“Everything has stopped” between both clubs and Arsenal star might remain at the Emirates

Arsenal could be stuck with Granit Xhaka this summer as his move to AS Roma continues to drag on.

The Italians have been in talks with Arsenal over signing him for a long time now, but the transfer isn’t making much progress.

Both clubs have continued to be far apart from each other in their valuation of the Swiss midfielder.

Arsenal continues to demand 20m euros and Roma is unwilling to meet that figure.

Il Tempo via Tuttomercatoweb reports that everything is at a standstill now in the talks between both clubs.

The report says Arsenal is insisting that their asking price is met, but Roma cannot come up with that sum.

The report claims that the midfielder was supposed to link up with the Giallorossi for their preseason camp in Portugal but that won’t happen now.

Xhaka has been given an extended break because of his participation in the Euro 2020 with the Switzerland national team.

The midfielder has been one of Mikel Arteta’s most trusted men and if he stays, he could build a relationship with Thomas Partey in Arsenal’s midfield.

The Gunners have signed Albert Sambi Lokonga from Anderlecht and the Belgian might become the new midfield partner of Partey in the coming season.

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  1. I don’t know about you guys n gals, but I’m truly fed up with all these on/off deals!
    Xhaka/Bellerin sold then not sold. Nketiah/Willock are they/aren’t they. White will he ever actually arrive. No movement on the myriad of midfielders we are linked with.
    A few weeks ago I was enthusiastic on all of the possibilities. After a month of Groundhog Days I’m now I’m just bored and sceptical that any of the ins and outs will happen.
    Feels like the longest pre-season ever and still over a month to go! I wish I could hibernate and wake up on 1 September. Am I alone in my disillusionment?

    1. this is common in football where there are negotiation and unexpected issues

      In Fifa21 or any championship manager games, there is unlimited funds for any clubs

      1. Unfortunately John we are not playing a championship manager game, so that’s not really the point!

    2. Guy am with you on the last acpect of. Your comment. I just want to wake up. And see that the window has closed so I can finally see what we sold and brought in, just can’t wait any longer.

    3. guy, I’m with you given Arsenal has so much to do to improve on two eighth place finishes in a row and 13 defeats last season.
      However, I also support the Club in not being an easy touch in giving players away from less than their worth. With all due respect, Xhaka had a fair season last season and partnered well with Thomas Partey. One has only to look at the price International midfielders are bringing, to see €20 million is more than reasonable. Even if Xhaka is retained as back up midfielder, his versatility makes him a good value for money squad player.

  2. I think he will leave. If he stays, and plays, we will be playing a slower game which may not help us at all. If we are going to improve we need to have a quality midfield player to replace Xhaka. I would be disappointed if Xhaka stays.

      1. Sorry guy but its not a YAWN at all but a kick in the b.lls for we fans if this tortoise is now to stay. PRAY we can get this slowcoach out , somehow, anyhow , even if the rag and bone man has to take him and pay us the fourpence he is worth!

        That being said most negotiations in this CovId world are “games of poker” . But few clubs have any money and I truly fear we COULD be stuck wIth him. WEEP!

  3. Depends for me really. If we could get Zakaria for around £20 million or so I’d take Roma’s offer of £15 million.

    Between the money involved with Ramsdale rumors (£18-£20 million offered) I’d use that money and Xhaka sale to get Zakaria and a xompetent backup keeper.

    Why in the world do we need 2 starting GK’s with only domestic schedule?

    Midfield is critical; if Xhaka stays it will be groundhogs day all over again.

    Slow buildup, sideways passing, and no creativity from the midfield.

  4. Arsenal should do a swap deal with Napoli between them. Grant Xhaka for Giovani De Lorenzo in where Napoli need a midfielder to dictate play n Arsenal in need of n experience right-back.

  5. Roma always knew the fee. They unsettled Xhaka in full knowledge that they couldn’t afford him. They should have walked away long ago, but as has happened with several other Arsenal players, they believe that they can lowball us just because we want the player gone.
    That’s what I call dirty pool.
    I think that Xhaka no longer has a place at Arsenal and has burned his bridges. But I want even less that this underhand method of obtaining players cheaply succeeds as it has in the past. We must stop being the only party to lose out. Football is littered with clubs that kept players they didn’t need on principle, and we should do the same. If we wish to be a proud club with standards we should start acting like one.

  6. If this assumed to be done and dusted deal were to go sideways over a few million dollars, one could only surmise that our club has, once again, learned the wrong lessons…the old adage “choose your battles wisely”, quickly comes to mind, in that if our asking price was most reasonable or even, as some would wrongly suggest, a steal of a deal, then why have no other legitimate suitors come forth to vie for his services…it’s clear that this isn’t a hill worth dying on…after stealing a wage for the better part of his time here, making an absolute mockery of the armband, then destroying all our remaining bargaining leverage, by publicly declaring his love of Rome, there’s no way this club could logically allow this player to return to North London, could they??

  7. Despite this reported, still expect this transfer to be completed then we can turn our attention to bringing in partner for Partey. On this point I hope we have withdrawn our interest in Locotelli with it being another week closer to the start of the new season and Juve and Sassuolo are scheduled for more talks and instead move for either of Bissouma Zakaria or Koopmeiners with the latter two being available for bargains at below £30m

  8. Conflicting reports about Xhaka every day. One day he is going, the next day he is staying, all confusion.

  9. If we are not getting money for him, he will serve well as squad player. He does not have to start and play every match.
    Though, I prefer to keep AMN and Willock instead, they are homegrown and young.

    Roma can take ElNeny for the price they are offering.

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