“Everybody should remember that name,” Jurgen Klopp singles out one Arsenal star for praise

Jurgen Klopp has praised Gabriel Martinelli again after the Brazilian starred against his team.

The attacker has become an important member of the Arsenal first team in this campaign.

He has been a fans’ favourite since he started playing for the Gunners and he was electric in the defeat to Liverpool.

On several occasions, he ran at the Reds’ backline and caused them all kinds of trouble.

Trent Alexander Arnold struggled with the pace and relentless running of the Arsenal attacker early in the game.

Despite beating the Gunners, Klopp was impressed at how the Brazilian troubled his defence and says we must remember his name.

He said via The Daily Mail: ‘Martinelli by the way, everybody should remember that name because he’s an outstanding player.’ 

Just Arsenal Opinion

Martinelli is a tremendous talent, and when a manager like Klopp praises you, it means you are truly doing something special.

We expect the club to bolster our attacking options by the start of next season, but Martinelli should keep his place on the team regardless of who joins the club.

Hopefully, he will remain in top shape and lead us to a win in the weekend game against Burnley at the Emirates.

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  1. Gabriel Martinelli was class last night.
    The only one who moved to make space while the rest hid behind Liverpools players and didnt bother to move to look for the ball.
    Saka so many times gave the ball away stopped slowed the game down and passed back while Gabriel Martinelli pushed forward always.
    Bloody joke of a show last night , we need to learn how to create space to play in not hang about waiting on that special pass that comes along once in a blue moon with us.

  2. Klopp really loves him eh! Doing his best to subtly tap him up! You can bet in the next few years they are going to try and poach him.

  3. Klopp has seen it for a while, Edu saw it when he signed him, Emery saw it & gave him a run of games. Everyone knows the talent of Martinelli.

    Arteta finally jumping the train on this one. Still chuckle last Spring about Martinelli; doctors said he was fit and 100%, yet Arteta thought “he wasn’t ready” and Willian was a better option off the bench for 6 months.

    Sure that will offend some, but facts don’t have feelings.

    1. Durand, facts that include Martinelli not starting a single League game under Emery, he brought him on as sub in the League but played him in the League Cup and the early rounds of the Europa where he did very well

      Freddie gave Marti his first League start and Marti got his first League goal under Freddie as well, when Arteta took over from Freddie he played Martinelli in the League a lot and he scored more League goals until he sustained a bad injury that needed an operation

      Arteta was cautious in bringing him back at that level in a League that is pretty tough sure, tried it a few times and Marti picked up further injuries and didn’t look right, he’s an explosive player with more than one asset but one is pace another is aggression, he’s pretty tenacious and never takes it easy in a game

      He is still only 20, has now been given his chance again and looks the business, we didn’t need Klopp to tell us how good he is, he has the potential to be a fantastic player at this level but he has got and needs more time to develop his game fully

      1. I guess we see things differently then. I tend to trust the opinion of medical doctors over any manager.

        Do you think the doctors would have cleared him if he wasn’t ready? If his knee couldn’t take the stress?

        I think Arteta was keen to show he was right regarding Willian, in spite of his horrendous stats.

        Managers make mistakes, even great ones like Wenger. Guess we can’t point out Arteta’s obvious ones though, funny that.

        Martinelli got his chance b/c Auba frozen out. Much like ESR got his due to injuries. Let’s not pretend Arteta is a Guru regarding young talent.

        Arteta has done well stabilizing the club, but has yet to show any progression. 6th is viewed as “success” by some, yet 5th and 6th got 2 managers fired; with less talented squads. Funny that also.

        1. Of course Arteta makes mistakes so you don’t need to exaggerate or present false facts to make your point that you are not a fan of his, I was not correcting your opinion just your facts you are fully entitled to that opinion and it is just as valid as mine

          But for some reason you want to hijack a positive story about one of our players to promote the theory that Arteta is not as good a Manager as our previous two, I just don’t understand that

          There are plenty of other articles on JA that maybe calls for that opinion but this isn’t really one of them in my opinion but nothing funny about it at all

          1. Don’t see any exaggeration on my part; ESR and Martinelli chances came from injury and a freeze out, not due to competition or eye for talent.

            I don’t have an agenda against Arteta, I merely employ a consistent standard to our squad and managers.

            Players don’t produce and are moved on, not many complain if they don’t after 2 years. Yet it’s different for Arteta than Wenger and Emery.

            I dontblame Arteta for his lack of experience and tactics, I blame ownership for hiring such an inexperienced manager.

            I support the club, I don’t support mediocrity, not with players, managers, or owners.

            People preach patience, yet fans have been patient since 2008, accepting excuses and mediocrity all the while hoping for better.

            Is it? The response is often “be patient”, followed by more excuses.

            1. OK Durand, but the article is about what a talent Martinelli is, for some reason you want to make that an Arteta negative, that Martinelli is a talent despite Arteta being a “Rookie”

              1. My original comment was Martinelli’s talent was clearly seen by many fans and managers, as Klopp said recently and previously.

                Yet Arteta has waited so late to capitalize on that talent. He wasted much of last Spring persisting with Willian when the sub minutes would have benefited Martinelli and Arsenal more.

                Yes the article is about Martinelli and his talent, it’s a fair question to ask why he wasn’t used more last Spring, as a sub even when doctor’s said he was healthy and good to go.

                Sorry for questioning Arteta’s decisions on Martinelli and minutes. I figured he was manager and the person responsible for players and playing time.

        2. Arteta has quite clearly recognised Martinelli talent as have so many for a long time.
          Martinelli needed to be managed carefully which Arteta has done. That was the sensible thing to do given the injuries he has had, the way he plays and his youth.

    2. Durand, imagine our last night team having Klopp tutoring them. We have a Mr nobody/novice ( no football identity)has our coach so we should expect what we are being served.

      1. I can’t argue with that, a more experienced manager would likely get better results. Perhaps even develop our youngsters better.

        However neither of those are guarantees. What is a guarantee is that they would not have the rookie learning curve Arteta did, and they would have a style of football implemented by now, over 2 years at the helm.

  4. Martinelli is pure talent and sheer class. I hope he continues in the same rich vein and hope also that he is not poached by Liverpool because Klopp seems to like him a lot.

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