Recovery (and goals) is the key to Arsenal beating Everton

Arsenal have had an extremely unproductive month culminating in elimination from both the Champions League and the FA Cup, but they now have to pick themselves up and kick off against Everton just 63 hours after ending Wednesday’s defeat in Barcelona.

That is a tough schedule, and Arsene Wenger described how he has tried to handle the fatigue. “By focusing the maximum on the recovery,” Le Prof said. “You arrive late on Thursday, at 3am, you travel early again on Friday morning.

“The timing is not ideal but we focus just on getting the players to recover as well as we can, with medical help and with a lot of sleep as well. Then hopefully you can use the positive energy we got from the game against Barcelona and transfer that into the Everton game.”

Although Arsenal have lost 5 of their last 7 games in a gruelling month, Wenger believes that his players were impressive in the defeat in Spain and want to see them emulate that performance in the hope of beating Everton today. “I believe overall we produced a performance we wanted to produce,” he continued. “There were many encouraging signs in this performance and many individual performances that were very positive. At the end of the day, we go to Barcelona, we have 20 shots on goal, 12 on target.

“You could feel on the touchline that they were insecure suddenly [when Elneny equalised]. I believe the turning point was maybe the chance Danny Welbeck had in the box against Mascherano.

“We had the opportunities to score the 2-1 once or twice. When they made it 2-1, it was over, because we had to score three goals after that.”

We may have played well, but yet again we were lacking in the goalscoring department. What is the point of 12 shots on target if you only score one goal. Arsenal may need to recover and keep positive for today, but the most important key to beating Everton is for us to start scoring goals again. Once that happens we can start climbing the table again, so I will have my fingers crossed right from the start of today’s game. Well we need a bit of luck for a change!

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  1. I’ll tell you what’s the key. Heart and desire! These are the qualities that are players should be ingraining in their minds and body in order to anything on the pitch!

  2. Arsenal can and will find their form again today. They just need to think that they are carrying on playing Barcelona and continue in that manner.

  3. Recovery and goals are a key?…………… Have we only just known this?

    Something tells me we are going to see alot of possessions, flicks, hold-up play and back passes today…

    But here’s me hoping my guts are busy playing with my mind… And that we somehow Win

    (still wanna see those banners too L()L)

  4. I wonder if wenger drives around in a Ford Focus? ?
    Boy, does he love that word!
    But does he really know.. what it means? ?
    Oh.. and don’t worry about the lad’s getting plenty of sleep,
    They normally catch up with that, during the 90 minutes!

    I for one, will be extremely happy, if we beat Everton today!
    Because, which ever way i look at it, everything is pointing to a humiliating defeat!

    Our current form,
    Our away record at Everton,
    Early kick off (away from home)
    The Tiredness excuses, has already been chucked in by Wenger. .. And I have never heard him mention medication and plenty of sleep before lol ? ?

    But surely Giroud and Walcott should be okay,
    As they didn’t play much…. Right? ?

  5. He’s got a point though. Welbeck had a golden opportunity to make it 1-2 if he would’ve made a dummy on that Mascherano tackle.

    Can’t blame Welbeck though, he is what he is. Wenger must address the problem: we suck at finishing.

  6. I hope Arsene doesn’t start talking about how we have this early game so soon after the European one. It gets into the players heads, if you tell them they’re tired they will be tired. And the ones that aren’t tired will use it for an excuse to not run around all morning. It becomes a self fulfilling prophecy, someone mentioned SFP earlier and these things do happen. This is why I tell myself every day, how Jessica Alba is going to sleep with me tonight. PS, Id take a look-alike if there’s a Gooneress on this website.

  7. We have to feel for the Gunners lack of last match recovery time to recover before going into this game against Everton today’s afternoon at Goodison Park.

    Arsenal have no choice but to comply with the Sky Sports or BT Sports TV selection broadcast time. And I believe the Gunners will be very professional in their game this afternoon to take a very good care of Romelu Lukaku and long shot ranger – Ross Barkley threats from threatening the total collection of all the 3 points by Arsenal which will be played for in the game. John Stones defending MUST be breached severally by the Gunners assaults force.

    My Starts:
    My bench:

    I done only 2 changes to the Boss’ prolific starts at Nou Camp last Wednesday night. That’s the starts that will beat Everton handsdown this afternoon. I’ve decided to start the likely tired young Gunner Iwobi on the bench and start Campbell in his place. While I’ve also start Coquelin in place of the injured hardworking Flamini.
    I hope the Boss will accept my visionary starts and bench.

  8. Recovery or not we should win this game. Failing to do this will basically put us out of all competitions. You will see today what the issue is, whether desire, tactics, heart and so on. They have now the chance to prove everyone wrong. From top to bottom. I just hope planets will align so that we will not have bad luck, poor finish, bad positioning, switching off and bad reffereing. It is hard to play within 3 days but it is only them who brought it on themselves. What kept them to beat Hull 4-0 at the Emirates? What kept them to at least keep the lead against Swansea? A team which we massacrated in the first half of the season with 3-0 by just waiting for the right moment.
    Time for Wenger to address everything wrong because whatever he may say, spirit is not very high in the team. You just don’t capitulate like this against Barcelona. Or Watford. Desire to play the game , this is what is missing. This team gives up too easy. Just go there and put some skin, focus for the result. That is it.
    In the end of the day this team will be know for one of two things : we lose and everyone will label them as losers and a typical Arsenal display when the stakes are high. They will be known as a team lacking desire and fight, focus and heart.
    Or! Or they can be seen as the team who pulled out the biggest stunt in the English Premier league but beating everyone in their last 9 games and hopefully lifting a trophy which is not an UCL place. It is up to them. This is the day we will see the real Arsenal. COYG!

  9. i’m keeping my Hopes and expectations on the ground floor……….. U can keep urs on the roof L()L

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