“Everyone knows Mourinho and what he has achieved” Xhaka addresses Mourinho’s interest

Granit Xhaka has responded to rumours linking him with a move to AS Roma where Jose Mourinho wants him.

The Swiss midfielder is one of Mikel Arteta’s most trusted men, but he hasn’t always been on good terms with the club’s fans.

18 months ago he almost left the club before the arrival of Arteta convinced him to remain at the Emirates for another campaign.

He remains a key member of the Spaniard’s team, but he might be interested in a change of scenery.

He is currently with the Switzerland national team as they prepare for the Euros later this summer.

He spoke on the current rumours about a move to Roma and maintained that he is focused on the Euros at the moment and isn’t even thinking about Arsenal.

He, however, then admitted to being flattered by interest from Mourinho and said the Portuguese boss is a top manager that anyone would want to play for.

“Of course I read the rumours too“, Xhaka was quoted as saying by Swiss daily Blick via Inside Futbol.

“But now I’m one hundred per cent focused on the national team.

“That’s more important than Arsenal or rumours right now.

“I have another two years on my contract in London.

“And at Arsenal, they know what they have in me.

“When the time comes and we can, may or must talk about a transfer, I’ll be here.”

“Honestly, I didn’t hear what Mourinho said, but that makes you proud“, the midfielder added.

“Everyone knows Mourinho and what he has achieved.

“Mourinho knows how to win trophies.

“You can now see what work I have done over the past few years.”

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  1. What on earth has this guy achieved which makes him that much confisend. 🤔🤔🤔🤔

    1. This has to be a bad translation or something. I can’t believe anyone would be so deluded to say it out loud

  2. I was shocked when I read it too and thought it must be a bad translation, so I checked other media outlets and they reported the same thing. If truly Xhaka said this; 1). Maybe he is trying to frustrate Arsenal to sell him or 2). ‘He is trying to get a message of MA as incompetent manager’ to the club.
    Whatever he meant or not, if he truly made that comment, he was completely wrong

  3. Whatever the case his, his absence in the team means nothing! Since he came, Arsenal have been regressing, so if he wants to go, the door his opened.

  4. the only question left unanswered is if Xhaka’s overwhelming sense of entitlement or his underwhelming contributions, since arriving at the Emirates, is more infuriating…please do whatever is necessary to get this problematic figure off the books before the Euros or with our luck he will get injured and we’ll be SOL

  5. Honestly, what are you guys smoking? Or is this a satire page? After these quotes every serious media outlet lile Sky Sports said that his comments mean he is happy at Arsenal. But you morons display it the other way round. Wow, just wow. It seems like your anti Arsenal attitude and negatovity have no boundaries.

    1. lol we dont appreciate our own even auba was not immune to this. But pls dont call people moron it not cool.

      1. speedy, if “fans” can call our players dross, mentally frail, thieves, filth etc etc, why are you getting so upset that a fan has reacted to those who are, yet again, maligning one of our own?

        theghostinside is giving his opinion and I totally agree with him.

        1. you definitely thought you were going to hook a lot more fish with all that enticing bait you put out there Ken…maybe you’ll catch a few bites with the after hours drinking and posting crowd

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