hard to beat.

It was working fairly well until Everton stunned us with the opening goal against the ruin of play. A bit of a defensive switch off and a great ball in from Gareth Berry left Coleman the freedom of the penalty area to head past Szczesny.

Then the old adage that goals change games came into play, with us looking more nervous and Everton with their tails up. We still played some good stuff and could have scored with a bit more luck and a bit more sharpness around the box from Ramsey and the Ox. Then our bad luck really hit home, with the Toffees getting away with a Lukaku foul and a Naismith offside to hit us with a real body shot on the stroke of halftime.

Wenger brought Giroud on for Alexis for the second half, hopefuly to save the Chilean for Wednesday rather than a knock. And the Frenchman nearly got us back into it straight away, but his well struck volley flew over. We were not quite firing in attack, but Everton were very good defensively, throughout their team. When we did get it right, they were always there to snuff out the danger.

Arsenal finally broke through with Cazorla feeding Ramsey from the left but there was not long left and Everton were doing their best to kill the game, but the big man showed his strength and Monreal found him with a pinpoint cross to get us a point.

This was miles from the drubbing we got there last season, but we nearly got nothing from the game and will need to bounce back well to make the Champions League group stage. And I think Giroud will be starting that game!

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    1. Is Ozil our best player ? BIG NO
      Will he become our best player ? VERY UNLIKELY IF HE KEEPS THIS LAZINESS UP
      Was he better than Cazorla ? NO – Just overrated and some sentimental assist jerks fink so
      Is he better than Cazorla ? HELL NO
      Will he get better than Cazorla ? NEVER
      Does he contribute to the team more than GIROUD ? BIG NO..
      Is he even better than Joel Campbell ? I DON’T THINK SO..

      1. Nice try, Spurs fan.

        Shocking first half. Monreal was exposed literally ever time he set foot in Everton’s box, he should be more careful with that. Decent second half that contained a superb bounce back, great mentality shown. Ozil and Sanchez still need to settle in, foward to Besiktas!

        1. Monreal was one of our best boys today. Check the replay to see that at the first goal Ozil didn’t see Coleman and Szceszny had no fscking guts to go on the ball. CHECK THE REPLAY. And come back and suck it because you too dumb to comment football.

          1. The first goal was actually a nice goal for Everton. Clearly there was some kind of defensive failure but I cannot determine who was responsible or if it was even only 1 player’s fault – it is NOT automatically the fault of the LB because Wenger often sends the FBs forward as attackers.

            For some of these situations there are supposed to be covering players (DM, perhaps) but Bould knows and he will address it as necessary.

            1. What is troubling is that time and again that person turns out to be ozil. The guy needs to go back and learn the basics of defending- a complete defensive liability

        2. Full credit to Wilshere his late run from midfield to the bench was the turning point.
          On a serious note, i cant believe were playing Ozil outwide to accomadate jack wilshere who has been useless as a no10 and barely creates anything. And the fact that wenger played cazorla CAM and kept ozil outwide when wilshere went off shows that hes gonna try make him play there this season to accommodate jack wilshere, if he does that R.I.P ozils career.
          And Ramsey and jack wilshere together doesn’t work ramsey played like Dogsh*t till wilshere got subbed then he was class for 20mins its like jack just gets in his way.

          1. Agreed on the Ozil madness. That boy plays behind the striker or he doesn’t play period, stick jack on the bench and shove Santi or Rosicky out wide if it has to be done…not Ozil! Horrible tactic.

            Giroud made a very clear point, he’s better than many suggest but nowhere near good enough to be top striker at Arsenal. 4 chances 1 goal. Hate to keep banging the drum but Cavani gets a brace that game and we nick the 3 points. Shame United are bagging Di Maria – no chance Cavani moves now.

            Khedira’s been told he can leave, expect us to sign him when we beat Besiktas and qualify (hope I can afford to be that confident). Sooner Flamini is reduced to Carling cupper the better.

            Big IDK when it comes to what will happen up front, Di Maria leaving makes room for Falcao…not going to PSG, puts the Brakes on Cavani. So who’s top dollar and available? Reus? Not a striker, but whatever gets Ozil off the wing. Maybe Cuadrado out of nowhere? Gut tells me nothing offensive which is heart breaking. 3 games in and our attacking ability is uhmm…help..

    2. After this game i don’t think Alexis will ever hack it as a striker in the premier league I though we wont need a striker cause of him but he just doesn’t look like a striker to me more like a Left or Right Winger. so i think we need a striker more than ever now. Pls Wenger if you see this msg we need these players

      2.Willian Carvalho
      3. Falcao (yes a 12m loan deal and a 40m buyout clause after one year loan is not bad if we want to win trophies cause i dont see us getting Cavani tbh)

      Plus we need to go back to the only reason Wenger isusig 4-3-3 is because of Wilshere but this makes us seem so shit and we barely create chances with this formation cause the striker is almost upfront on his own and when you know Ozil best position is behind the striker why play him on the wing, we need pace down both wings.

      1. He has played 45 mins up front against a very solid Distin, slightly too quick to judge? For me the problem is he played too deep as a CF, it’s great for launching counter attacks but requires another lethal winger to work, I do think he will thrive with TW14 alongside him.

        1. Alexis can be successful as a cf if Wenger stops playing Ozil on the wings and play him through the middle.

            1. haha just wanted to say that. I think Wenger just wanted to give Wilshere a longer run of games.

              We really lacked focal point going forward. Alexis dropped way too deep and drifted out to the wings leaving no one in the box. Had Özil play in the middle, it would have forced Alexis forward. But Giroud coming on did save Arsenal. Finally gave a target for those crosses.

        2. Yhh keep on making excuses until the transfer window is closed and we don’t have the opportunity to buy a striker again if you watch Alexis play you will see he is more of a winger than a striker

        3. The team needs to adapt to playing without a target-man it will take time but i think he can be a success their and i think our football will benefit as a result.
          And if you remember RVP used to come very deep, drift out wide and start some attacks from midfield as our striker, the team just needs to adapt.
          A target man is not a necessity.

    3. I’ll take that…. But
      Wenger must know that there is a big gaping whole in the midfield.
      And relying on a 19 year old isn’t very wise at all.

      We need CB, DM (powerhouse, with a mouth to match/ and maybe Remy.

      1. As I have been screaming while most fans viscously attacked Giroud and wished him bodily harm………

        Giroud is NOT the enemy.

    1. OG was our best when he came on, Alexis worked hard without much service, Ozils was quiet but his passing was very good and Monreal was ok. Pick Chambo was lively but wasteful and not sharp, Wilshere was our only midfielder that tried to create but Ramsey was poor but scored which matters. Flamini and Mertesacker did well as well as Debuchy. Chambers has impressed me but made a few mistakes today such as diving into Lukaku.

      1. Luis Suárez Liverpool G31 A13
        Daniel Sturridge Liverpool G22 A7
        Yaya Touré Manchester City G20 A9
        Wayne Rooney Manchester United G17 A3
        Steven Gerrard Liverpool G13 A14
        Sergio Agüero Manchester City G17 A6
        Olivier Giroud Arsenal G16 A7
        Rickie Lambert Southampton G13 A10

        There is strikers and midfielders in the top 8 and if you pick out all the strikers giroud is 5th in this 2nd season

        Luis Suárez Liverpool – G31 A13
        Daniel Sturridge Liverpool – G22 A7
        Sergio Agüero Manchester City – G17 A6
        Wayne Rooney Manchester United -G17 A3
        Olivier Giroud Arsenal – G16 A7

        Add 4 more goals and 3 more assists thats 20 goals and Top class midfielders assist record 10 As a BPL Striker.

        1. Dislikes over a stat that shows you giroud is better than all the so called strikers that are better like adebuyor, remy ect it just proves that even though we have a striker in the top 5 theres not enough faith.

          1. You should know that “facts” are not the favoured currency on here 100percentARSE. They always get in the way of the emotional fan-boy rants.

          2. No it doesn’t show that. But Remy with our supply would score more, and Giroud in Newcastle’s team would score less. Numbers say so much, it’s his piss poor conversion rate that is the biggest let down.

            He scores 1 in 4/5 as proven today. That’s not lack of faith it’s accepting he only does so much.

            1. 1 in 5 is pretty much standard for top strikers – check the stats. Newcastle had more attempts on goal last season than Arsenal so how does that work with your theory? Suarez conversion rate last season was 1 in 5 so how does that work with your theory?

              1. An attempt is in no way a ‘chance’, so just because Newcastle had more shots doesnt mean they created more chances. There you have that one.

                And again you’re looking at shot conversion and not chance conversion, because Suarez shot from all over the pitch which would skew his conversion rate if you count them all.

                Not sure if it was opta of sqwaka but Giroud was wayyyyy down the list when it came to “clear cut chance conversion”.

                I appreciate you backing Giroud but don’t try and bend the truth. He isn’t clinical for all his strengths, and when compared to all the top strikers in the league he ranks as one of the least reliable goalscorers.

        2. So since he is number 5 in that list, do you think that has any relationship with Arsenal almost finishing 5th, well I do, as long as we have the fifth best striker in the league, our chances to win the league are slim.

      2. Giroud is better as a sub he shows this every time he comes on but no way in hell is he supposed to be our starting striker we need reinforcements!

      3. Ozil was good?

        Every time the ball went to him,, the move slowed down and eventually died..where is the kool slick passing? and what was he doing in the flanks?

    2. Brilliant point given the circumstances and how we played. Not a fan of the Chambers – Mertesacker combo. I wouldn’t put my money on us winning the PL just yet, we still need Manolas, Carvalho, and Cavani. Giroud has legs for 45 mins but not the full 90, he is still an important part of this team.

      1. Ramsey is not working in the wilshere formation 4-3-3. We Have to go back on the old 4-2-3-1 with ozil on the middle.

      2. This is the first time Chambers and Mert were together. Chambers is likely a bit worn out and Mert is just coming back. Even with that they did better than the game last season at Everton.

        I would not judge this pairing yet – waaaaaaay too early to determine.

        1. Just got back, had a beer, came on here expecting to read about how we came back from 2-0 down at Goodison, and got a terrific point, but, again, most of the comments are ultra negative.
          Please, lets get this in context. A couple of days ago someone posted about Everton being favourites with the Bookmakers in this game.
          I, responding by saying, of course they are, and for the following reasons.
          1 We played in the UCL in Turkey Tuesday. Everton have had a week off, no travelling.
          2 We are away to a team with a very good home record, and, a 3-0 win in the corresponding game last Season.
          3 We have a lot of players that were involved in the WC, and some, that I did not believe would start, only having practiced for a week or so, after going on holiday afterwards.
          4 We have several players that are new to the Club, and just getting used to a different style. teammates, League (in some cases)
          5 We know, some, like Alexis, is not fully match fit, others like Jack and AOC still recovering match fitness after injury.
          Now, on top of that, when I realised Kos was on the bench, and BFG was playing, I was VERY worried. BFG has NEVER played a game, in fact, hardly trained, with Chambers or Debauchy, or them him, so I feared disaster around the corner.
          Add to that Mezut starting, and, only Alexis and AOC really attacking options, and , getting a point was far from my thoughts, not getting a 3-0 again, was.
          Now, I agree totally with some on here as to the following.
          Jack and Rambo should NOT play together with Flamini. Maybe not at all.
          Mezut, nor Santi should play wide.
          We DO need a strong DM.
          I, ALSO believe Kos and Callum are our best CB pairing, believe Bellerin deserves more game time.
          I believe Wengers hands were tied a little today, and, he has to take account of the game Wednesday, but, taking everything into account, a point today, fantastic, in the end.

          1. When is playing like a bunch of headless chickens a fantastic outcome to any game. Standards are dropping at Arsenal and this game is evidence of that,

    3. The 2nd goal was clearly offside, plus BFG was fouled. Goal line technology is cool, but not as nearly useful as an offside technology would be. Or that a manager can make one challenge per game, so that the referees would review the goal on a replay and decide. Like a challenge in tennis. I think that would be fair. Cuz this is bullshit. How many times have the linesman ruined games..

      1. I did not get too upset about the off-side – I just had to smile. That AR is the worst in the league. I remember last season when he missed 2 off-side calls to give one team a completely undeserved win.

        This AR is NOT in the league because he is qualified. He clearly has friends in high places,.

    4. The Ox disappoints me whenever he starts i need he is good of the bench for now or maybe a loan move will benefit him cause we need more goals and assists from our wingers

    5. How do you say Arsenal do not deserve a point? They scored 2 goals, whereas Everton scored 1 goal and was GIVEN 1 goal on a ridiculous off-side no call.

      Arsenal scored 2. Everton scored 1. Sounds like a victory to me.

    6. We deserved the point because at the top level, you don’t take your foot off the pedal until the final whistle has gone. Everton did. Also in the top level you NEVER give up until the final whistle. Arsenal didnt and that’s why we deserve the point.

  1. will take a point better the last year but we need a solid CDM CB ST LW if we want us to win the epl or ucl. Goodnight

    1. agree with you AussieGOONER, I know that a point away from home at Goodison is a good point, but, you can not overlook our weaknesses…as much as Flamini was much better than Arteta as a holding mid, we still need that defensive midfielder…we are not gonna win the league until we get some sort of Patrick Viera back into our formation…we have lots to go forward but get expose really badly in the counter and that is dangerous against teams like chelsea, city or liverpool for that matter…Chambers is very impressive for such a young lad, but he’s not quite there yet, therefore we need that defender that we lost by selling Vemealen. And in my opinion we still need a center forward, as much as Giroud try (and in cases like today save us from defeat) we need a world class striker, faster, stronger, sharper…COYG

      1. Lets not get target one player- most of the players were passengers in first half..where were wilshere and ramsey in the first half? There was no pressing..nothing people jogging around..with the quality in the team, we need to win the mid field battle and until we do that, like today alexis will not have the service that he needs! Agree on Chambers- good , energetic but quite a bit to learn tactically !

  2. This is why Sanchez, Walcott, Podolski cannot play up top on their own!! Like it or not its the truth. The way Arsenal play does not suit those types of players.

    Thank you Giroud!!!

      1. Ermmm because they were strikers who were good enough to play there.

        Also, cant believe your including Henry in there. He was good enough to play their blindfolded, with the flu on the phone.


        1. Yes, and those players mentioned above are not out and out strikers. Hence why they can’t play by themselves. Giroud is the only real striker at the club apart from Sanogo, So we need to sign a world class striker, Giroud should be nothing more than a back up striker.

          1. Not sure what your point is? I didnt mention Giroud. I just pointed out that its wrong for everyone to keep asking for Sanchez/ Walcott etc to play up top on their own. On the other hand Giroud AND Sanchez/ Walcott may well work

        2. Agree, plz don’t put podolski and walcott in the same league as RVP and Henry when it comes to strikers..plus the game has got more physical and defensive over the yyears..difficult for people with short stature to find space when people park the bus!

        3. RVP used to play simalar to how sanchez played today, drifting outwide making inside runs, droping deep to pick up the ball, playing on the the shoulder of the back line.
          The team is used to playing with a targetman as they have been for 2 years sanchez upfront will take sometime and requires patience, im sure Wenger is working on it in training.

    1. Wenger’s tactics will cost us,we play the same way every game 4-2-3-1 there’s no Plan B,big games are won by tactics like Atletico Madrid do with Diego Simeone!!

      1. You do realize we played a 4-3-3/4-14-1 formation, right? With this formation we are in dire need of a proper holding midfielder. Flamini was anonymous at breaking up play. The amount of times Naismith, Lukaku and Mirallas received the ball in the hole in front of our back four was ridiculous. If Bosscielny was fully fit, I reckon Chambers would have played the holding role. He would have been more effective than Flamini.

        1. Spot on..we need a proper CDM if we are to play this formation, someone with pace and power..right now it is too easy!

    2. Giroud is the type of player you need in these situations where the opposition are sitting back. In a more open game we need a striker like Alexis to make runs so we can break quickly.

      Alexis wasn’t able to tear them apart today, but we can’t judge him on one performance. I said at halftime, the Everton defence put in a real shift in the first half to get back and cope with Alexis and Ox, I expected them to tire in the second half and that’s exactly what happened. He may not have been directly involved in the goal, but he definitely had a part to play.

      On a side note, great to see Campbell finally get on the pitch!

        1. Wenger clearly pulled him for 3 reasons.

          The striker project did not work today – next time.
          Sanchez was clearly wearing down.
          He will be needed on Wed.

  3. Man Utd are set to sign Di Maria for 48m. Common Wenger spend the money quick and sign CDM
    and ST.

    1. tell me its not true- how the hell did man u get di maria-
      that top 4 is gona be so tough to get into

        1. i hear that, their still getting one of the worlds best wingers, i rate ozil, but di maria is a beast- absolute game changer

          1. I’m confident we have another ‘marquee’ signing coming before the end of the window..

            Our net spend so far is something like £35m. Our transfer budget is at minimum £70m, that’s the additional annual income we have every year from the new puma, emirates and tv deals. We also have £120m cash reserves.. Not saying we’ll spend anywhere near all of it, but we definitely have the money to spend.

            I don’t think we’ll get Di Maria, but I’m confident we’ll get someone..

            1. So if United buys Di Maria for £50 millions, their summer spending rises to £130 and they have sold players for about 10 millions.


    1. What the h#ll does that mean? The Everton goal should not have counted. And the last I checked the team with the most goals is supposed win – not the team some fans think had the prettiest passing or some other vague criteria.

      When Arsenal lose and play pretty-ball no one claims Arsenal should have won!! Goals count. Everything else is entertaining but not really relevant.

      1. I sometimes think the site gets invaded by a pack of Spurs morons. Who could argue against the idea that the team that scores the most goals should be the winner?

        Who do you believe should win? The team with the nice looking boots? Please.

        Am I missing something from the rule book? No. The team that scores the most goals should be the winner. Only an idiot would argue against that.

  4. Great result, horrible 80 minutes. During Ramsey’s goal it looked like everybody had stopped playing.. Everyone was just standing there! But outstanding last 10 minutes.

    This game exposed what’s wrong with our team. We are still 3 players short from Chelsea’s and City’s quality.

    Oh and Naismith, what a c*nt!

    1. im curious that ur the only one that noticed it…
      it was frustrating to see players stand up like that and give up…
      if it wasnt Rambo we ourselves could hear AW from Merseyside now…

      1. In fact, just heard Naismith has the rare “Robben-syndrome”; he loses hair every time he cheats.

  5. We played better with Giroud as the main striker today.
    Next game wilthsire should be dropped to the bench.
    I expected a draw so not too dissapointed.
    Would like to see Campbell start though.

    1. Some people are so biased… You lot will criticise every other player in the team when they are having bad games, but some a so so protected.. Wilshere, Giroud, Monreal, Cazorla etc will get all the bashing from the majority of the fans, but OZIL who is just not pulling his weight will be protected to the end…


      1. True..but this was his first game after the long break 🙂 btw can anyone help me understand the tactic behind ozil playing in the wings? why was he not playing cam ?

        The guy does not track back- was directly at fault for the first goal- it is suicide putting him there

  6. The Arsenal showed much more steel and commitment in the second half when compared to many of their ‘supporters’ who love to hate.

  7. We did not win but i love my team’s spirit, people we need CAVANI but Giroud is not shit any means.
    Why did we lose?
    this is what happens when you alter the team formation. ozil at wing and sanchez as striker.
    sanchez is NOT a striker, he loves to cut in from the wing and Ozil CANNOt play at the wing(for germany its different,they have a bloody strong team).
    Theoretically this was our strongest 11 with ozil and mertesacker back(no giroud), ironically there were more chances with giroud on. Why? because you cant cross to sanchez but you can cross to giroud(he is not at all clinical though which is why we NEED Cavani)
    Everton attacked with ease on counter attacks which is frightening cuz they are not the strongest team in the league.
    I just worry that without Ramsey we have to face beskitas. Damn
    but i have to say Chambers can very soon become our 1st choice CB.

  8. 1) refs are shite as usual
    2) Chambers’ inexperience, Mertesacker’s lack of match fitness and the lack of familiarity showed today for both goals
    3) Sanchez makes good runs, but nobody plays him through
    4) Play Ozil in the center
    5) team showed they still have more fight in them than last season and actually closed down better
    6) Why is Ramsey the only one to make a run into the box and attack the ball?

    1. Sanchez makes good runs but Giroud manages to find space,what if we play with the both of them up top?

      1. Thats an awesome suggestion! Playing 2 Upfront will be benefitial with sanchez. Because giroud is very good at hold up play, target man, wins the long balls. He can feed sanchez well with ozil behind them

        1. In the big games I say bench Ozil and put Alexis as the second striker with Ox and Campbell in the wings. In big games we need every player to contribute defensively!

  9. Anyone still think Sanchez is a striker? Thats what everyone here made him to be a few weeks ago..SMH

  10. Looks like Wenger’s only tactic is to play everyone out of position and to get whipped by the opposition.

  11. Giroud will prove us all wrong…he ll b the greatest super sub ever in Arsenal history!
    Allez Giroud!

    1. nobody has a problem with him being our 2nd striker. but hes not good enough to be our first and only striker.

      we need a cf, quick, coz sanchez is NOT the answer to our problem!

      1. oh a LOT of people have a problema with him being a gunner buddy,
        read around and youll see, they dont want him anywhere near us…thankfully AW got it better and he got us a valuable point today

  12. Ye of little faith.
    Shame on you all.
    I said at half time be patient
    one goal and another will follow.
    Giroud may not be a star but he gives 100%.
    If every one gave 100% like Giroud
    the club would do well.

        1. He made a good point though and I agree. If, the boys works hard enough and dig in, they’ll win the points.

          Giroud is not WC and he does give Arsenal his all BUT he’s not the one to lead Arsenal into glory. We need, like everyone here said, another prolific stiker, a beast of a DM and a commanding CB.

          Anyways, I’ll take the hard earn point for today and I’ve learned that counting SHEEP is one of the many ways to fall asleep.

          1. May be our players are not fit but I am getting disillusioned with our play in the wings- no trickery, no penetration at all…Ox flatters to deceive..does not have end product..fades away every game..Cazorla pathetic..Ozil in the wings- mistake waiting to happen..I say let’s give Campbell an extended run at LW

    1. if Ozil could even give 60% of the 200% Giroud gives in every match. We would be good and invincible and better than athletico..
      I like Giroud,Sanchez,Koscienly,Flamini,Wilshire,Ramsey,Gibbs,Monreal,Schhnezy,Cazorla,Ox,Poldi,BFG,Debuchy,Chambers etc because they are fighters ..
      OZIL WILL NEVER WIN MY VOTE until he learns to fight like all the others

  13. Now there Wenger should take this game seriously and do the transfers at the earliest.
    Any better CB

      1. May be we will not get Cavani but we definitely need to get someone in quickly. Giroud “needs competition” upfront !

  14. God I love Giroud.

    He’s fighter. He loves the badge. Never gives up.

    He’s important. He’s our striker, and if the linesmen had done his job today he would have won us 3 points. Thanks Olly.

    1. Yes he scored one but he had ample chances. I may hazard to say a clinical striker would have got us the three points are more chances. All in all not a bad job by Giroud and a crying shame Sanchez got subbed instead of behing shifted on the side, with a ticking team behind him he will do very well for us.

      1. Got saved for the important game next week. I say all OK. I reckon we will not play Ozil against Besiktas. At least not full game. This game was important for Ozil and Mert so that they came into play. Good move. The fact that Podolski didnt played makes me think there’s something in the air. But maybe I am wrong.
        All these said, we played shite but I take the point. Thank you very much Everton, you just gave away two points. No hard feelings.

      2. Yes, a better striker MAY have scored more. And I MAY have flown to the moon if I had a rocket ship.

        But Giroud is who we have now so while is playing and scoring it is ludicrous to attack him for not being someone else. Giroud is not #1 quality but he is also NOT the enemy. We should cheer him and praise EVERY TIME he helps the team do well.

        1. I think everyone is wondering the same thing about Poldi. It would make some sense if Poldi went back to the Bundesliga at this point in his career. But it also could just be that his was not match fit. We will know soon.

  15. We played poorly in first half no chance created and lacking final ball. Possesion was good but
    no creativity. Everton had 2 chances and scored 2. We desperately need a striker.

          1. Its not negative. Im saying whats the truth. He missed a chance early in the second half. Just because he scored today doesn’t mean he deserves praise.

            1. so he doesn’t deserve the praise? well neither does Ramsey then because he scuffed more than Giroud. the man posed a threat to the Everton defense and found space that even Sanchez failed to. he did miss an opportunity but it wasn’t the easiest to take still. appreciate

        1. Not many strikers in the world would have buried that chance at the start of the second half when he’d just come on mate. OG did well.

      1. When Jack is your no10 chances wont be created. Hes a CM he starts attacks, he doesnt have a final ball and doesnt score either no idea why where trying to play him with ramsey.

  16. We are not fit or ready but there is more grit. We are 4 points better off than last year…3 on opening day and one point taken at Everton.

    The boys have A LOT of work to do.

  17. Lord Giroud is alway’s pretty effective when coming from the bench. We Have to stop playing 4-3-3 (the wilshere formation ) because sucks we. 4-2-3-1 with ozil on the middle is the way to go. The midfield trio ramsey, wilshere and arteta/flamini is quite useless, it work against a clumsy man city side but nothing else. We can keep ozil on the wing Just because wilshere.

  18. I know it’s cool to hate Giroud, but he totally changed the game when he came in. Good performance from Oli today, he was largely unlucky. Sanchez in the middle won’t work for a tough back 4 like Everton. We were bullied for the first 45. Nice to see some fight when it all looked over. Lets remember Everton aren’t chumps. Gotta get a point from these at least, amd we did. Proud of Arsenal today, while Chelsea fans are rambling on about beating Chamionship sides

    1. We had to play Mertesacker, couldn’t risk Koscielny getting badly injured. I’m a little worried about Mertesacker though, last season Sagna and Kosc compensated for his lack of pace. Debuchy gets forward a lot more than Sagna though, could leave Mertesacker exposed.

      1. Good point you make about Merts mate. Love the guy and his passion but he looks even slower than last season. Think someone defensive in front of him, whether that’s chambers or a new signing could protect him more.

  19. Well phew what a game many lessons gotten from it definitely proves Giroud is the perfect sub striker,we would miss him if he goes

  20. Great comeback gunners keep knocking giroud seems to do better wen you lot moan about him all the time Giiirrooouuuddd COYG

  21. Giroud is definitely improving

    Last season, the biggest complaints were
    1. Giroud doesnt score against the big teams
    3. Giroud doesn’t score in big games or big moments

    Well, he scored against Man Citeh to win the community shield

    And scored to save this match

    I still think he is a super sub and we NEED another main striker though

    1. Game changers are what fans and those who dislike him chant his name. City goal was not important, todays one was very, very, great.

      1. but it was vs City and imo, put the game to sleep, so imo agan, it was important. (meant another trophy)

  22. Giroud is a super sub, we also need a super striker and a CDM with huge talent and authority to boss the team.

  23. Ramsey definitely our own Gerrard and lampard sheer determination,we would miss him for the crucial match wilshere didn’t look good today and don’t know why Campbell doesn’t play

      1. When you are awful in 2 games but score in both things are not so bad. For me, he can play awful every game if he keeps scoring a goal a game. He will know he had a bad game, and only top players will not let this affect them as he showed.

  24. Holly shet. Bec of Arsenal some of us will die young. This team lack chemistry rrly bad.

    Koscielny is our best player. I did not yet buy the new Arsenal kit, but one this is for sure, it will be his number and name i am going to wear.

    False striker doesnt work in England, it is impossible. I Disslike Giroud, but he is essential for us, him or Sonogo, a tall player must play upfront.

    Wenger, plz dont use Ozil outwide, expe. on the left side. Jack is our boy but we should not put players in front of the Clubs interest. Dm and Cb are essential, and a striker like Cavani would also transform this club. Coyg

  25. A little food for thought the next time people slag of giroud. You may not get your 40 mill striker this summer but your get your away point and potential 3 points for the future. this was not a stern test but the first team this season to show their steal away.

  26. Although not involved with the goals, I think Campbell gave us extra energy when he came on.

    The refereeing was a total joke – how many fouls and infringements does it take to disallow a goal? Everton were doing a lot of fouling, yet we never got a free kick, unless it was to break up our play when we’d of much rather played the advantage, yet most of our fouls got a yellow card, and they were given free kicks even when there were no fouls. A clear corner to us was given as a goal kick to them – it was an appalling show of refereeing, and I don’t think I am being biased.

  27. We’ll need our attacking players at their best on wednesday, it is fantastic our main one have been preserved today. There is quality in the team but we are lacking preparation, confidence and drive. Anyone else think we need to bring a real leader CDM?

  28. Honestly, don’t be too disappointed

    1. It was a hard fought away draw against a very good side. (Every point is valuable in this league)
    2. We showed our mental toughness with the comeback.
    3. Walcott is coming back in September
    4. Transfer window is still open

    Keep faith and stay positive gooners


  29. credit to giroud.
    good enough to be our super sub now.

    good to see wenger experimenting a bit more .
    players that play well should start; don’t play well .. go to bench.

    arsenal needs to learn a new way of playing when giroud is not at CF: a more flexible way rather than running to the corner and crossing.

    we’re not holding the ball well at the spine: carvalho pls

  30. I dint think we would even get a goal. Its amazing really. Eveeton are not that convincing to me anyway.

    Mertersacker was the weak link in our defense, IMO.

    Ramsey cant stop scoring, irrespective of the level of his performance.

    We need to get better in the next two games.

    Our midfield was not co-ordinated, we gave too much space for them to exploit. We need a midfield Marshall, desperately. A striker is imminent as well.

    We got stretched far too much and they were trying to use that as a weapon.

    To crown it all, the officials wanted us to lose. He was with Everton all through.

      1. Ofcourse! Arteta still tries to cool our midfield down a little but he does it cowardly, we need a technical and brave personnel there, who will shield our backline and initiate attack as well. We should get someone ASAP!

        We are appealing to AW

  31. Giroud played well when he came on, possibly should have taken more of the chances he was given, but still provided a good equaliser – fair play to the lad. However he definitely appears to be a better option off the bench rather than a starter. If we were to sign a better CF he could provide a very good/different option in the later stages of a game. We were so lethargic around the box in the first half it was unbearable, can’t expect to walk the ball into the net all the time. (Also appreciate the title, punny + apt).

  32. My thoughts..
    Two very soft goals given up in the first half which has to be improved upon, regardless of Naismith being onside or not.
    But a well fought second half in which we created a lot of chances and eventually scored a couple of well deserved goals in my opinion. They were a long time coming!

    Giroud’s set up a match winner in extra-time and buried a late equalizer in 90mins of PL football, for all you knee-jerky fans getting on his back for his poor showing against Beskitas give credit where credit’s due. Our opening two games would’ve been a lot more embarrassing were it not for him being on the pitch!!

  33. As usual when emotions set in over here,reason flies through the window.Guys here can really change their minds in a flash!Why don’t u just shut up and swallow your pride!

  34. Last year the fans and
    Wenger panicked
    and splashed 42 mill on Ozil.
    There is no need to panic.
    There are enough goals in this squad.
    A point away to a top team
    is an improvement on
    last season already.
    Ramsey scores every game
    Giroud will get his usual 20 +.
    Campbell Podolski Sanchez Cazorla
    Chamberlain Walcott Sanogo
    can all score goals.
    A quality CB to replace Vermaelen
    is all that’s really needed.
    The talent is there.

    1. I don’t know if I agree with you, but with all the negativism out there, I give you an automatic thumbs up just for being positive about our team.

  35. Gmv8 totally not biased, FA must short this sht out.
    But will only happen if Wenger complains which he never does.
    if this happened to Mou, well it wouldn’t as he complains.

    Hope to see Sanchez and Ox on wings come Wednesday

  36. Six things I learned form Everton V Arsenal

    1-) We really need a quality CDM.Flamini and Arteta aren’t up for the job.
    2-) We need a quality CB. Mertesacker is a good defender and help alot on set pieces but his pace is troublesome against fast counterattacking sides like Everton. Chambers has the quality to become a top class CB but he is not ready to be a regular stater. He needs experience. Kos is our only reliable CB.
    3-) WE NEED A STRIKER. Giroud may have scored the goal but let’s now forget the chances he misses. The only goal giroud scores are easy tapping in and headers. We can’t win the league ( and we will have trouble making it in the top 4 this season) without a prolific striker.Alexis might become a good striker for arsenal but as of now he is not ready.
    3-) Wenger needs to stop playing players out of position. Ozil is not a left winger. He doesnt track back. The only reason Ozil was able to play on LW for germany for germany is because Howedes was playing at LB. unlike Monreal, Howedes is very solid defensively but not so good going forward. Wenger should put faith in Campbel/OX for that position or buy a quality LW like Reus.

    4-) Monreal is a good crosser of the ball but a shit defender. He lacks pace and tactical awareness. We might consider bringing in another LB since Gibbs is injury prone.

    5-) Despite the draw, Wenger is tactically naive.He needs to adapt his tactics to the game. I mean 15 min into the game and everyone could see that Ozil shouldn’t have been on the wing. Ozil is not a winger and does not track back and monreal is not good at defending against fast opposition wingers. A solution would have been to take off Wilshere( who was playing really badly) and bring on Campbell.

    6-) As much as we would all love to see Wilshere starting every game, he hasn’t earned his spot. Wenger needs to bench him until he shows that he can do the job and has the hunger to do it. I mean bring on someone who has been playing better than him.

    1. Missed a few pointers mate …
      1. Playing ugly wins/draws us games.
      2.Stop trying to walk it into the net (awesome goal against the norwhich) but still, have a pop at goal, rebounds do work.
      3.Wenger use the subs, we have a decent looking bench this season, and look what it acheived.
      4.Giroud is an awesome super sub
      All in all, i’m pissed (first half to blame) but happy with result.

      Spelling errors all over the place but COYG!

    2. Fair in the main but any decent coach/pundit/manager will tell you that you should really start worrying not when a striker is missing chances but when he doesn’t get any chances. Sense of perspective also – the best strikers, either playing now or in history, get around 4 misses for every goal scored.

    3. @Archimedes
      I request that you understand tactics as presented to your eyes as opposed to what you think is being done.
      ozil today was out there as a left midfielder not a left winger.that means,he was playing in behind the striker but Coming from the left to support attack.the present tactic arsene is trying to deploy can be very effective if well practiced.two box to box midfielder in front of your defensive midfielder gives him more time to study the game and not get exposed quickly.but That also means you have to be a little more creative with how you deploy your attacking midfielder.
      I feel Ramsey and Wilshire ha

  37. sanchez can still play as a striker if the game plan is right.. with sanchez the game wud be fast like the old days.. of arsenal.. player are not ready to play that fast… wud want arsenal to play like dat atleast for last quater if winning.. just not ready for it so soon without much practice in dat formation..

  38. Can’t wait for Walcott to come back.
    Wenger said he will start full training on 31st of August
    I hope that’s still the case.

    Walcott and Sanchez on the wings with Ozil in the centre. Very tasty prospect

  39. It doens’t matter how many fast players we have, if we don’t have enough tacklers and ball winners we can never control the game against the big teams, that is why like almost 100% people here we have also wanted, we need a big and powerful .

  40. We lack a big strong CDM. Left hand side looks weak, We definitely need to break the bank and sign quality striker(emergency).

  41. W started the game with a weaken formation, wenger continues to leave the left flank free so that the teams can pressure our left back, a small midfield and small forward line just can not work, suddenly giroud and campbell on and everton was pressed back.
    As i said before we need a big man in the forward line and the midfield

  42. I think that we got the draw only because the Everton players got tired in the last minutes and couldn’t keep up with our pace. Ozil and Mert still lack form, Chambers is not yet 100% to be trusted, Monreal-Flamini-Ox did their best, Debuchy is no way better than Sagna, Wilshere kept being overrun in midfield, cant expect every game that Ramsey will do wonders but hey he scored another goal and Sanchez gave everything. Cazorla should definitely start cause he gives us sth special in attack and finally Giroud converted a cross after missing 2-3 chances. Honestly, a draw is a very good result cause Everton is a very good team, especially at home.

    1. Ozil poor Mertesacker liability against teams when we don’t boss possession.
      Chambers was rash at times debuchy did ok and is easily on a par with Sagna.
      Monreal played well for me.
      Wilshere tried but didn’t have the spark.
      Ramsey was his usual work horse self and nicked a goal again.
      Sanchez looks like he’s trying to hard at times.
      Flamini average.
      Ox can drive us on but needed a striker to play off.
      Giroud was decent made us a platform to play off.

  43. Just for the delusional on here who think we can play without a recognised striker and have bin banging on about it get Real!!!
    no vocal point up top kills us without it our midfielders have no platform to play off!
    No wonder we were better with Giroud up top 2nd half.
    Sanchez is a wide forward.
    It was a good point against an Everton side who will beat a lot of teams at home.
    Giroud is our best striker still we need another 1 tho that’s for sure.

  44. If we are trying to get Khedira we are taking ages. This is the time teams like to hijack deals. Read United and Chelsea want him ad well

    Come on Wenger get it done soon, please

    I would wet my trousers if we got both Cavani and Khedira. I can dream can’t I? Lol

  45. Where would Fabregas play blah blah blah…… The quality in that midfield is way off, I keep saying it and will say it again..

    We have players like Ozil, Wilshere who are not pulling their weight in the team, Flamini, Arteta not good enough in DM.. I love Cazorla but he is hit and miss a lot of the time, it’s Cazorla and Ramsey that make us play even if they have rubbish games..

  46. my personal review.
    I think arsene expected Everton playing at home to be more adventurous in attack hence starting Sanchez with the hope of hitting on the break. nice to know he realized quickly enough that he needed a big strong man who could bully the Everton defense
    Giroud has definitely improved his ball retention
    the formation was a 4-1-4-1 as opposed to the 4-3-3 most people thought it was. if it was a 4-3-3 ,Sanchez would have had a lot more support.
    the tactics attempted by arsene in midfield require extreme discipline. having two box to box midfielders in front of your anchor man reduces the amount of tackling/ fouling he has to do but they need to work tirelessly to make sure the zone in front of the dmf is a nonsense area which wasn’t well executed but practice makes perfect
    Özill on the left was a left midfielder rather than a left winger hence he always moved in to let monreal run down the flank. that means he started left only for defensive reasons but had to play central in attack
    mert and Chambers didn’t do too badly for a new pair.

  47. I think a St is needed not LW, Wenger should play Ox or Campbell there they are hard working, decent crossers and would leave defensive duties.

    Add Walcott and Sanchez and the wings are fine.

    1. A specialist LW is also needed who will track back and help defence. Lukaku ripped Monreal and Mert a new one leading to a goal almost identical to previous match because no one tracked back to help. Need to stop playing players out of position.

  48. Where would Fabregas play? We have Ozil, Wilshere, Cazorla, Ramsey, Falmini, Arteta blah blah…..

    But then in the same sentence they say, Wilshere is not good enough for the first team , he should be loaned out or benched, Cazorla should be sold or start on the bench, Rosicky is a bench player, Arteta and Flamini are not good enough blah blah..

    But then they say we have too many good midfielders and Cesc would not get a look in..

    I will tell you, if Ramsey or Cazorla don’t turn up we look rubbish, not control in that midfield at all.. I will say it again, no control in that midfield at all..

    1. I second you..Ramsey when not present, I fear for that midfield..we should have sold wilshere for Fabregas but the big question I guess was can Fabregas play any other position than CAM. Look what happened at Barca!

      I sincerely hope and pray that Wishere comes of age this season because at some point in the season we are going to have to rely heavily on him!

      1. I agree that Ramsey is a solid player and I think that he is fully capable of helping to lead us to trophies. I don’t think he is playing as well as he did last year, but he’s still intense, can run forever, and he is still in the right place when we need him. You can’t teach this.

        I do think that he needs more help – a DM to protect him and a CAM to work with him. Wilshire and Ramsey do not work well together and this has created chaos in the center of the pitch.

  49. Giroud and Sanogo are the only CF at Arsenal. Alexis, Campbell, Walcott and Ox are all wide
    palyers. Please Wenger please sign a quality striker.

    1. Who would you like ?
      Personally i think Campbell has it all, he just needs time, wenger doesn’t buy world class (he did but you know what i mean) he makes them, and campbell i have high hopes for.
      Little Eto ;_

  50. Somehow our Ramsey just always finds a way to get the job done. It’s brilliant

    Wilshere looked good today but he was frustrated by evertons defense and made some rash challenges because of it. He’s improving and things are looking up for him, just needs to stay fit. Ozil had a sluggish game but still was good on the ball, it was his first game back so not too worried.

    Can’t wait for Walcott to come back, we’ll truly be at our best then!!!

  51. For all you Teenager arsenal fans, let me school you on how the real world works. This team is not built for winning the PL/CL, they’re built to be competitive and to earn money for the board. This team is not owned by a Russian billionaire playboy or some Arab sheik that bought a team for glory but a conglomerate of investors that want a higher return. This is why we bought a new stadium, this is why we’ve gotten commercial deals, great international partnerships, highest ticket prices in the premier league, player sales. All of this in the name of profits because this is how our club works.

    Do you not think wenger and the board know we needed a ST/DM/CB/LW? to win big big titles? they do but what they really want is competitiveness while being profitable.

    So as a fan, i only can hope that we win the FA cup again and make top 3 this year 🙂

    1. I am sure Wenger and the board know what/who we need to buy in order to HAVE A CHANCE to win the PL, and let us not kid ourselves on this it is only a chance. If you have 3 or 4 teams trying to buy the league then logic will tell you that 2 or 3 teams are going to fail every year. You can take a punt on this if you have multi-billionaire hobbyists artificially underwriting this risk – you cannot if you report to a shareholding board once a week. The only way we can compete is to continue on this incremental approach – we need to keep all the important players and keep adding w/class players, 1 or 2 a year. We cannot catch up with the likes of City and Chelsea in terms of quality depth in a single transfer window.

  52. a few things that we learn from the everton game:

    – Wilshere do not belong to the first IX.
    – Too many tiki taka players don’t suit us well.
    – For CAM: Ozil, Cazorla or even Rosicky.
    – We must use tha players with pace wisely: Campbell, sanchez.
    – Giroud is a good Sub, only, just only, with the right players in the pitch.
    – wenger is a stubborn man, still.

  53. Some people are harsh on Sanchez. The reason Sanchez didn’t do much up front was down to him working his backside off pressing the defenders. He kept on urging the other players to pressure the ball and, let’s be honest, we didn’t pressure the ball until it was 2-1 and straight away you seen the difference.

    When Walcott comes back I would like to see how we fair with this line up below.

    Walcott Sanchez Ox

    The pace here would scare any defence.

  54. Same old arsenal. We look like a team begging for a new manager. AW should have had all the players in place by now. But same crap we look for good players but we ok for numbers. Do you think the top 6 are bothered by arsenal? No. We don’t have a striker and no DM and we need a CB but just looked that up and he wants a lad from west ham? My god he has no idear.

  55. Sanchez will never be a hit at arsenal just like the 42 million man? He just don’t cut it. If Sanchez was that good he would be at a bigger team. Look at Chelsea new boy CF I CANT BRING MY SELF TO SAY HIS NAME NOW. But he is going top guns but us shit man

  56. I thought we were very slow today in everything we did ,no urgency ,teams know how to set up against us these days .nothing against arteta or flamini but we need a DM full stop .

  57. Arsenal plays with a pivot. Giroud played a solid half, but can he play every game the same way? I don’t have confidence. It seems to be a positive reaction to the negativity from the last game. We’ll see.

    Sanchez played very well the first half. It looks like he is adjusting to the league. He is not a Striker in my opinion, but I think starting him today was needed. Giroud seemed to get the message.

    Ozil must play in the middle. Why is Wenger determined to play CAMs as LWs. Get a LW. We can’t have 42million not affect the game. I’m starting to think a true LW is our top priority because it fixes two problems at once, weak left side play and Ozil’s enthusiasm and impact.

    Much respect for Monreal. He plays at the level he is capable of so you know what you are going to get. I can’t say the same for everyone else on the pitch. We need a good LB to replace Gibbs as a starter. Everyone needs to embrace the fact that Gibbs has not been a reliable player.

    Obviously we have no defensive mid to protect the back four. This should have been fixed by now. I think it will be.

    A warm welcome to all of the players who got their feet wet today. We’ll expect rapid improvement.

  58. Red comments after comments and it is typical and still annoying… Not a descent analysis on that sh*t bird Jack Wilshere…!!!

    I mean he is the causes of all our problems right now…
    It seems that Wenger has decided no matter what he will play…
    Why was Ozil on the wing? To accommodate Wilshere
    Why is Ramsey playing out of position? To accommodate the worse player in the Arsenal squad right now…!!

    I mean, what is going on?? Is he f*cking him or what???

    As soon as Wilshere got out, strangely, we play better, kept the ball better and made it difficult for Everton… How weird is that?

    Wilshere, Chamberlain, Gibbs should all be replacement because they are just “substitutes”… Not good enough to be first team and Wilshere might be the worse of all. No pace, no power, no concentration, no passing accuracy, putting the team in danger… Just a pure embarrassment !!

    The fact is, our weakest link and Achilles heel is Arsène Wenger… He will always have favourites and will play them because he feels he has to and will wait for “something”…!!
    He has no tactical awareness and no sense of creativity and innovations… The players are on their own and will need to find the tools to succeed on their own…

    We are in the run for another sh*tty season and that deluded arrogant twat of a manager will not recruit more players…

    As a matter of fact a good thing would be to be knocked out by Besiktas… We are not going to the competition anyway… We do not have the squad, the talent, the manager and the ambition to do so.

    Again, I am saying that out of frustration… We just lost 2 points that could have been easy to grab… Total miss management and another f*ck up from the deluded one…

    1. wilshere went from “jack the (up coming) skipper” to “jack wheelchair”.
      i was soo impressed when i saw him against barca.
      i really thought he would be the best player at arsenal by now.


  59. Please idiots stop commenting on Giroud if you wish to finish 4 th then support him, if you want to win the PL the he had 4 chances 3 sitters, how many of those chances would Martinez, Falco, Cavani score that’s the difference between a top side, and Wiltshire May as well sat at home with me, awful couldn’t lace Febregas boots and never will, the balance of the side was good today although we had bo tempo and no focal point, swop play ozil in the middle leave Wiltshire off, and Sanchez left , and Cavani up front then play chambers DM

    1. Yes, how many would Martinez, Falcao, Cavani would score? I tell you how many, you have no fsckin clue because guess what, none of these were there. 3 sitters? Where have you seen those because this game he had no fscking sitters, he had to work for all shots he made so shut the fu ck up. Fu cking idiot.

  60. arsenal fans are unbelivable…
    frst of all, for someome to say flamini playef better than arteta? what a pathetic statement… arteta has 10 times more impact than flamini did today defensively.. all flamini does is run around & try to appear every where whila throwing in much un needed tackles.. arteta is really our unsang hero..i dont really care how many thumbs down i get for that… his few faults will be where the opponet goes past him but atleast he will be there… flamini wont be seen anywhere…
    that said, i shall also say this.. Giroud is a sub ppayer..without a doubt.. but to think that walcott sanchez poldi can play central striker is pathetic too.. what happrned to sanchez todat is what happened to poldi the couple of times he playrd upfront.. he will be seen everywhere else on the pict minus where he is supposed to be… sanchez is ssoo hardworkin & thats a bonus fora striker for me, but he doesnt have the central man instinct especially against such organised defenses.. distin & jagielka were free to do all they wanted every time we attacked them.. however, when giroud came on, he kept them on their feet in the box, which provied space for the playes playin just behind him.. that said, we need a beastly striker, esp cavani,falcao,lukaku,benteke,etc.. who not only is clinical, but moves as required,offers the extra energy both on ground & in the air, & is hardworking.. till then, Giroud is irreplacably our man.. sanchez & walcott can only play that role against open & high line defences such as tottenham & the likes.. trust me, sanchez would do shit all against a defense like chelseaz..
    next point.. to think that someone can say ozil was shit today, is unbelievable.. dude’s passes were all on point.. he seemingly wasnt as often seen as usual simply because he was playing outwide.. but my credits to him as he always gives that unexpected pass from the opponents.. plus, someone was blaming him for the second goal? screw that.. we all saw him running back after lukaku, he just cdnt get there in time.. he did what monreal failed to do.. i actually thought that was monreal running back till i saw the replay.. ramsey quite poor throughout the game but well, always in the right place during those crucial times..
    when all is said & done, much as errione else thinks cdm is our most urgent position as per now, i beg to differ.. striker is what we need most..
    the 4-3-3 could work for us when we are under defensive pressure but it ttootally makes the fron feel empty.. think we need the 4-2-3-1 back, or have ramsey back to his best to effect the 4-3-3..

    1. You praise Ozil for doing absolutely nothing instead of playing pointless safe passes all game, but poor old Arteta is always being criticised for playing those same passes..

      But you are happy to even criticise RAMSEY our main man even if though he is the reason we finished where we finished last season, he is the reason we won the FA CUP last, he is the reason we won the Community shield and he is one of the biggest reason we have 4 points this season..


  61. My Match Review:

    On one hand, I feel compelled to slate the entire Arsenal team for a very irritating and hair-raising performance. Even more so after another heart-in-mouth match, but then after the initial bloodlust cooled off, replaced by languid relief, I decided to take a second look at the game as a whole.

    The first thing I noticed was that both Everton goals could have been easily prevented. On one hand, Ozil left his runner while Chambers’ inexperience showed in playing everyone onside. For Everton’s second goal, twice the referee should have stopped play: For a foul, and then for offside, but alas the fates and ref board were once again not in Arsenal’s favour(for the third game in a row)……..

    See later post……

  62. Budd you idiot keep supporting the champions league that all we will get with Giroud in the side
    Did you watch the game ?
    Are you Girouds mum or that bird he was knocking off last night
    I want to win the league and with Wiltshire / Giroud we won’t neither would get in Man City /Chelsea side
    Tell you what put your money where you mouth is, if we don’t sign I’ll bet you £50 we won’t win the PL

    1. So 2 of our players wouldn’t get in to a rival team. OK – an opinion – fair enough. But wtf are we supposed to do about it? You make a point but what exactly do you expect from the rest of us? Do you just want us to agree with you to make you feel better? Or are you planning a protest march? Do want us to all cry in unison? Don’t know how old you are but take some advice – don’t waste your energy getting angry about something you can’t control/influence or affect.

  63. Every Arsenal game I watch reminds me how great and important Ramsey is. Great box to box midfielder, scores goals. I hope is like our Gerrard and spends his whole career with us, retires one day still a gunner. Amazing talent.

    1. Giroud missed two chances earlier that’s why Giroud out. I don’t hate Giroud just think we need
      a new world class striker. I wont mind if Giroud stays.

      1. good to hear it rock, i replied somewhere to you cause i thought u were being extremist in the critics, yeah he missed, Henry also missed, he got us the point, away, where we lost just a few months ago.
        any way, glad to read it

  64. Further thoughts on the game today and being title contenders. If we are to come anywhere close we definitely need a DM, and although not so important, a striker. If we go for a striker we will probably need to be looking at the top end of the market, as we need someone who can convert the majority of chances.

    What would be helpful as well, is to stop the best players, certainly those that we have some control over, going to our rivals.

  65. Ozil is our CAM. If not playing as a CAM he shouldn t play.

    Wilshire had to play today to bring some energy to midfield but he wasnt good.

    Sanchez in the middle can work if he has Theo and Campbell on the sides and Ozil as CAM

    Giroud is and always was a good impact sub. Not first choice striker.

    Per is sloooowwwww and getting slooooowwwwer cant play him against fast forwards.

    A point is a point but overall we have played 3 bad games against 3 mediocre teams.

  66. BBC sports:
    The equaliser was a reward for Arsenal’s persistence rather than their performance but perhaps it also demonstrated a new resolve that they lacked last season.

    Finding a way of picking up points when they did not play well is not something that has come easy to the Gunners in the past but, after beating Crystal Palace in injury time last week, they have managed to do so in both their Premier League matches so far this season.

    hell! even they see us better tan last season!

  67. I getting a little concerned about the level of quality exhibited by this team. I am glad they maintained their “fighting spirit” and came back to persevere and gain a point. But, I would like to see 90 minutes of quality football from this team sooner rather than later. I have not seen the level of quality from anyone on this team, that I believe would see us to the top of the BPL by season end. This is especially true in the attacking third. There are some bright spots , like young Chambers. Although he is young and will make some mistakes, others need to step up their game. The other thing that bothers me is the tendency to give away easy goals. This happened last season and we are still doing it. This team needs to improve dramatically, and it needs to be soon.

  68. I guess like most of you out there I was a little puzzled by the team setup and I guess it was due to necessity rather than purposeful design. With players carrying slick knocks, still building their fitness levels, developing understanding of the team play (with the intro of Sanchez, Debuchy, Chambers)…the machine will stutter at the start.
    BFG playing as a left sided CB was probably the least ideal for him and us…he NEVER plays there for good reason.Add to that he has never played with Chambers..the left side was always going to be a major problem and Everton exploited it well.
    It was a good point won…I think the big sides will all struggle at Everton (especially once they start imoving into their gears…they were rusty today as well).

    Campbell needs to start vs Besiktas. Ox on the left. Sanchez on the right. Ozil at No 10. Flame and Diaby (he’s fit again isn’t he?) in the middle. Just a thought. Should be more than enough fire-power to see off Besiktas. Debuchy-BFG-Kos-Monreal at the back should take care of Demba Ba and crew.

    Once the CL qualification is secured – let the transfers happen! Khedira? Carvalho?Manolas? Reus? Cavani? Falcao?…hey you’re all invited to the Arsenal party! come on over!!!!

    COYG!!! Gutsy fightback!

  69. Do we have decent players – yes
    So what’s wrong ?
    IMO it’s the manager he doesn’t seem like a leader and the team looks lost, we need to find a formation that gets the best out of Sanchez ozil and Cambpell they and also Walcott are exceptional players , whe you include Ransey we have a major attacking force
    Push wenger upstairs it’s time for new ideas I would love the athletico coach

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