Everton’s record against the Top Six should give Arsenal confidence

How big is the danger to Arsenal from Everton? Sam P

We all know about our away record this season, we have to improve that with five road games ahead of us but what about our opponents? It is one thing to focus on our performances when playing away but that has to be weighed up against the home records of our opponents.

Our next game is against Everton at Goodison Park and I have to be honest, it is not exactly a fortress.

It is always best to compare statistics with our closest rivals, no point looking at Everton playing Fulham or Huddersfield, the comparison has to be with the other clubs around us.

Everton 2 – 6 Tottenham Hotspur
Everton 0 – 2 Manchester City
Everton 0 – 0 Liverpool
Everton 2 – 0 Chelsea

So, one win, one draw and two losses against the top six so far this season for the Toffees.

We cannot say, wow, they beat Chelsea but ignore the fact they lost 6-2 to Spurs, we need some balance.

I watched the Chelsea game and the win for Everton was purely because the Blues had a poor game, if we played like they did that day we would lose, I never watched the Liverpool game and anyway, local derbies never follow form, the loss to City was expected, they are beating most teams and the 6-2 loss to Spurs has to be viewed as a one off, it is not as if Tottenham have beaten teams away by that sort of scoreline that often.

The point is that all things being equal, Everton come up short against the top six as last season showed when they had this record against the top six.

Everton 0 – 3 Tottenham Hotspur
Everton 2 – 5 Arsenal
Everton 0 – 0 Chelsea
Everton 0 – 2 Manchester United
Everton 1 – 3 Manchester City
Everton 0 – 0 Liverpool

Just two draws from those six games and it is noticeable that those “positive” results are against the exact same two teams that they got results from this season, albeit a draw instead of a win against Chelsea.

The results are sort of similar as well, 0-0 draw last season with Liverpool and same this season, a two goal losing margin to City and a three goal losing margin to Tottenham, only the Chelsea result this season was an improvement.

I know there is more to consider, like current form, new signings, new managers and so forth, but based on what I have seen this season against what happened last season I have every reason to feel very confident that we will beat Everton next Sunday.


  1. Sorry Sam P to go immediately off topic but I thought this would be a nice post to wake to. Now that all the fireworks have been died down and the opening ceremony is over and done with lets look at some figures for the new White Hart Lane stadium Apparently the stadium was budgeted originally for £400,000,000 but ended up costing close to £1000,000,000. Tottenham have had to borrow £650,000,000 and at the present rate of interest, payments alone, some economist might correct me, will be about £100,000,000 a year interest only and that’s without paying a penny off of the stadium debt. They could be paying off for their shiny new stadium for the next 30 years. Compare that to the Emirates costing £390,000,000 of which £100,000,000 was paid by Emirates Airline Corporation for naming rights and the outstanding balance of £290,000,000 was paid off over 10 years. However there will be extra money coming in from 2 NFL games a year and Saracens Rugby Club.

    1. Ah Kenny but you do Spuds a disservice! What about the income from all those boot fairs and jumble sales on the pitch? That will add up too. By the year 3019, thy will have made enough to pay Kanes wages for a whole week. Now huge debt is usually not something to appaud, BUT when it is owed by Spuds, all Gooners will go wild with joy.

  2. I don’t think we should have much problems with everton away and other away fixtures. Everyone seem to be going about how bad our away fixtures had been these season without remembering we werent doing so badly until we were hit by several injuries across our back line. Up till that point, I think we won three straight away games start the loss at chelshit. Now going by our recent form which proved we got defence sorted a bit, I don’t our away results will be as bad as it was in recent time…

  3. To be honest I’m sick and tired of seeing our fans right here trying to make napoli look like the best stuff since slice bread…..do you guys really think napoli are any match for us???….. For God’s sake we are arsenal football club… Napoli is shitting in her pants.. And I’m very sure we would beat napoli home and away and anyone who doubts this should wait and see……even wenger knows this and also said it would be difficult for napoli to knock out arsenal….the professor doesn’t talk with his heart.. He talks with his head

    1. It just reflects the confidence we have in our current squad. People look at how we have been performing then make certain conclusions. That is how life operates. It’s all about comparing and contrasting.

      So from our current performances, when it comes to this squad you should understand why people are not that confident. It’s about the team instilling confidence in us the fans by giving consistent performances, then from that they can give us the confidence to assert that we can win a given game.

      People have the confidence to say City will win the title etc because that team has shown that it can.

      Arsenal in last few seasons have not shown that they have the guts in the league or Europa or CL etc.

      So you should understand why many fans are weary.

    2. Agree with Chiza. If we’re dreading opponents such as Napoli right now then we have no business aspiring to be in the champions league where the opponents will be of an even higher quality. Napoli is a good team, yes, but they don’t come close to the quality of the top 6 teams in England. It’s a big game, but it’s not like we’re facing a juventus or Barca here

      1. Exactly!…trust me even their Godfather Juventus won’t scare me off because of our awesome record against Italian teams

  4. As for our away games i’m more scared of Leicester and wolves than everton,watford and burnley……. Wolves style of play and Leicester under Brendan Rodgers(the man has a way of playing arsenal…hopefully that was under Arsene wenger) but i believe Emery tactical flexibility will see us through the away games… The confidence brimming in the squad will be too much for the oppositions

  5. Everton’s home record in last season does not matter, because they didn’t have Richarlison, Gomes, Mina and Walcott

    The fact that they won against Chelsea and drew against Liverpool should make Emery approach this cautiously

    I think currently most EPL teams already know Arsenal tend to use 3-4-2-1 at away. The opponents can simply assign more midfielders to take the control, therefore Arsenal have to come up with an unpredictable tactic

  6. You can’t predict tomorrow’s outcome with certainty. Confidence is good but overconfidence mostly leads to complacency. Arsenal should approach every remaining game like a final, none of them will be easy. Let’s just hope that we can take maximum points from the 21 available.

  7. I see arsenal winning everton and a couple of more away games before the end of the season.we actually had for straight away games wins and a draw at Old Trafford. Injury to holding in that match and subsequent injury to bellering destroyed the balance of our games.While our defence was hardly capable Prior to the aforementioned injury ,holding was the best we had and bellerin was a real asset going forward. he covered up lack of wingers on the right flank. His injury meant we had to watch the one whose name I cannot pronounce take over. He was a liability defensively and offered absolutely nothing going forward. We all know home teams tend to press and attack more, this puts loads of pressure on our none existent defence and since our right winger was absent too ,we get a lot of pressures because both opponent’s rightack and right forward can attack us with impunity. It hasn’t been the case since we got amn back playing. He pegs the opposing fullbacks bag with is incisive runs almost like bellerine does .no more unduly pressure on our defence which is far more capable these days. This can be seen in our games where we’ve kept clean sheets in games against united and Newcastle. Last away games too hasn’t been bad, one clean sheet win against huddlesfield and an almost win cum draw at spurs.i see us winning a minimum of three of the five remaining away games. At least one with a clean sheet. Coyg

  8. Fourth line of post above should be “four straight away wins”.
    Admin please fix the edit and delete buttons. It cost nothing to do.
    I can do it for free if you wish..

  9. Believe Everton away will be the key to remaining away fixtures!!!

    The players have to stand up to the man and perform in this game – giving confidence to to remaining fixtures.

    If we don’t beat Everton I believe we will struggle to hold the rest behind us….

    Common you Gunners!!!

  10. The main problem is the run in. We have 5 games away and spurs have 5 at home. I’ve no doubt they will win 4 or 5 of theirs but we could easily loose 3 or 4 of ours.
    By the way, the ‘official’ attendance at spurs last night was less than our last home game! They can’t even sell out their special opening game!

  11. Everton remind me of us few seasons seasons ago,unpredictable,inconsistent but having said that they have a few good players players who only need onei chance to score,a free kick specialist,so difficult to call it but I.m hoping on a blunder from pickford especially after his brawl,don,t get me he is a Ok GK,but he is a kid,immature ,can,t control hus emotions prone to errors and blunders ,we shiuld test him from the start wuth shitsr and corners,either he,ll be too coky,too nervous,wfat do yiur thinr,should wd target him earky??by the wsy I don,t think he deseves the number one jersey od yo nsrionak reamr look whio ,s been there before+, fiery

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