Everything is coming together for Arsenal at last

The win against Stoke City has definitely enthused Arsene Wenger as much as it enthralled the fans. He was gushing after the game and went on to say that this is just the beginning for Arsenal. In a thinly veiled message to opponents, he said that the Gunners are close to hitting top gear.

The win against Stoke was accomplished with goals from his forwards Theo Walcott and Olivier Giroud. The difference could have been much more and the goals could have been many multiples. Such was the dominance of the team that Stoke were left wondering whether they left their game kits at the Britannia.

Stoke had Jack Butland to thank who made saves of the highest order. There were some easy chances missed too and whenever the ball was on target, Butland was on cue. Stoke were never in the game and Wenger would have loved more goals in his kitty.

So, is it really the start of Arsenal’s season? Whatever way you see, it could be true. The horror start against West Ham now looks a game from the past. The pain of failing to add a striker could soon be a thing of the past too – if Walcott can continue his form.

After long time, Mesut Ozil seems to have found a way to repay Wenger’s faith. Trusted with the central role that he craves, this could just be the season for the German playmaker. Most of the attacks were orchestrated and executed by the talented talisman.

The critics may have different say on the suitability of Walcott, the missed chances and the quality of opposition. Some of those who pointed out Stoke’s better record against Arsenal before the game retreated immediately stating that this team is no City or Chelsea.

Chelsea is up next for Wenger and his team. Of course, the midweek European sojourn to Dinamo Zagreb is sandwiched in between. But, the big game will be up next and a similar performance and similar result will definitely prove Wenger’s words right.


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  1. At Last?………. We have bareLy even started…… It all ends if we are consistent to the end and Lift the EpL or UCL……. Then we could all sigh in relief

    1. ummm.. what…?
      If, hypothetically, that does happen end of season. You can sigh to your heart’s content, but I, will be partying like it’s 1999!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Couldn’t agree with you more scoop.

      and if wenger still 4th place looser,

      do you think silent stan might to sack him?

      no, money is his best mutual bounding between him and the specialist in failures.

      1. awww cute! you two are getting along! so nice!!
        you could maybe bond and share other team’s insults about our team and manager, talk down to anyone who thinks this squad is capable of winning anything, or maybe just share a big bowl of ice-cream together! 🙂

    3. For once I agree with your comment Soopa….you are right we have barely started.

      Explain to my why then, even before the season started, you are your so called AFC supporter mates (very hard to call some of you that) have been writing AFC off?

      At what point in our season will you actually support the team?

  2. Wouldn’t exactly say so easily that everything’s coming together,but our dominance vs Stock was a good start..

    1. I’ll be genuinely surprised if all our players don’t hide under a rock against the mighty wrath of Martial!!! Whyyyyyy?!?!? Dear god, please don’t unleash his world-classedness upon us!!!

      1. Oh come now Josh, I thought you wasn’t a coward!! You forget we’ve the Alex Squared in the Arse!! What if by then Alex O-C and Alexis (the Energizer Battery) were to hit top form by then.What ManU have to say ta that? Huh..For once straighten up and face your coward in the face!!

    2. @Hafiz
      Will cross that bridge when we get there…Dont have to wait long, Stamford (bridge) one is in less than a week away…

    3. Zzz. Hafiz you’re a doom merchant. You want AFC to fail. You want us to be beaten. With all due respect, as far as I’m concerned anyone who takes your line is no AFC supporter.

      1. Tell ’em gooner..When you are said to hold a loaded gun (read: Gunners) then where does the timidity or fear or better,cowardice, get the chance to take over you!? Hafiz has fear written all over his self!! Supporting the Gunners ain’t for the faint of heart.Believe That!

    1. Maybe yes, maybe not. He may not have been in the same positions if he was on the wing. It is the finishing betraying us. But I am happy even with a conversion ratio of 15%. That’s because Arsenal creates the most this season so far.

      1. remember when AFC was slated for trying to walk the ball in?
        now we’re shooting from all over . and i think its the right thing to do. more practice means we’ll find the target soon.

  3. @soopa You need to chill mate. It was a great performance from the lads and most importantly fans were entertained. You don’t have to ruin everyone’s mood with your pessimistic comments.

    1. that’s not pessimism bro!………that’s purely a realistic comment….. I’m only saying there’s more work to be done……. We can’t rest on our oars!

    2. Wenger in a full gLadiator gear would suit the champions League finaL parade!……… Oh! Wait , how do we get past round of 16?…….. I know “WE CAN”

  4. everything is coming togetheer for our 4th place trophy


    if a miracle happens a third place trophy.

    The team is not destined for EPL or UCL.

  5. I read smwhr dat chelsea are about 2 find oil way they’v been goin down. Also ratha than abstract wenger out comments i’d lyk 2 see some ‘in’ comments eg klop in, pep in, hafiz in etc. No need 2 hide behind the wob’s.

    1. Well i’m going to go out on a limb and say Hafiz would definitely have my backing and support for instant success due to his keen eye for talent, and ability to see whether or not a player is world-class or not based on 1 or 2 goals. It’s all he needs!
      Whether or not Kroenke and the board share the same opinion I don’t know…

  6. Consistency!!!
    At least Wait until we are unbeaten in ten games
    before you start blowing the trumpet ?

    Stability will only come into play when wenger sticks to the same starting 11.

    1. I think Wenger needs a core group of players but playing the same eleven each game is tactless. We need to play certain players and their strengths against the opposition’s weakness and be flexible enough to adjust to any situation.

    2. Haha I actually agree fatboy, but for everyone who thinks we need a clear and consistent starting eleven, there will others who will blame Wenger for a lack of rotation.

      1. Personally, I would only fully rotate the team for the league cup and Fa cup games!
        I would stick with the same starting 11 against stoke,
        But would consider giving the Ox more playing time on the wing, instead of Ramsey.

        Basically, sticking to the same 11, but rotate their positions,
        Depending on our opponents !
        We have alot of options and that makes a nice change,
        As long as our key players stay injury free.

        Don’t forget that players are equipped with modern day technology,That gives an insight and an advanced warning to body fatigue, but unfortunately no warnings for physical harsh tackles ? ain’t that a bitch ?

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