Every striker on the planet linked with Arsenal – Including Bacca!

Every transfer season, be it summer or winter, there remains a constant rumuor. And that rumour is that Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger is close to signing a striker. Every year without a doubt, every striker on the planet is linked with the club. And if reports are to be believed, they sign every other striker while most of them would have agreed terms. What happens to most of them is a mystery because none of them ever sign for the club in reality.

Irrespective of the lethargy, every transfer window keeps Wenger busy linking him with every striker. No wonder then that Carlos Bacca is repeatedly linked with the Gunners this season. The Colombian striker had a stellar season with Sevilla leading them to Europa League success and thus a Champions League place. In fact, he was very successful for the past couple of seasons at Sevilla.

This meant that he was linked to every club in the continent, Arsenal being no exception. No one knows if the club or Wenger is really interested but every day we keep hearing that Bacca is of interest to Arsenal. And his agent Sergio Barila stoked fire to the claims by professing that ‘many premier league teams’ are interested in his client.

That may have sparked some interest in the fans and Bacca must have trended in all Arsenal fora. Now, all those rumors can be put to rest because his agent came out in the open and spelled beans on the transfer to AC Milan. Barila has told Milan News that his client Bacca has chosen to reach an agreement with Milan.

The finer details are yet to be out but this should cut out the stories linking Bacca with other clubs. Will he be missed by Arsenal? And more importantly, is he the striker that would have pushed the club up the ladder? Honestly, there’s no straight answer to that. Bacca could have been a revelation in Spain but that is guarantee to success in England (think Falcao and you will have an answer)

There’s also no answer to the club’s interest in him. True that Bacca earned a name at Sevilla and that Wenger is on the lookout for a striker (or is he?). Will that have earned an audition at Arsenal?

Whatever it is, we may never get to know the real story. Now that Bacca is going to Milan, that’s one story that can be put to rest. However, there is a foot note to the story. Milan missed out on Jackson Martinez after announcing that he has agreed terms. If Bacca goes the same way, will you want him to miss Milan for Arsenal?



  1. Every striker linked with Arsenal. Should that not finally convince the last remaining fans that the transfer rumor media is nothing but pure unadulterated nonsense?? Thus responding to these rumors is pure foolishness.

    1. Love rumours.
      You are responding Hawk 🙂
      You must be a fool too 🙂
      Damn addicting rumours!!!
      Need to go to rehab I said no no no 🙂
      At least we are all “pure” fools.
      Only the best for Gooners.
      Arsenalrumours.CON 🙂
      Rumours rule ok

  2. Bacca isn’t an upgrade on what we have. The only striker I see who has any chance of coming to Arsenal that is an upgrade on what we have is Benzema and if I’m honest I don’t see him moving. Unless it’s Benz id rather push Walcott up top and pick up a quality winger.

    1. Sorry but personally I would love to see Alexis, Walcott and Bacca leading the line next season. We would score goals for fun….

  3. Tell those strikers that we scoring goals but we need one that can outscore Ronaldo. If not, they should hold their peace as we don’t need squad players.

  4. Well some are out of the picture
    Dybala- Juventus
    Martinez- signing with Athletico
    Higuain- too much money
    Mandzukic- signed by Juventus
    Greizmann- going to Chelsea
    Bacca- ac Milan

    To me that leaves
    Benzema (wants to stay Madrid)
    Reus (unlikely)
    Benteke (too much money probably)

    1. Podolski

  5. If look at our squad now then you see what Wenger is trying to do. We are not trying to get players just because they are world class. Wenger is trying to find the right players who can be part of the team for long term and that applies for a strikers too. I don’t want a “mercenary” player like Falcao.

    What’s your thoughts on Lacazette? Not saying he is up there with the big boys but he reminds me of Aguero.

  6. I think every agent leaks the news that Arsenal is interested in their client so that other clubs will think if those players are interested by big club like Arsenal and they know full well we are tight ass so they just out bid the imaginery figure

  7. The truth is there are no world class goal scorers in the market that will be guaranteed success.. I can only think of messi, ronaldo, suarez, aguero, lewandoski, tevez and neymar as the only goal scorers that will guaranteed hits at the moment and would be worth any investment but they can’t be bought. Even cavani, costa, benzema, higuain, falcao, ibrahimovic, martinez, dzeko, bacca would still be a slight risk even though we know what they are capable of , as you have to consider their form, price and age, not to talk of people like lacazette, benteke, bony, griezman, icardi, dybala, lukaku, vietto, kane. They have a 50/50 chance of been a hit or a flop and that is why signing any striker has to be well thought out. Lets see what wenger does.

    1. Wenger’s record over last 12 years on this front speaks for itself….Chamakh park Eduardo bendtner adebayor giroud podolski wellbeck sonogo Vella …. Some better than others and some utterly useless but not one remotelyworld class ….

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