Ex-Arsenal man backed to take over at Newcastle United

Considering the billions at the disposal of the new Newcastle United owners, you would think they would be targetting one of the biggest managers on the planet to start the rebuild at St James Park.

But there have been some very strange candidates beeing rumoured to e in the running. Whoever takes over, there first job will be to steady the ship, bring in a few big names in January and get the Toon pulling away from the relegation zone, whilst preparing for a bonanza in the summer.

But right now, one of the biggest bookies have reported some big bets on Arsenal’s very own ex-Manager Unai Emery, who is famous for winning the Europa League with every club except Arsenal, and he has now overtaken the previous favourite with most other bookmakers, Roberto Martinez.

I’m not too sure why they would want Emery unless they were in the Europa League though, as they need someone to pull them out of relegation, and he is certainly not the form man in that role.

In fact Emery may only be available because he expects to be sacked by Villarreal, who have struggled this season and are 13th in La Liga after winning only two of their 11 games so far.

But then the Toon probably have more chance of taking Emery from Villarreal than they have of getting Martinez, considering that he is right now managing Belgium, who are ranked Number One in the World rankings, and he has a contract that will give him a chance to win the World Cup next year.

Is it possible we could see Emery back in the Premier League, looking for revenge on Arteta for taking his job?

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  1. A number of the top Belgium players, including Hazard are past their best, and despite their top ranking I cannot see them winning the World Cup.In these circumstances, I do not see Martinez turning down an opportunity to Manage Newcastle with the financial backing they now have.He has a very decent track record and likes to play an expansive game which will appeal to the Geordie fans.That said, a huge upgrade is needed in terms of defenders and midfielders, so whoever takes the job faces a real challenge.As for Emery,I very much doubt if he is on any short left for the job.

  2. Just heard the news of the sacking of the Spurs Manager, which is a job which may well appeal to Martinez.

    1. Conte red hot favourite. It will be very interesting as to what he can do with Spurs. I thought it was very poignant that Ole went into the game a dead man standing and Santos gets sacked. Ive always said top teams dont stand still, they change things to get things right. Just last season Chelsea did it to great effect, Spurs are not Chelsea but it will still be interesting.

  3. A club that thinks it fine to sack a new manager after just ten games with five wins is way past merely stupid.
    Perhaps Levey thinks he is the new Abramovitch but just without that , ahem, “slightly inconvenient” lack of multi millions to import better players!

    Enjoy the Spuds lunacy is my advice to fellow Gooners.

        1. Reggie
          It’s almost unbelievable.
          NES is an experienced manager who hasn’t delivered and looked well and truly beaten against ManU.

          Interesting times ahead and I’m sorry that Levy made such a decisive move. Could have done with Nuno at the helm for a few more weeks. Conte certainly has the pedigree

          1. Nuno not upto the job, for whatever reason. Maybe player power, maybe not the right fit. Wolves always played good football, spuds not so.

  4. Villarreal have 2 wins in 11 la liga games and sit 13th no chance Newcastle will be going for him ,really surprised conte hasn’t gone there TBH .
    Maybe Newcastle will be coming for the magician.

    1. Dan, if you look at Villarreal’s results the Club’s problem has been converting draws into wins in La Liga. They have lost few games.
      In the Champions League they are quite competitive in the group stage, despite having a relatively small budget.
      Should Villarreal sack Emery, it is difficult to see anyone doing better, given their budget.
      Newcastle United could do a lot worse than Unai Emery.

  5. Emery is a top coach, he wont make the same mistake twice coming to a country he cant speak coherently. Newcastle are struggling to appoint people because of the obvious reasons, long may it continue and lets hope they get relegated.

    1. Amen to that Reggie!
      I also firmly believe that Newcastle will not find it as easy as some imagine to KEEP rich sponsors on board. Those sponsors will become more and more COMMERCIALLY afraid – as the months go by and fans attack them – to be financially and commercially attached to a murderous regime, by association with Newcastle.

      There is lot of water still to flow under that corrupt Tyne Bridge, before Newcastle can even hope to turn into the new Man City.

      Since City BOUGHT their first title, there has been an enormous world wide social media reaction of fan repugnancy against fiendish owners. They even make Kroenke look vaguely human, by comparison.

      Wouldn’t it be wonderful if NU were in the Championship by next season. I think it quite likely TBH!

      1. I hope jon every club wherever their place in the league play harder and fight more, just to make sure the Newcastle plan hits a few buffers. I do think many managers, scouts and players will think about morals before moving to Newcastle. Their owners should never have been allowed to grace the premier league in any guise.

    2. Spot on Reggie. Though a giant paycheck changes the mind of many men! Also banking on a Newcastle relegation here too!

  6. Emery got his “revenge” over Arteta in April. Not sure he has anything else to prove. I like him but it seems communication was the issue. As has already been pointed out, not sure quite how he’d improve that in Geordieland.

  7. I dont think Emery will ever join Newcastle. That said the Conte-Spuds is almost a done deal. Lets see what the Spuds game is next.

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