Every Arsenal player needs to Be Like Petr

This is Petr.
Petr has won the Premier League four times since Arsenal last did.
Petr knows that the race for the title is a marathon not a sprint.
Petr keeps calm and focused and always performs under pressure.
Petr is smart.
Be Like Petr.

This is the message that Arsene Wenger should be doing everything in his power to instill in every member of the Arsenal squad, because I do not think it is the talent available to the Frenchman that has been the cause of the club’s struggles over the last month or so.

I do believe that the current crop of Gunners are better able to cope with the pressure and expectation from the Arsenal fans, but until we do finally get our hands on the Premier League trophy again then there is going to be an issue in the minds of the players.

As well as keeping our opponents from putting the ball in the back of our net, Petr Cech has the job of keeping his team mates focused and properly prepared to handle the challenges facing them over the next few weeks and months. The veteran keeper has already steadied the ship and helped us with his experience and attitude and again this week was quoted in the Evening Standard rallying his disappointed team mates and reminding them that there is a long way to go.

Cech said, “There is a long way to go and there is always a twist in the tail so you keep working hard every day and try to keep getting results. If we believe then I think we can still do it – there are more than enough games to put ourselves back at the top of the league so we will work for that.”

If the rest of the Arsenal team can be like Petr, will Arsenal be crowned EPL champions in May?

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  1. OT. If today a poll was put to all the Arsenal fans world wide whether Wenger should resign or extend his contract what do you’ll think would be the outcome of such poll?

    Fans frustration with Wenger is at all time high.

      1. 2 things:
        1. when walcott said sanchez needs to take it a bit easier,
        2. when ox dances in the tunnel at the start of a game.
        and these attitudes show on the field. hate walcott’s attitude. only gets good when his contract is up for renewal. need to ship him out asap.

      2. how do u think players feel when they see wenger clutching his money rather than doing all he needs to to win the league?they realize they’re at a club where you give it a good go and if things dont turn your way, nobody’s going to put too much pressure on you. if u get injured for ever, they’ll keep paying you. if you get the coach to like u, u can not perform every week and the coach will still start u. too many years w/o pressure on wenger trickles down to the players. its a comfy place.

    1. Just saw a quote from wenger that sums it all up for me: ‘“No matter how big the game is, you have to pass well and defend well. You have to focus on that.” Note he makes no mention of shooting or scoring. good to know he’s got it all sorted out. hope tomorrow at bournemouth, we do more than pass well.

  2. Poor Petr ? he best get used to that facial expression,
    (Above photo)
    Because he won’t win F#@k all, whilst wearing that shirt ?
    Especially,while Wenger is in charge! ? ?

  3. This week I’ve been on the mindset that any lingering title hopes we had, died on Tuesday night.

    I looked at our fixture list this morning and it’s alright now that we have quite a few tough fixtures and bogey teams out of the way. We still have to go to the Etihad, Goodison Park, Old Trafford and White Hart Lane. But looking at our home fixtures, Leicester may cause us problems, but the rest are games I’d bank on us winning. If we can get a solid home form from now until the end of the season and perform well away, we could still be in with a chance, just about.

    Being behind Tottenham is so depressing. If we don’t beat them away and put them in their place, I’m worried.

    1. Don’t worry about the spuds, They have been in our shadow for so long, that they were starting to look like albinos ?
      So let them enjoy a bit of sunlight, while it lasts! ?

  4. I’m still confused as I watched highlights of how Everton completely dismantled stoke city at the Brittania! Why couldn’t we do this? Did we miss a trick?

    1. we have great midfielders that can set up great chances but we ony have 1 striker (walcott does not count). if our striker is off form we dont have enough goals in us. right now , also ramsey is off form. our only chances are in sanchez and ozil to score a few more .
      tomorrow i want us to come out as a rabbit out of a hat. that’ll leave us opento counter-attack so hope gab is at the back, not the wooden mert.

  5. Yes, Petr Cech discipline & metal focus are exemplary behaviours for the rest of the Gunners to adhere to them.

    It’s high time the Gunners eschew discipline and metal focus in their assignments, if at all they want to become BPL Champions this season.

    Winning the prestigious coveted Barclays Premier League title is never won through entertaining oneself. Such as dancing with 30 minutes to kickoff time in an important home League game at the Ems. Or to indulge in unnecessary social parties and meaningless selfies on the social media.

    But the BPL is won through hard work, total dedication to one’s job, metal focus and discipline on and off the field of play. The Gunners have been using socializing as their Premier League habitats. Where they rumble on it like a spoilt pampered child basking in the wealth of his parents.

    Consequently, if the Gunners want to lift this season’s BPL & the Champions League trophies, they MUST re-focus their thoughts and action to that of a Lioness in wait for her prey to devour.

  6. Unfortunately, MOST of our player’s have Wenger’s mentality ?
    Giroud, Ramsey, Walcott, Mertesacker and even Bellerin came out and said that we don’t need any new signings! ?
    Maybe their comments came from wengers DNA that was left on their brown striped tongues? ? ? ?

  7. ARSENal will never win the title under wenger, its not the players, its the manager. from 2004-2016 he’s not won the league, that’s a pitiful, he should’ve retired last year when he won the FA cup back to back. Everyone knows arsenal plays from the back, that we don’t shoot, that we like tiki taka passes around defenders, that we’re not a threat on the air and we can’t defend worth nothing.

    Wenger will never us a title again, if he renews his contract i’m supporting another club, end of story!

    1. @Dennis
      Why don’t you support another club now, so we slip reading your sad impotent and negative rants. You can take e a few of your equally whiny moany buddies with ya…

  8. “Pochettino, the way that he has come in, and I know lots of comparisons with Arsenal.

    “At the start of the season it looked like they were maybe a good ten years behind Arsenal.

    “There’s a new stadium going up here and they’ve really closed that gap and perhaps gone above Arsenal now.

    “Dele Alli in midfield, Harry Kane up front, lots to be really pleased about.

    “The manner Tottenham play, how they press the opposition, it’s really impressive.”

    Martin Keown

  9. Pogba’s dream clubs revealed by brother are : Man Utd, Real Madrid, Barcelona and drum role, ARSENAL!!! Come on Wenger make it happen lol, especially since you said the first 100 mil player will be bought soon. Come on Pogba, be our B2B player lol.

    1. Man Utd? ?. … That’s a shocker, considering he left them for free, because SAF didn’t even give him a chance.

  10. Tottenham and Leicester are doing well at the moment…I wonder if it’s anything to do with the fact both clubs have recently changed managers!

  11. Kind of true although the key attributes are slightly different for a gk and an outfield player. Saying this maybe we should let Petr start picking the team and performing the team talks! Seriously though our players shouldn’t need inspiration from the likes of ozil, cech and sanchez they should all individually have it. What makes Leicester so good and Chelsea before them is effort, unity/togetherness and no fear. The finger should be pointed at the manager and a collection of our players. Also the Emirates has become a prawn sandwich, vip filled library everytime I visit I’m shocked at the lack of noise pr atmosphere. Bring back the Highbury days 🙂

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