Ex-Gunner admits Arsenal could have conceded a penalty against Palace

Kevin Campbell admits Arsenal were lucky not to have conceded a penalty in their match against Crystal Palace.

The Gunners won the game 2-0, but Palace had a penalty shout waved away by the referee.

Gabriel Magalhaes was one of Arsenal’s best players in the match, but the ball hit the defender’s hand during the game.

It was inside the box and it would have been a penalty if the referee had awarded it.

However, he didn’t think it was deliberate, and he waved it away to the relief of Arsenal’s supporters.

The Gunners would survive and see out the game to open their campaign with a win.

However, Campbell believes if the spot kick was given against them, there wouldn’t have been any complaints.

He tells Football Insider: “Listen, if it was given, I would not be here complaining about it. That is for sure.”

Adding: “If it was given I don’t think anybody would complain. They would just accept it is one of those things.

“It could have been given. It was not though and we move on.”

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We were lucky in that instance, but it is something that can happen to anyone.

Gabriel had no intention of handling the ball and he didn’t even see it until it had hit his hand.

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A happy Arteta would have liked a couple more goals against Palace. Wouldn’t we all!

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  1. Arms in a natural position, no deliberate attempt to handle the ball. It in fact would’ve been a bad decision.

  2. Do we care, actually I do as I predicted we would win 2-1 and would have got 3 points instead of 1 in my predictions 🙄

  3. Destiny lies in the hands of the frontline which will vary based on the composition of the òpponent defence
    Line up.
    So focus should not be on who plays best.. Highest rating has no meaning if
    He does not score.
    So mind set should be to shoot for target shots once inside the box area.
    Winning is directly related to target shots numbering above 20.

  4. Forgot to add that it is assumed that defence and midfield players wiĺl coordinate well to produce a consistent defence as well as catalyst for attack.
    Minimum should be zero goal in the net for each match.
    Worse would be a draw.

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