“Every Arsenal footballer has amazing quality!”

Arsene Wenger may have failed to bring in a centre-back and defensive midfielder last summer, but it was surely a stroke of pure genius to bring Alexis Sanchez to Arsenal instead.

The Chilean has been a breath of fresh air and his untiring energy galvanized the Gunners in the first half of the season when we had half our squad out injured. He has scored 22 goals so far in this campaign, which is pretty good for a new arrival, and has even earned a nomination for the PFA Player-of-the-Year.

But Sanchez is not blowing his own trumpet, he prefers to praise the quality of his new team-mates and especially our little Spaniard Santi Cazorla: “When I arrived at the club I didn’t know the players that well, but I was really surprised by everyone’s quality,” Sanchez told Arsenal.com.

“I am not saying this just because it’s my obligation to do it as a club player. Every Arsenal footballer has amazing quality. Being part of a team like this makes me very proud. I am willing to win many titles here.

“Santi Cazorla is a spectacular player. You never know whether he will kick the ball with his right or left foot. Also, he moves with short but quick strides, which is a remarkable trademark too.

“Although I knew about his quality, playing alongside him makes me very happy.”

I like the bit about wanting to win “many titles” with Arsenal, and if Wenger could simply buy us another Alexis every summer then we will definitely be going places in the future.

Onwards and Upwards!

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  1. rhino says:

    previous season le boss brought in ‘ozist’
    AFC won FA cup
    this season Alexis
    no two in the league, FA CUP
    what if next season we get schniederlin/ dybala/ lewandowski/ reus/

  2. AYZAY says:

    Back in da days used to be hard before u became the first to comment, what’s happening now, very few comments, bring back my justarsenal.com asap

    1. admin says:

      LOL My spam-checker has gone weird and is blocking ALL comments at the moment.
      I’ll try and keep on top of it until it is fixed…..

      1. AYZAY says:

        Ok bro

  3. Twig says:

    Yes! Bellerin is amazing!

    1. GoonerLad says:

      Special player, he could be our own Lahm. But the Ramsey/Ozil partnership is what really caught my eye. They seem to support each other everywhere on the pitch and their understanding is only getting better

  4. Bravox says:


  5. goonerwineverything says:

    our overall quality is not doubted in all of Europe, (all clubs respect our teams quality many times pep(top coach) has praised our team) its our ability/mental strength, to overcome/win the biggest trophies, is what everyone else knocks us for we should readdress this problem next season and make our way to the top again. COYG

  6. G-Rude says:

    Every Arsenal player? I’m not sure about Szczesny any more!

  7. joeboy says:

    Yeah not every player! The majority are though, id like either of these players in there positions
    GK: CECH!!!
    CB: varane (big ask i know) or john stones
    CDM: yaya or schindelien or kondogbia
    Forward: dybala or pedro or lacazette
    Either one them players from each position would make us title contenders, as youve gotta think city and utd will spend big in the summer

  8. Gunner says:

    Sanchez is right, Santi is a very talented player…Once heard a commentator say that if JW could learn from Santi, how to avoid these tackles on him, he wont have as many injury problems..

  9. fishface says:

    My team v chelsea

    Ospina- gibbs, kos, chambers, bellerin- santi, coq,ozil- alexis, giroud/welb, wally

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