Ex-Arsenal Mesut Ozil in the headlines again after displaying ultra right-wing tattoo

Mesut Özil’s Tattoo Causes Controversy

The former Arsenal player Mesut Özil, has been well-known for his outspoken political views, has found himself in the midst of controversy due to a recent photo with his personal trainer. In the picture, revealed by Mundo Deportivo, Özil revealed a sizeable gray wolf tattoo on his chest, which has raised eyebrows and sparked discussions.

The Gray Wolf holds significant political symbolism as it represents the Turkish far-right organization called the Grey Wolves. This group is known for its nationalist and ultra-conservative views and has been associated with violence and terrorism. Additionally, the Grey Wolves are closely allied with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, and Özil has been an outspoken supporter of the president.

This isn’t the first time Özil has faced backlash for his political affiliations. In 2018, he and his Germany teammate Ilkay Gündoğan were criticized for posing with President Erdoğan, which ultimately led to their exclusion from the national team.

As for the recent unveiling of his tattoo, it remains unclear why Özil chose to get the wolf inked on his chest. While some speculate it might be a display of support for the Grey Wolves, others argue it could merely be a personal symbol without any political connotations.

Regardless of Özil’s intentions, the tattoo has ignited a heated debate about his political stance. Some accuse him of sympathizing with the controversial Grey Wolves, while others defend him, asserting that the tattoo might be a representation of cultural significance rather than a political statement.

It’s important to note that the Grey Wolves have a contentious history. Founded in 1963 by Alparslan Türkeş, a former Turkish military officer, the group has been involved in violent incidents, including the assassination of the Turkish-Armenian journalist Hrant Dink in 2007. While the Grey Wolves are banned in Germany, they continue to operate in Turkey and other countries.

Both Turkish and German media have criticized Özil’s decision to get the wolf tattoo.

As of now, Özil has not publicly addressed the controversy surrounding his tattoo. The full implications of his decision remain uncertain, but one thing is evident: the tattoo has already generated a significant amount of controversy and debate. Only time will reveal how this situation unfolds further.

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  1. Oh for FS! Do we really need to keep peddling anti Özil stuff on here? Are we interested? No. Do we care? No. Is it relevant? No.
    He was a good signing for us and we all loved him, then later on he became lazy and divisive and we wanted him gone, it’s all in the past and we should let sleeping dogs lie. Mentioning dogs, aka a member of the wolf family, until he confirms (or otherwise doesn’t) what the relevance is, why bring it up here, whatever his reasons.

  2. At least he’s honest about his political views. He could change his nationality and become Gundogan’s successor in Turkey

  3. Grey wolves are symbol of the wilderness, maybe he’s sending a message asking why have Arsenal abandoned him ?

  4. Anyone that doesn’t align with the insane political narrative of the day is always demonized, attacked, censored, and cancelled. Ozil’s turn to be a far-right, QAnon conspiracy theorist I guess.

    For anyone non political, the nonsense narratives of now, created by the governments in the West, and peddled with fear by the legacy media who now work hand-in-hand with their respective governments are as follows:

    Trans is good, child abuse is good, and men are now women, and women are now men

    Covid vaccines perfectly safe and effective, no cover up at all, no excess deaths, natural immunity does not exist as does our immune systems. Pharmaceutical industry is not corrupt in the slightest. Forced medical procedures can only be good for society.

    Ukraine is the best democratic country in the world, treats their citizens well, and Russia is just pure evil.

    Trump a complete monster that should rot in jail, Biden and family, not criminals are racists at all.

    We’ll all be dead in 7 years from climate change. We must get rid of all our major energy sources.

    Those are the big ones at the mo, but plenty others out there. 🙂

    1. You started well and spiraled totally out of control.. Its shocking how you escalated through the text.. but I dont want to get all into political debates on here but let me just tell you that you are the one who is writing insane political narrative and taking it far too extreme to illustrate a point which just is not true or the reality, but let’s not get too much into that one simple fact:
      No one and no government and no leftist (whom you are probably trying to target) ever said child abuse is good 😂 that sentence alone shows how out of depth you are to understand the complex topics you addresses as an attack to left politics

      1. What I meant by child abuse is, taking healthy children, telling them a shocking lie that if you transition you can become the opposite sex, which can include the following:

        Blocking of pubity
        Removel of breasts
        Mutilation of the penis
        Medication for the rest of your life

        That is being done to children. Absolutely horrific and sickening.

        1. Who is telling anyone that? You complain about ‘agendas’ then come up with TERF narrative that’s been proven (without question) to be false. If children wish to transition it’s a lengthy and complex process and has to involve various parties including social care, parents, schools, the NHS and more. Children are not ‘influenced by US social media’ as TERFs claim, and again which has been debunked. However, the TERF movement ‘has’ been linked in increasingly to the far right, a move that has split its founders and one that reveals the true nature of their ‘ideology’. As for expounding anti vaxxer nonsense, that’s just plain silly. Vaccines have always had side effects and always balance greater good v small numbers of people who unfortunately suffer side effects. Not to mention the anti vax movement was built on a lie. As for ozil, either he’s just plain daft or trying to stay in the public eye. Otherwise why reveal a potentially offensive tattoo?

  5. I fail to understand what this has to do with The Arsenal Pat and what relevance it has to the present or history of the club.
    He has retired from football and, as far as I know, bears no malice to the club or any individual within it.

    On the other side of the coin :

    Seriously, is this really JustArsenal news, or are you hoping to start another round of shirt buying for our magician and shirt selling genius in order to bolster the club’s bank balance at £80 a go?! 🤔🎯

  6. I’m not going to defend him this time around. The guy is simply, “education proof”. If that’s what rocks his world the the guy is a dill. Lucky for him that he was born with his footballing skills.

  7. Perhaps you could have included the ACTUAL Grey Wolves logo as a comparison? It looks nothing like the one on Ozil’s chest. Apparently, according to Tatmag, the ‘Howling Wolf’ tattoo is very common and represents strength, leadership and a deep connection to the wild and nature. Oh! and by the way Ozil’s wolf is not grey, it’s either blue or black.
    Unfortunately this is how conspiracy theories are perpetuated – stick to football and Arsenal so practise what you preach?

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