Everyone picks on Ozil, but is he any worse than the other Arsenal players?

The worst of the Ozil situation is not the fact that Özil plays or not but all the poor and false justifications a lot of you guys try to do.

You guys say that it is because of his attitude in training. Well, nobody knows if this is true and most importantly, if it is the case, why does Arteta have to answer the questions in a very unclear way instead of just saying that, what would be the problem with it? Unai Emery said it a couple times. And when Mesut’s behaviour was bad like in the game against Manchester City, Ljungberg said that he wouldn’t play because of that. So if he is training so poorly that he can’t reach the bench, well, just say that. Everybody thinks he is lazy anyway, so, just say that instead of avoiding the question.

It is true that the current formation doesn’t fit very well on Özil style of play but that justifies that he is not a good asset to even have on the bench? especially when Arsenal is dominating the game but not finding solutions at front.

“The guy doesn’t want to press, the guy doesn’t run for the team blah blah blah” I’m not even gonna go there, if you watched the games before lockdown, you know the truth.

And taking the formation thing again, what if Arteta changed the formation because for a mysterious reason his only number ten is no longer available? Arsenal played 4 – 2 – 1 – 3 before lockdown and lost less games than after lockdown in the premier league with a more defensive approach. And, by the way, before lockdown we played against stronger oppositions and with Mesut on the pitch the team managed to lose just one game and without Mesut the team lost 3 games. So where is the clear advantage of the new formation (3-4-3) or not playing Mesut?

Everyone also talks about how much the team has improved, and yeah, defensively the team is way better against stronger oppositions like Manchester City, Chelsea and Liverpool, we are literally mastering the art of parking the bus but when Arsenal is playing against weaker and more physical opponents this team is a joke, I mean, just remember West Ham game, they (West Ham) dominated most of the game, they created way more chances and they surely deserved to win and when others coaches would be pissed by that horrendous performance of the team and with the midfielders given away the ball for free, Mikel ends up with a big smile because…the attitude of team? I don’t get it.

Let’s talk about the pressing part. Well, I’m not going to defend Mesut in this subject, no because I believe he can’t press but because even assuming the team presses better now, which could be true, it is pointless if the team is unable to maintain possession of the ball. I’ve gotten so frustrated at times watching Lacazette winning possession and seconds later making a wrong pass and the same with Xhaka and Ceballos, where exactly is the benefit of doing so “amazing” pressing if you are gonna lose the ball anyway? What if you have a guy walking around the press but with the quality to keep possession of the ball and hurt the opposition with the right pass?

I am glad the team is getting better in confidence, but this team just don’t have enough quality at the middle or in the back, and sometimes even in the front to win something important and don’t tell me that FA Cup is important because Wenger won those for fun and never were enough.

And talking about the quality of the players, please try to see the big picture here and not only see the downfall of a player but the downfall of the team. Özil is not Messi or Hazard, who can dribble two or three players and win matches alone. Özil needs his teammates, he needs to associate with those around him to build something and you can’t denied that is not the same playing alongside Sami Khedira, Pepe, Ramos, Dí María, Ronaldo than playing with David Luiz, Xhaka, Ceballos, Mustafi and Lacazette. And forget about those big stars at Madrid, just think about what he had when he arrived to Arsenal, on the back Per Mertesacker, world champion, Laurent Koscielny, France National Team captain at the moment, Santi Cazorla, one of the most gifted midfielders that Emirates have ever seen, Ramsey, who last week dominated the midfield for Juventus and Alexis Sanchez. Now compare that context with the current context and try to make a more complete judgment. Mesut is not perfect and is getting old but, man, the current team doesn’t help a bit.

Honestly, I want to watch Mesut play, he has more quality than anybody in the squad, but I was happy to see Arsenal’s matches even without him, what I find really annoying is people trying to build “football arguments” around his absence. There are none. And if his attitude is so bad in training, well, Mikel, just say that clearly and without so much ambiguity.

And one more thing, why is Mesut always the one receiving criticism or nonsense justifications of his absence? I mean did you guys watch the games before lockdown? You can easily see how the entire team lacked confidence except, ironically, Mesut. Even Aubameyang’s lack of confidence cost us points, just go watch how many chances he wasted in that period, especially against Burnley. Or how Lacazette took two and half months to score another goal for Arsenal. Why don’t they receive the same judgment as Mesut? Is it because they show a “good” attitude? Is it because they seem to work hard even though that ended up in nothing sometimes? When did attitude start becoming more important than the things you actually deliver inside the pitch?

And seriously guys, if you want to concentrate on the negative aspects you can destroy any player, even the recent “hero” Auba makes a lot of mistakes. He has shown poor decision making in a lot of moments, he lost the ball quite a lot in some games and he makes wrong passes. You can talk about that or instead we can concentrate on his peace and his excellent finishing ability. And that is the thing here, we can talk and talk about all the things Özil doesn’t do quite well or we can give the guy a little bit of credit for what he is excellent in because at the end he is one of the best creative midfielders and is the only World Champion in the squad, so he must be doing something right.



  1. Oh my God. So how many chances or assists did he create pre-lockdown?

    Secondly, have you forgotten Emery also dropped him?

    If he wants to really play football, why don’t he go play somewhere else since Arteta don’t want him here?

    Is someone preventing him to leave? Sanchez, Mikhitarian have all left to play football because they love the game.

    Why does he continue to hang around and just collect his wages without bothering to go play somewhere? Has he retired already?

    1. The highest level of delution is g that ozil can do anything to improve our team. Some even think that he would have made a difference against westham how quickly people can forget things. When has ozil start turning up against teams that played te way westham played.. teams that are so aggressive, he would have been lost in the game
      The writer even went on to say that we played more tough opponents before lockdown. what did he smoke?

      1. In PL, before lockdown with Arteta:

        Bournemouth (18)
        Chelsea (4) Lost
        Manchester United (3)
        Crystal Palace (14)
        Sheffield (9)
        Chelsea (4)
        Burnley (10)
        Newcastle (13)
        Everton (12)
        West Ham (16)

        After lockdown:

        Man City (2) Lost
        Brighton (15) Lost
        Southampton (11)
        Norwich (20)
        Wolves (7)
        Leicester (5)
        Spurs (6) Lost
        Liverpool (1)
        Aston Villa (17) Lost
        Watford (19)

        Which part was more tough? Three relegated sides after lockdown, three and half if you count Villa.

  2. Ask yourself why three different managers hates working with him if not was wrong with him as you are trying to tell us. A lazy player can’t play in a physical league like Premier League.

  3. Plain and simple, as a senior player, highest paid in the squad, an international, a world cup winner (with minimum effort , it doesn’t matter as he has been handed a medal) he should be motivating and carrying the team even when all the players around him are poor, like all pros do out performing the rest. For a layman Barca is Messi, for RM it was Ronaldo, for Bayern Its Robert Low., can that be said for Ozil? If you are his honest fan, answer that! Stop squealing, at least without him and Guends, we are wining games, don’t fix what ain’t broken. IMO, he is the worse that the worst. Eleney came back stronger, Xhaka being Granit Xhaka doest his best, Mustafi showed soem signs of improvements, Luiz did have some good games, even Mkhi did well in Rome and went there permanently. Although Willock, Nelson, Eddie have a long way to go, yet they add energy in the dying moments of the game.

    1. Saying he won the world cup with minimum effort scream you are Mesut hater and I will stand with that there will be no apology and doesn’t matter if I get banned.

      1. HH, I am not a hater, just dislike his approach towards our club and football in whole. As I mentioned above, poor players have showed determination and grit and worked their place back in the team, and I do applaud them. Months back I was critical of Elneny, Xhaka, Mustafi,etc. but today I do applaud them. I was critical of the gaffer too for selecting deadwood, but he realized the error and benched Guends and Ozil and the move is paying us dividends. I reiterate I will be vocal and critical of any player who does not put in an effort or is clumsy in his role persistently. And that brings Kolasinac to my mind. As a die hard fan of the club, we need better than the outputs of Ozil and Kolasinac. Hope you agree with me on this.Our goal is win the EPL and the UCL/EL, those not committed to the cause need to be criticized, irrespective of who he was/is. Hope we are on the same page on this.
        If Mikel fails to select any player, respect that decision.His job is on the line, not your, not mine.

        1. I agree with all your points but to say he won the world cup with minimum effort and was just handed the medal is a bit too much.

      2. Let it go HH. The guy does not even understand football. It is his choice if he prefers house painters to artists.

  4. Pat – you were right, this is an excellent article 👌
    I’m amazed he doesn’t even make the squad anymore – not even in the cup and we all wonder why the media are having a field day!
    I was hoping to see him on the pitch again, but not looking likely, is it? And the arguments will continue, but until Mesut speaks up, we’ll never get to the bottom of what’s happened…I didn’t want his time with us to end this way. What a mess! And how sad!
    Thank you, Arsenalpopo..for this very refreshing piece 👍

      1. This was originally a comment… so to read this instead of the constant slating, I’d say makes a refreshing change!

    1. Sue, opinions might differ, Ozil was always an average player, but the right man in the right place at the right time. From W. Bremen to R Madrid to Arsenal, he rode his luck. Ronaldo made him look great at Madrid, Sanchez made his look great with us.Ever since Sanchez left, his decline began, he got exposed, but Arsene defended/protected him or was too scared to bench his expensive signing. Emery exposed him, but felt the fan pressure and succumbed and we know the story. Mikel has stood his ground, so if Mikel deems him unfit, so be it. . The point that both Manch teams did not chase him but were after Sanchez, proves my point. The fans over hyped him, the club succumbed to fan pressure then and today Ozil has to bear the brunt. Ozil’s only issue is not seeking a transfer elsewhere and proving his caliber (which unfortunately he does not have as he relies on flashy forwards and is unfit for the modern game due to his lack of energy and pace)

      1. Respecting all opinions is my policy. I also respect yours but would respectfully differ on that by saying that Mesut made them look equally good. If not for Mesut, Cristiano would not have that astounding rate of scoring that he had, same for Sanchez.

          1. Cristiano ronaldo went from great player to club icon in the absence of ozil winning 3 champions league for them scoring champions league highest goals in a single campaign all without ozil. What is your point i am sorry but it was Cristiano that made ozil look better than he was

            1. Umm, after Ozil left, Madrid centered their tactics around Cristiano. You can see that he slowly shifted from being a devastating LW to being a striker more, with Benzema in a supporting role. Ronaldo has always been a force to reckon with in the Champs league, but Madrid shifted and centered their tactics around Cristiano. And in that time period players like Ramos and Bale also were on fire. So it is not like Cristiano made Ozil look better, its more like they both made each other look better.

              1. Ozil could be finished or maybe the game passed him by we might never know. However trying to diminish his greatness and take away his accomplishments is rather silly.
                Sid your knowledge of the game and fairness is impressive.

  5. Arguments aside, he is not wanted by the club or manager. Decision is made! Stop crying, grow up and deal with it! All these articles about ozil will not change the situation or anyones view. MOVE ON!

  6. I don’t get why the fans are so concerned about a player who is only interested in money. Ozil has nothing to offer under Arteta. ..every players have been given opportunity and they have improved. let Ozil go and try his tricks somewhere else

  7. FFS another article about Ozil??
    Y’all never get tired do you?
    I just can’t wait for the season to end so all these pointless Ozil articles will stop.
    There’s nothing new about Ozil that we’ve never discussed on here before, yet we he the same articles everyday.
    Is it supposed to be intriguing because it’s written with different words?
    Different words, same BS.
    Please, I’m begging politely, can we all just please focus on the team, what the team is doing and avoid the Ozil debacle?
    It’s like for the past three months everything on the pitch seems working as planned and the only dust that has refused to settle us Ozil’s. Yet us fans constantly stir it up

      1. Probably because some of you are still deluded to believe Ozil will improve our team.
        The more you guys keep calling for him to be reinstated and questioning the coach, the more myself and others will always voice against it, against the articles and the ideas.
        I mean move on!! The club is doing well and some set of fans want to jeep creating debacles about Ozil?
        I can’t wait for the him to leave at the end of the season, then we’ll know if y’all are fans of the football club or fans of the footballer.

        1. Spot on Eddie, I honestly try as best as possible to stop commenting on any ozil articles anymore. It’s tiring, shenel has written this same article, so as Dan Smith. Only difference is they used different words to say exactly the same thing. I made a suggestion to Admin Pat to try and do a better job of filtering articles and not post similar articles, yes it generates the traffic they want but it makes for a boring content regurgitating the same articles and most fans are suckers for any Ozil article. so maybe money over quality then for Just Arsenal. And the same people complain about AFTV running their programs the way they want saying they’re only after money. Double standards isn’t it?.

          Ozil is one of the most controversial figures in football history. Germany, Madrid and arsenal with 3 different coaches have had problems with him, yet some deluded fans who don’t even go to the training ground to see things themselves seem to think he is our saviour. I’m counting the days till the season ends and ozil becomes a distant memory. And hopefully we don’t find someone new to be divided over.

          1. So are you saying that I shouldn’t let my readers and writers voice their personal opinions about Ozil, and only choose one?

            So should I also only allow one comment per article?

            How would you choose which opinions to allow?

            So I am choosing “money over quality”? So you are saying some writers are NOT quality?

            Maybe I should let you run JustArsenal the way you want to run it, as you know so much about it…

            1. Admin Pat, you can filter through the contents on articles. They are not the same as the comment sections. And I sense you know fully well what I’m saying. Politely tell the contributor a similar article was published just yesterday. Please find a new topic. That’s all. Everybody has opinions but articles are meant to get people talking on the subject of the article and if an article has a similar content as the one for yesterday and 3 days ago, you will get the same comments, it is not innovative and very boring and tiring.

              1. So if you see the name Ozil un the title, why read it, in fact why comment?

                Now we’ve just got news from Germany about Ozil. Are we not allowed to write about that?

                If you think that you can do a better job than me, then start your own blog and don’t mention Ozil…..

                1. You’re still missing the point Pat, and for the record, you’re doing a great job with this site like I’ve pointed out many times before. Talking about a recent admission from the German FA is a completely different article about OZIL’S time with Germany and not the same article as this that seem to question the lack of selection of ozil in the match day squad by Arteta from at least 3 different writers in the space of a week. Come on Pat, look at things from my perspective and BTW, I didnt intend to comment on the article, I didn’t even do that, I just commented on comments that seem to feel exactly how I felt about the article and to probably get your attention

                  1. LOL okay.

                    My point is; if my readers feel strongly about something and send me an article I’ll post it.

                    If you want to send an article about why we shouldn’t have so many Ozil articles, I’ll print that!

                    But I won’t tell anyone what the can or cannot write about. It is obviously an emotive subject for a lot of Arsenal fans, and it seems they they WANT to talk about it.


                2. Hey Pat, as a big fan of justarsenal, I think it’s time you began handling Ozil articles with wit, they are starting to divide fans, we need to be united not tearing each other like Wengers end time at Arsenal. I understand Ozil is phenomenal in his own right given that he sparks heavy debate on the site more than other articles published. From a business perspective having such articles is important for you, however as a big fan I’m also interested and curious reading fresh stuff not repeated similar articles. Alternatively disable the comment section on Ozil articles.

                  1. Hey what! Are you telling me I should stop my writers sending in articles about Ozil?
                    Or just disabling comments so no one can reply?
                    Hmmm let me think about that .

          2. We are not divided, we all love Arsenal, Ozil has done a lot for the club, he will deliver again if given the chance. People are scared to let him back out, Do you now what happens with starvation , Give him that chance.

        2. Eddie your final sentence in particular hits the nail on the head . These weird people in Ozils fan club who worship their idle idol actually support him above the club. That is so obvious and I HAVE SAID THAT TO SOMEOF THEM SEVERAL TIMES AS IT IF PROFOUNDLY TRUE. Good to see you too know that truth.

          Most fans on here do see it too but those weirdos who refuse to comtemplate his all too obvious laziness and self centred attitude are not true fans of our club at all. When you idolise a player, ANY player, above the club itself, that automatically disqualifies you from being a TRUE fan.

          1. Yep. I have seen comments here wishing that AFC loses so that managers can be fired and so that Ozil can prove a point..

    1. Eddie, You’ve noticed so many ozil articles just before the Liverpool games? I can bet my last cent that some of these “fans” would actually want Liverpool to thrash us just to be “proven” right about Ozil being their saviour. But let me put this in advance to them in advance. win, lose or draw, I’m backing Arteta and the team 100%. I might criticise players based on how they play only but they have my full undying Support. I hope Ozil fans can do that too and show they’re first and foremost Arsenal fans.

  8. Ozil is not to blame for our defencive errors rememba de watford game 2 nil up den we gave a penalty away and socrt was dispossesed in his own box We are now setup to counter attack but how do you counter a team dat doesnt commit players forward 0zil doesnt suit our current tactics not his fault is torrera also a bad player could

  9. I’m imagining some of the fans like @ken 1945 are paid bloggers to defend Ozil the mercenary.Their defence for this mercenary is incurably bad just reminding everyone he has a contract, having a contract with Arsenal doesn’t mean you must stay unless you are here for the money

    1. Lord Denning
      September 27, 2020 at 11:42 am
      Arteta is a liar,he needs to be honest with his players and tell that theif Ozil you are not in my plans look for another club like other managers do.But his outright lies to the media about Ozil are unnecessary.We will not be in the only club in the world to tell a player he’s no longer needed.Arteta where are your balls!
      Just goer leave that here

    2. Damn, the truth is out Pat-you pay me£350,000 a week and a JA Tshirt every fortnight, just for voicing my opinion!
      So I have every right to disclose that you pay Lord Denning two pence a month to write such childish, immature and nonsensical posts.

  10. Honest, I may not bother contributing nothing on Ozil’s mistreatment by Arteta & the Arsenal Mgt any longer. By my conspitorial theory, I’ve come to the conclusion that Ozil is being persecuted & humiliated, or so they think, not b’cos of any football reasons but b’cos he refused that salary cut directives by the Mgt. The other two unnamed players, by my hunch, must be Guenze & Toreira. Added to that, Arteta must be having some personal grudges against Ozil, probably from their playing days under Arsene Wenger. This is probably only manifesting now, b’cos Arteta has found himself in the position of being Ozil’s boss & is therefore calling the vengeance shots. Or how else does one explain the situation where, Arteta answering to the question on Ozil’s imbroglio, announced to the world that he would be giving all the players a level playing field to prove their worth, but uptill this moment, he is yet to field the trio in any of the matches, despite the observed holes in the midfield, without giving any concise reasons? My idea of ‘giving a level playing ground’ should be playing a player in matches. Right now, I only feel more convinced that Ozil & the two others are merely being victimized. In any case, no right or sane thinking guy should expect Ozil to be treated as a teenager in the mould of Saka, Niles, Cebalos etc during practice sessions. If Arteta thinks he can subject his proven talented senior players to some of those grueling routines, as he would to the younger ones who are still growing & must impress the boss in order to be picked for matches, then Arteta must be lacking in some aspect of management skills. To my fellow fans who think of Ozil in bad light, they are entitled to their opinion. But they should be fair to themselves to recall how those players they used refer to as deadwoods are playing the best of their games when given the second chance to prove themselves under the same Arteta. Why not be fair to this trio as well? What’s good for the goose, is good for the gander, as the saying goes. Ozil & the two must be given their fair share before they are condemned. I bet u, Arsenal will one day regret their action if they ship out Guenze & Toreira as they did in respect of Gnabary. Ozil has nothing to prove to anyone again in football artistry. Only that he intends to fight for his legitimate cause, rights & name. Wishing him the best.

  11. There a many contributors who think Ozil is the best and that the team is diminished without him on the field of play so to say that he always the scapegoat is wrong in my view. Opinions are varied and expressed as such

    If all of us who think that Arteta is currently doing a great job we then have to consider that something is not gelling in training despite Ozil working hard

    I said this yesterday that I’m happy to be an Arteta fan-girl. He took an abject mess of a squad and completely retuned it’s dynamic. From a near state of despair the team has been revitalised.

    So for me, for now, I trust in Arteta to make the right decisions. It won’t always work but he has started superbly. I see nothing so far in Arteta that he is being vindictive against Ozil. I cannot bring myself to think that Arteta would deliberately sideline a player who could be a match winner. What good would that do to his reputation? Why would he destroy the reputation of a man he played with and now coaches? Perhaps I’m just naive

    I know there are conspiracy theories about not taking a pay cut or Ozil’s political statements but that is not YET enough to convince me that Mikel is acting as a mouthpiece for the board and deliberately dropping him. As a new and forward looking manager he would want only the best for the team surely?

    The same applies to Guendouzi who has also not featured. Ill discipline has been highlighted but he might not fit into Arteta’s vision for the future. That excuse can only be trotted out for so long. There are those who think he is a future captain and others who want him run out of town. I think it’s human nature to get upset when you admire a player and it seems that they are being ganged up on.

    Arteta has to make those difficult decisions and he has got the majority right – so far

    1. Sue very sensible comment…
      The manager keeps doing well and prove he can make the right decisions fro the team.
      He keeps doing improving the team and some of us are questioning his decision about Ozil?
      I mean why not go ahead and question his treatment of Torreira then? Sokratis? Guendouzi? But no, they’re not fanboys of those players so they don’t care and Ozil remains the Ozil of 2015.
      Fans that should be getting behind the club and coach, you can never win against Arsenal fans I swear. SMH

      1. Let alone that, remember Arteta wanted to build a team around Ozil, he meant it. Then there after Ozil started disappearing slowly from squad, it was the boards decision not Artetas. Ozil fan club need to stop persecuting the manager, the Ozil thing goes far beyond the manager, the board are instilling discipline on rebels and players who are looking to make a kill for themselves.

    2. “Don’t make people into heroes, John. Heroes don’t exist. And if they did, I wouldn’t be one of them.” – Sherlock Holmes.

      I think this somehow speak well with your view regarding Arteta. He is just a human being with flaws and weaknesses like everybody else. Didn’t he say something like players have no right to question where do their salary cuts funds go? People are not just good or bad everyone is somewhere in between. The difference is only the level each of us have.

      Even though he has proved himself capable I believe the board didn’t go with him because of that. If the board was ambitious they would have gone with a more proven manager. Going with Arteta was a gamble which fortunately seems to be paying off. One of the reasons they chose him in my opinion is what we are seeing happening to Mesut.

      This is not a dig at Arteta or not supporting him. An apple is an apple calling it orange doesn’t change it. We can support Arteta but let’s not make an angel out of him.

      The fact that he always dodge or beat around the bush when asked about Mesut indicate the is no innocent reason behind it, until proven otherwise.

        1. I am not really and never been a fan of Ozil as a player. I enjoy his football but I am not a fan. I usually like players not because of their talent or achievements. It just happens. Of the current Arsenal players the one I like the most
          is David Luiz, I have usually liked him. And to a lesser extent Aubemayang and Granit. And I support all our players even when they are frustrating.

          I started to like Mesut after starting commenting here. I really admire him as a person and his will of a mountain. Doesn’t matter if his country is against him, his employers trying to destroy him, the minority of Arsenal fans turning against him, the guy is never shaken.

          Now imagine some of the fans criticizing and insulting this Everest of a man but throwing a fit when a comment doesn’t go their way it’s like comparing an ant and the whale.

        2. Oh REALLY Sue P? ‘d be mortally embarrassed if I were one of his weirdo fan club , let alone to publicly admit it. Fortunately, I have avoided that sad fate with consummate ease!
          I can only try to but never can succeed in understanding HOW ANY FAN can love ANY player more than the club, yet still call themselves a fanof Arsenal. MAKES NO SENSE TO ME AS A REALIST AND DOWN TO EARTH PRAGMATIST.

      1. HH
        Your admiration of Ozil as a man rather outweighs your view of him as a footballer then? He is almost saintly to you, whereas I more than sense there lies a guarded criticism in your opinion of Arteta as you do not want Ozil to be found wanting. I don’t have a negative view on Ozil as a man either, but do not buy the deliberate actions of the club to make him leave. As a ploy it has failed and no amount of undermining Ozil will change that now.

        There is nothing wrong with your view on Arteta, if that is what you think,but I just can’t share it. I believe that Arteta picks the best team that he can and for the right reasons and you may well consider me delusional for that

      1. And Arteta is really being smart by not giving full details even though he has said time and again that only the best players will start. He has learnt from emery and Freddie to never be too vocal about the player in question, it causes division amongst the players mostly. That division is what many ozil fans can’t wait to see. Carry on senor Mikel, we’re solidly behind you

        1. Baah, that comment you made says it all.
          “Arteta must be having some personal grudges against Ozil, probably from their playing days under Arsene Wenger. This is probably only manifesting now, b’cos Arteta has found himself in the position of being Ozil’s boss & is therefore calling the vengeance shots. Or how else does one explain the situation where, Arteta answering to the question on Ozil’s imbroglio, announced to the world that he would be giving all the players a level playing field to prove their worth, but uptill this moment, he is yet to field the trio in any of the matches, despite the observed holes in the midfield, without giving any concise reasons?”
          Please…. Common peeps. What’s all these about MO. We’re such bunch of ingrates and cares only for awesome results and forgetting that table turns.
          Arteta is doing great as regards the solidarity he formed with the team but there’s more to Ozil’s treatment and be rest assured MA is done with Ozil but too bad ending for the German.

        2. Kstix
          It’s not about not liking Özil
          It’s about believing Arteta is doing the best for the club
          I agree with you that it is exhausting
          I really need to stop commenting

  12. Speedy
    Ozil created nothing recently. Saka even creates better chances. For 18 games Ozil had only 1 assist. So for the fact that he’s paid 350k for that kind of trash; we don’t need him.

    Ozil is not bigger than Arsenal. He decided to retire immediately he got the new contract. Arsene wenger in his later years, Emery, FL and now MA all had problems with your man.

    You people are blinded. If you think Ozil is more important than Arsenal then support Ozil and forget the club.

    1. Because ozil has become a pre assister cuz he has to drop deep in midfield to receive ball like number 8 cuz the 8 and 6 cant play a simple through ball to him

  13. Very well articulated. I support you 100%. Arteta should just put it clear if there is something senister with Ozil, to clear our minds

  14. The truth will out someday…
    As now the German FA has said that they handled the ozils 2018 situation poorly yet how many called him names without knowing the whole situation…

    So someday we will get to know

  15. Until Ozil can justify the hype and the wages he receives at Arsenal then he will keep getting criticised.
    If Aubameyang turns out like Ozil then he too will be criticised as much as Ozil.

    And the problem with Ozil is that he is so nonchalantly egotistical in his way. He is always the VICTIM and not willing to adapt or change his stance on anything. His fan crowd have convinced him that he is always the BIGGEST VICTIM and he completely believes this rubbish.

    And I don’t know why his fanbase keep going on about him being mistreated by Arsenal. Have Arsenal ever refused to pay him his £300,000 a week since he stopped playing the moment he he signed that contract in 2018?
    I just feel like he has taken advantage of our generous club by downing tools the moment they showed him that appreciation of £350,000 a week.

    Arsenal should be the ones complaining about this deadbeat player. They have absolutely gotten nothing our of the deal while Ozil is happy to just play social media propaganda to rile up his passionate cultist and play video games all day.

    We are struggling to get crucial players in due to the likes of Ozil and the likes scrounging and taking up valuable squad space.
    Draining our clubs resources for nothing in return.

    1. There was a reason as to why you have him a contract worth 350,000. The fact remains that you cannot force him out, you like it or not.

    2. Yeah. Jst like one goonster tried to start hate mongering against Auban for merely liking a tweet he was mentioned. I don’t know when it becomes a sin for someone to acknowledge a compliment. I’m sure it becomes one if that somebody is on high wages, like Aub or Ozil. Unnecessary sentiments must be the underlying factors, not football reasons. I expect more of such savos on Auban sooner than later, I bet you.

  16. German FA admits to Ozil ‘mistakes’ that forced Arsenal’s World Cup-winning star into retirement amid racism storm.

    1. Well that is at least an admission of failing to support Özil regarding racism and quite right too

      This has no relevance to what MO does or doesn’t do on the pitch – depending on your point of view of course

  17. I shall restrict my comments to the international stage where Ozil was,without a shadow of doubt, a very important ,integral part of the German World Cup winning squad , unlike Mustafi, who was brought in due to injuries to other centre backs..For anyone to suggest that Ozil freewheeled his way in the highly successful German side, is to display a remarkable degree of ignorance.

  18. I have been always saying on this forum, the Ozil situation is unfortunate and it shouldnt have come to this. MA should atleast give him one chance, maybe as a sub, and than we can find how much improvement or change has been there in Ozil. Without giving him a chance to play how can Ozil prove his doubters wrong?

  19. Arteta hasn’t been honest with the media……if he really wants to give everyone a clean slate and put out the best team how has he not fielded Douzi in the Carabo Cup ….can anyone say that having a young player punished for 4 months straight now for poor attitude is justice. Is putting out less prepared and capable players good for the club. People can support AFC to the hilt but it should not blind them to injustice. Ozil is overlooked and sidelined because of his position on salary cuts ….football reasons have nothing to do with it. A manager s role is to best prepare and utilize his resources for his club’s success not to enforce the Owner s will. The Kroenke s know business not football . AM is fast becoming a very good Manager but he hasn’t reached the top of the tree… he can makes errors and this one is glaring

  20. There is more to Ozil’s situation for sure…what could have happened to such talent??he was playing fine before the lock down…why would he suddenly go bad???

  21. Look, whether or not the player is Ronaldo or Messi, if the coach is not comfortable with the player in the match day squad, he can continue to bench him as long as he delivers result. Bale wasn’t used by Zidane but Zidane managed to win the elusive La Liga without him. For Ozil, am tired of the saga, I just want to see him leave. He is the highest paid player and so far has not found a way to convince the 3 post-Wenger managers that he is needed. Like Emery stated, the players voted against him being the captain that goes a long way to show how the longest serving first team player has diminished in attitude. Ozil is the last of Wenger’s boys and he needs to realize Wenger is no longer in charged.

  22. For those saying Ozil is finished,despite missing so many games last season,he was the player with most chances created…that says a lot.

  23. With clenched teeth, I have to congratulate Admin Pat on his success in constantly getting numerous comments both pro and con whenever he puts out his daily or sometimes twice daily Ozil article.

    When a subject has been not only done to death but dug up from the grave (where it belongs!) so constantly and yet STILL gets numerous comments – which as wiser fans know is the REAL REASON for the constant OZIL repeated articles – then you have to conclude that as a business man, AdPat is the bees knees.

    Morally of course, I might well take a very different view of him but I HAVE TO ACKNOWLEDGE THE MANS BUSINESS ACUMEN!

    Ad Pat knows that better than anyone else on here; hence the constant articles on him. No other reason!

      1. Kstix, In case you misunderstood WHY I wrote my post , It was not to big up Ad PAT. MORE TO EMBARRASS HIM ACTUALLY. I realise he will never stop posting his daily Ozil articles til the idle man leaves our wage bill(I cannot truthfully call it our “employ,” as that implies work).

        I would love it, simply love it( apols to Kevin Keegan for the deliberate plagiarism)if Pat had the balls to reinstate his now long time unused fan poll, to see HOW MANY Gooners want the leech out and how many belong to the leech’s weirdo fan club.

        1. Of course I could sense the sarcasm in your post Jon😂, you’d notice from above that myself and Pat have gotten into a bit of a kerfuffle over it earlier today.

  24. “Nonsense Justifications for absence” is an arrogant and condescending statement. I’ll trust MA’s “nonsense justifications” over this narcissistic twaddle anytime. And Auba got us the FA. he is a f**/*cking HERO not hero in quotes. WTF is wrong with you? cant you just put your point across without trying to invisibilize others? Ozil stans have this weird sense of self aggrandizement and it needs to STOP. either support MA 100% or just walk away. Simple.

      1. How did Ozil ended our drought?
        Ozil wasn’t the only player we brought in 2014. Monreal came in that same year.

        Ozil didn’t score and never made an assist and not even a pre-assist.
        And the fact of the matter is Ozil wasn’t even on the pitch when we score the winner, he was out for Wilshere.

        So how you gave credit to Ozil for ending our draught is beyond me.
        Ramsey was star of that year but NO, let pretend is Ozil.

        1. Haha, thank you for saying the truth! I hate when ppl say ozil ended our drought. Giroud and Walcott carried us through the FA Cup rounds, and Ramsey killed it in the finals. Ozil did not do too much at all.

          1. They couldn’t do it before he came.

            Playing alongside the most creative, one of the biggest names and one of the best players in the world at that time filled the others with confidence that they can do it. And they did.

        2. I am starting to believe that these folks are not just Ozil fan boys but an Ozil cult.. Some of these statements are just over the top

  25. I don’t have a problem with an Ozil article but what I do have a problem with is bringing up what you don’t know about just to defend or criticise Ozil.

    Ozil fans says he was in Arteta squad all but through before the lockdown and yet came up with having issue with him when they play together under Wenger? So what happened when he was starting?
    Someone said last year that Ceballos was not playing cos he has issue with Arteta for what he said when he was at Real Betis, so what happened now?

    Another one said, Torreira, Guen and Ozil are the players who refuse pay cut cos Arteta don’t use them. To my own knowledge, Guen and Torreira played after the lockdown.
    Why not add Sokratis to the group of players who refuse paycut?
    And the articles says Ozil is the only worldcup winner in Arsenal squad? Is Mustafi in Lazio now?

    And to people criticising Arteta about not using Ozil cos of pay cut, how sure are you?
    And to people criticising Ozil that he wasn’t playing cos he didn’t put the hard work in? I believe you’re not in training with him, so how sure are you?

    The only thing I make for myself in this whole issue to avoid criticising both parties is Arteta change in formation.
    Ozil was out since Arteta changed the formation and everybody knew Ozil can’t play with one of Ceballos or Xhaka in a midfield two.
    I said last week that, I will be surprise if Ozil did not play in carabao cup if Arteta play 433 formation but won’t be surprise if he stick to the same formation which he did.

    I will only change my motive on that only if we get Partey and Arteta change to a midfield 3 but until then, I don’t see Ozil in this team.

    And to Ozil fans, please stop with this Arsenal treating Ozil bad, I never see Arsenal refusing to pay his salary and if is as bad as you people say, I believe Ozil won’t cope with bad situation and he would have request transfer. He’s only here cos he doesn’t feel bad.

    Or will you people stay at your job if you’re treated badly and have offers somewhere?
    Except you say, Ozil stay cos of the money which is much worst.
    So I believe Ozil enjoys his stay.

  26. My naive theory still makes sense to me that Ozil, while still being an important player, does not fit thre current system employed so successfully by Arteta. The ever changing formation does not have any place where Ozil can play. We can all agree, that the 2 midfielders need to be defensively sound, and one of them being a little more forward minded than the other. As much as I loved Ozil’s ball carrying and starting counters during Wenger’s tenure, I dont see him playing that role here. The constant shift in formation doesnt help his cause. He could be tried as a RW, but at the moment Willian and Pepe are doing the job better, and Ozil wouldn’t be suited because of his age.
    That said, I think MA is a very intelligent man and would have devised, in my opinion, multiple systems in which the players would be drilled. The fact we see Ozil in training videos and him playing in a friendly (forgot the opponent) seems to indicate that he might still operate in a Arteta system. Because people play in friendlies to remain match sharp or to show their quality to potential suitors. Ozil will not leave Arsenal before his contract ends, so most likely he was played to see if an experimented formation works.
    But there’s also the fact that Ozil would most likely leave after his contract ends, he doesn’t have time like Willian or Auba that he can be played in a fixed role. So most likely outcome is that if Ozil plays, it would be in another transitional formation.
    But if we change our current formation to a flat back four,still with the shifting elements, then Ozil can play, based on incomings of Partey to be the defensive B2B or/and Auoar to be a ball carrying no.8. I think Ozil would play really well in that formation(if it happens of course). Also as he can pickout long and short passes with his left, he can also balance out our midfield.
    But whatever I said may be fantastical BS, as I am not a football expert😁😁 Just my two cents on the subject of a football player I like representing the club I fell in love with.

  27. A pal sent me this article (he has a similar conpiracy theory than some I’ve read here– all equally nebulous) and well, Arsenal is not my team and Ozil not a fave as well but I don’t get the disrespect from the fans. I guess they have media fatigue (but here we are, still reading! Hahaha) but I too get annoyed when I see people say dude “did nothing” as if his whole career is a mirage. Dude should have never gone to Arsenal of you ask me, wasted his prime years

  28. Not Ozil’s problem or fault. He is being paid, he trains, it is up to Arteta to use him or waste all that money! The management is trying to force Ozil out by freezing him out of the games and trying to humiliate the player. That will not work, as Ozil is a determined, world class player.

    Is Ozil good enough to make the team? Yes. His presence forces the other team to consider playing more defensively. If they expose themselves to Ozil there is a good chance of conceding a goal… especially when the targets were Sanchez and Giroud, both of who were deadly from the box. When these two left, Ozil’s targets were poor.

    Auba is a scorer with the ball from the outside coming in. Laca is not as much of a box poacher as Sanchez. None of them can match Giroud in the air.

    What Arteta should do is understand that Ozil is staying. So either use the 350/wk salary by using Ozil to the max or lose that money.

    Against weaker opposition play Ozil as a #10. Support him in the rear with Elneny and Torriera. If this supporting cast is replaced by better players, Ozil can be allowed to just focus on attacking. Pepe will do better from the right, Auba not so unless he can poach better from the left. However, there is no one with Giroud’s aerial abilities though… not even now!

    1. 350K is lost anyway. Play someone useful rather than the clueless idiot. You can pay him for sitting on the bench or pay him for losing you games.

  29. Sid your theory is not naive
    Arteta should dump everyone and buy Partey and maybe Aouar. A midfield of Partey/Aour/Ozil would really fit a top 4 or title challenging team. Of course the defense would have to get fixed also. Get rid of Bellerin , He is useless on tracking and defending, Watch the Liverpool game and he gets constantly pulled and lost. Get a work class fullback and CB and now we have something.

  30. Ozil is finished and he Knows that . If he was hunger for playing time he would be going somewhere else but apparently he enjoys the idea of being well over payed to stay home playing Fortnite. I’d rather play Elneny Forever than watching Ozil disappear everytime we face important games . Lazy , no example to the youngsters , a cancer… and you can call me a hater . I had his shirt in the past but I feel embarassed to use it now cause I really Think this guy is responsible for most of our downfall. Arteta is right to keep him away .

  31. agree totally , although imo boss does select wrong team when need stronger, liverpool plays luiz ,drops gabriel yet won 2 motm and 2 clean sheets, saliba not played yet in decent game, selling emi big mistake 2 clean sheets at villa since move, playing kids far to often, pepe on touch line when he should be left to roam like did for lyon, soon as gets ball 2/3 players on in and boxed in, he should be played like hazard or de buyrne was. auba central, willian behind strikers , laca up front in a 4 3 2 2. 4 should be tierney/saliba /gabriel/bellerin , then /cebe/hkaka. willian and pepe and laca/ auba .or partey and aourer in there respective positions but those aint going to happen, so best i can come up with for now,also think emi should never been sold and made no1. leno useless at crossess or corners dgmr great shot stopper but emi had it all.

  32. Great article. Ozil doesn’t have a place with the current Arsenal squad. He requires players with wit, cleverness, and finesse around him to prosper. A great player, but in a very wrong squad. Our team requires players like Mane, who can prosper on his own even if the players around him are terrible. There is no point playing Ozil. We don’t have one player who has enough guile to actually make use of Ozil’s passes and touches. So ultimately it’s useless and will bring no result. Arteta probably knows this. Ozil probably knows this. He is done at Arsenal.

    1. Ozil is clueless and worthless. he couldnt perform if he had been playing for Barcelona. No one wants him. No matter how much wit, cleverness or finesse their players have.

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