Everton v Arsenal – Tenacious Toffees take the points

Instead of the three points that Arsenal fans and Arsene Wenger were hoping, and probably expecting, to bring home from This evening’s away match against Everton, the Gunners will head home to north London with nothing, despite taking the lead and playing pretty well.

You could say that the run of the ball went in the home team’s favour a lot more often than ours but to be honest I would say that Everton deserved it as they put in a really spirited and committed performance and we just could not quite match their intensity.

We really should have got a draw with a great chance in the final minutes but Iwobi’s shot hit a foot and that was that and it is a blow to our Premier League title hopes but not a knockout one as long as we now pick ourselves up for the away clash with Man City on Sunday.

To be fair I think the lads could do with a little rest as we have been playing all those midweek games and that may just have been the difference. Not to say that Arsenal were poor though, as we started well and took a deserved first half lead through a deflected Alexis Sanchez free kick.

We could not get the second though and our fluency was not quite there and the Toffees drew level at the worst possible time on the stroke of halftime with Baines finding Coleman unmarked in the box, just about the only defensive mistake of the half.

The winner came from another header from Williams after a corner and there were just minutes left, not enough for the Gunners to get back although we came close. These things happen gooners so don’t despair.


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  1. Arguably the biggest Mesut fan here, and my man didn’t have it tonight. Didn’t come off for him from the very beginning. He was a step off, and shoulda made it 2-1. That hurt us this evening. AOC was average, and Theo gave us a little bit, but not enough unfortunately.

    Hindsight analysis, but maybe shoulda been Lucas and Iwobi, rather than the ox and Theo. However, I was okay with the line up once I saw it, but was surprised to see it be the same. Maybe Arsene thought we’d put it away and then he’d rotate players.

    Long season. Let’s not overreact.

      1. Assuming Chelsea mashes poor Sunderland and C Palace (9 win streak), and we fail to win at the Etihad, it’s over for us. We’ve seen it before, we can’t close a 9 point gap against Chelsea.

        I think we lost the match after we scored that lucky first goal. Everton was there for the taking, they were horrible and the atmosphere was dreadful. Instead of capitalizing, he did absolutely s**t.

        We had one or two shots on target? Dreadful. In match like this, you will get few chances and we blew them.

        1. Let’s not overreact JMc. City ran out a string of some convincing wins at the beginning of the season, folks were already etching their name on the trophy, and look at them now. Chelsea look strong, but like everyone, they will slip too. Hopefully it’s more than we do.

          1. Well let’s put it this way:

            Most often than not 85 points have been enough to win the title. In 16 matches so far we have dropped 14 points already. And we so far we haven’t spent a single round on top. To finish with that 85 points at least, we can afford to lose 15 points in the remaining 22 matches. And let us not forget we will have to visit Etihad, White Fart Lane, Anfield, St Mary’s and Stamford Bridge.

            If we do not pull ourselves together right now, we will slide down a slippery road. A road we have all seen for the past 10 years.

            1. Fair comment. I just can’t hit the panic button at this moment. Might not even hit it after the citeh result if it’s negative.

              1. Yeah no I agree on that. Not hitting the panic button.

                But as I warned, we must be extremely careful because this was a big defeat when there’s a huge game coming up.

                Well this defeat could be washed off if Sunderland brushes off Chelsea tomorrow heh

    1. Ox and Theo were bound to backfire. We all know they have consistency issues. Iwobi is still young too though so I don’t think not playing him was a bad idea. But I don’t know what else Lucas has to do to start. If Walcott were actually a convincing player then there would be a good argument. For me Walcott is in the same boat as Giroud. They’ve had countless seasons to prove themselves and assert their position in our XI, both have failed to do this.

      1. Yeah I would agree that you can’t consistently depend on Theo or the Ox, or Oli for that matter. Arsene likes to pair Theo with Alexis because he makes runs into the space vacated by Theo. I see no reason why Lucas can’t do that as well.

        I would think that Arsene will start with Iwobi on Sunday in an effort to help us have more possession of the ball than Citeh. Will be interested to see if Lucas gets a shot as well.

  2. The Everton fans won them the game, if we got half their fans passion at the Emirates we’d be champions. Regarding the game it was a good match to watch, we defended well but weren’t clinical enough in front. Plus let’s not pretend Everton didn’t play well and give their all. This match could have gone either way and i can’t even say im angry or anything but obviously disappointed we didn’t win.

  3. They were the better team, plain and simple, our players didn’t turn up today and were a level below from wanting it than everton

  4. Well, well. Where are the keyboard warriors now, I wonder. Loser mentality, go gun-ho to win it, we can win this one easy. All that stuff.
    So, who’s to be kicked out from the club this week? Wenger would be the logical choice, right? We can add Iwobi for the miss. And let’s throw in Cech for good measure.

    1. Nobody said we could win this EASY
      And stop gloating
      We LOST.
      What kind of Arsenal fan are you?
      And yes You do have a LOSER mentality

      1. I said we need two points from these two away games against very difficult opponents. To which you boldly replied :

        You have extremely low goals for us and low opinion of our team. With 2 points we will be out of the race.
        We have a very good away record and can win both matches
        I hope the team have more belief in themselves than you do in them

        As it stands out now we have zero points but you still claim you, unlike me, are a winner. I rest my case.

  5. It was a very weird game…

    We scored first. Looked comfortable then conceded..

    Unbeaten run ends today. We were the last team that defeated everton at home. That was in March.

    I m tempted to say I miss Mustafi.

    Should Wenger start Holding against Manc or stick with Gabriel? What do you guys think..

    I think we should start Perez more or we can bring him in earlier at times.

    Not the result I wanted….. Up next Manc.

  6. Minute Alexis scored we stopped playing. Everton pressed us more, yes, but we had no response, no composure to get out of it. It’s like the minute the game became harder half the team gave up. Very average, forgettable game. And some of our shots on the goal were silly. Ozil just had to pass it into the net and he goes for a fancy finish… Wenger rightfully furious, it should’ve been a goal. I don’t blame Wenger for the loss, but many people here are convinced we’re a “changed side” and offer no evidence of this. It’s December still and way too many Arsenal fans are getting arrogant instead of being cautious after a decade of blowing title chances.

  7. simply not good enough needed to win this game so that we could get atleats a point in the upcoming City game,Chelsea will murder Sunderland and therefore create an even bigger gap,we really need another front attacker who is ok the same wave length of Sanchez and Ozil,anyway we will bounce back.

  8. No despair here mate, it’s that time of the year, Again!
    Some things will never change.. Hey?

    That performance was as dull as the weather. ☔️
    Good Old Cech standing inside their goal in injury time lol nice try, but it didn’t fool the Everton players into taking a shot at him. ?

  9. Don’t need to take it so serious, is just a game. Too bad the old arsenal is playing today. From one goal up to lose the game is a very bad result, if you able to take it then you are a true gunners. Coyg.

  10. What a unspiritual performance from our team… MVP for sure Xhaka, his left foot is fantastic. Ozils mind is somewhere else lately, he seems to lose confidence very easily… We should really work on alternative tactics and on our marking. I’m really gutted about the way we lost a game we should have won.

  11. For me, according to what I watched is that Giroud should’ve been fed more crosses from the time he went on the pitch. The midfielders and wingers just wanted to play one touch football in order for them to get closer to the box and therefore it resulted in Everton dispossessing us. I can only remember them crossing or putting the ball in the box in stoppage time .. What a shame we couldn’t get all three points. Now Gunners, go to the Etihad and get all 3 points. Enough said!!!

  12. Sanchez have to do too much we should have bought sandio mane our winger are useless ozil Wolcott go missing against quality team.look at how Easley they put our defender understand pressure with quality passing. i keep saying if we want to win something only sanchez start up front for me not ozil Wolcott Chamberlain iwobi ramsey we need two winger. an sanchez playing in the number ten position new center forward to be a quality team luck can get you so far

  13. Why on earth did wenger use the same squad that played on saturday..I expected to see some fresh legs…Fatigue contributed to this defeat

  14. Maybe the champions league draw was playing on our lads minds?
    Or maybe… Just maybe it had something to do with going top of the league for 24 hours at the weekend?
    Anyways, it’s looks like a Return of the Mac- Bottlers ?

  15. Damn it…our unbeaten streak has been broken by a team that has been playing horribly this season.

    How i wish Ozil scored that seated.
    I will only mourn this night…tomorrow its gone!
    Looking forward to man city game to correct our mistakes.

  16. I was so confident before the game upto the extend that I said Budd has a loser mentality but now look ?. Budd, I eat my words, guess I underrated Everton based on their recent form. I just hope we put a solid performance against Mancity on Sunday.

  17. This game was kneeling down and begging for a Perez start. With the way Everton plays, his technical play would have caused problems for Baines and Everton defence. Walcot was bossed by Baines and was ineffective throughout. I bet Perez would have gotten a goal or assist in this game and he should start against Man City. He is a lethal striker and his confidence may drop if Wenger doesn’t start him soon.

  18. I’m not delusional Man United is better than us an there are coming we won some game by just scoreing not playing quality football. Wolcott playing in the box not playing from out wide that will work only against weaker team

  19. I think Everton away is always a tough game for most teams. Whether one would classify it as a “big game”, as one would with the likes of United or Chelsea, etc, is debatable, but it’s certainly a fixture to look for.

    But if it is classified as a “big game”, then it’s very worrying signs for Arsenal, because that’s now only one win in seven! Our sole victory coming against Chelsea, with draws against PSG twice, Spurs, United, and now defeats to Everton and Liverpool. For anyone that didn’t watch these games, we should have definitely lost to United, and twice to PSG as well!

    Our next game against City isn’t a must win from a points perspective, but it is from a psychological perspective. We HAVE to send a message to rivals, that we’re the real deal this season. A win at City would give our players such belief as well. Arsenal need to FINALLY turn up in a big game. City are in poor form, and no Aguero. We have a chance.

      1. ^I’ve noticed that too. There are often opposition players who haven’t scored in ages. But just so happens to score against us. We are a confidence booster.

  20. Breaking a couple of chairs here the match was worming up just at the interval and I think Mr wenger calmed them but I was looking to bring geroud and perez at the second half just so to keep the pressure mounted instead of deflating it the boys looked a bit off the edge man city would be another hard test it has to be right 100%

  21. It was an easy win on paper against out of form team. Problem is thats how the players came on to the pitch.

    Like I said in other articles. Ingredients to beat Arsenal, press them, and shut out Sanchez and Ozil, and you’re halfway in getting a result.

    Today we couldn’t get through the middle. So the space was on the side. What did the wingers do? Nothing. you’ll need REAL wingers in some games to make difference, and today was one of them.

  22. Disappointed with the result bt we could have gotten a draw at worse. How did clattenburg not award a last minute penalty for the foul on Sanchez. Blatant penalty.

  23. We had physical power ourselves in midfield but didn’t do anything. Xhaka and Coquelin should’ve been big presence.

  24. Same old Arsenal. I think Wenger put is best when he said we lacked urgency. It is impossible for Arsenal to show urgency for more than a few games in a row. We simply lack the mentality of a winner who manage to play with urgency every game. I don’t mind losing, that happens, I don’t like arrogance and lack of effort.

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