Ex-Gunner can’t wait to beat Arsenal!

There are hundreds of youngsters that go through Arsenal’s Academy and they all have high praise for the quality of the training, although very few of them actually go on to be first teamers for the Gunners some of them do go on and make careers for themselves at lesser clubs.

One of those is Isaac Hayden, a midfielder who spent his whole of his youth with Arsenal but only ever made two League Cup appearances. Last summer he was sold on to Newcastle United and played 32 times as the Magpies won the Championship last season. Now he can’t wait to be reunited with his old club on the pitch. He will still have to wait another six months though as Newcastle are due to travel to Arsenal on December 16. The return fixture at St James’ Park is on April 14.

Hayden told the Northern Echo: “That is the first fixture I was going to look for, home and away. It’s a hard one because I still have a place in my heart for Arsenal because I was there for eight years and it was a massive part of my development and a massive part of me as a person.

“I can never forget that and I have got a lot to thank them for in terms of the staff and the players and everybody that was there.

“But come next season, hopefully we can do the double over them. There would be nothing better than that.”

There are not many newly-promoted teams that manage to beat Arsenal once, never mind twice! But Isaac is welcome to live in hope, and I am sure Wenger will also be looking forward to pitching his wits against another old enemy in Rafael Benitez.

May the best team win!



  1. Alexis Sanchez is eyeing a move to Real Madrid, according to Spanish media.

    The Chilean star is entering the final year of his contract at the Emirates and many expect him to move away from north London this summer.

    Moves to Manchester City, Chelsea and Bayern Munich have been touted.

    But Don Balon claim he’s monitoring Ronaldo’s situation at Real Madrid with interest.

    Apparently, if the Portugal star leaves the club this summer, Sanchez would consider a move to the Bernabeu

      1. Sir Arsene: “We wish Sanogo well on being released from this club. Will we sign him back in a few years for £89m? We wish him well.”

        That’s the true words of a genius.

        1. £89m for Sanogo in a few years? Worth betting the house that this doesn’t happen.

          Hayden represents a long line of CB’s produced at Arsenal that just weren’t up to scratch. Senderos, Djourou, I even fancied Kyle Bartley a few seasons ago to go on to bigger things with his move to Swansea, but he just ended up on loan at Leeds last season. So well done Hayden for forcing his way back to the PL. I hope Bielik delivers otherwise, what are they teaching those CB kids?

  2. Arsenal’s best time of their history has been under Arsene Wenger. At Arsenal he has achieved milestones that no other manager has been able to. He led the team to the prestigious Double in his first 18 months as manager and repeated the same feat four years later. He also managed his team to a whole League season unbeaten, a feat that has not been achieved by any other top football manager yet. He has created football legends all by himself. Its Arsene Wenger’s special ability to spot talent and then nurture it. From Anelka to Bergkamp to Henry to Fabregas, Arsene Wenger has created some of the worlds best footballers in their time. In recent years he has developed Arsenal into a team that plays football the way its supposed to be played, the beautiful football! He has made Arsenal into the most delightful club to watch. Be it their beautiful slick passing game or the extremely talented youngsters being nurtured by him, Arsene Wenger is truly a legend. A legend not only of Arsenal but of football. He has undoubted passion and love for the game which has led him to great heights. Former Liverpool manager Gerard Houlier said “Arsene Wenger has the ability to eat, talk, sleep and drink football, and then come back for more.” He is admired by friends and foes alike for his exceptional managerial ability.

    Long Live Arsene Wenger!

      1. He has built a football club and in doing so he has given Arsenal a philosophy and an identity. This is a man who, prior to managing Arsenal, earned his living by analysing football teams and the type of tactics they employ. He is a true master of the game – wise, thoughtful, ruthless. There aren’t many of those left anymore. Arsenal fans, like all football fans, will always enjoy the peaks and suffer the troughs of their team’s fortunes. That is the nature of football. That is the beauty of football. Calling for Arsene’s head is nothing new, but the supporters need to grasp something that everyone associated with the club has understood for the past 21 years, Arsene Wenger is a genius, and he’s the only man capable of returning the Gunners to their former glory.

        Sing with me now, ONE ARSENE WENGER.

        1. So he built Arsenal? thought Arsenal employed him, as just an employee. The football club was founded in 1886

        2. Yeah, from a real and archaic point of view, you’re so right, but now we need a new philosophy, not Arsene’s anymore.. Can you compare our philosophy now with the top European teams? Well, I think we’re better off Liverpool and other midtable teams, now, the only thing we have is the name and some exceptional players.. The coach is old skull…

        3. More like he changed the identity of our game-play. Went from, man I hate playing this lot these are a motherf**ker to break down. To, man I hate playing this lot these f**kers are too quick they cut right through you.

  3. U know, when Ferguson praise Wenger on his character and intelligence, you must be retarded not the be assured that Wenger is the right man. I think the most perfect example is Vieira recent comment, that said Wenger is the the BEST OPTION for arsenal right now. I mean, you cant top that off.

    US fans have 0 football knowledge, probably never spoke to Wenger or know how to do a 10meter 10 passes in a row straight. Just leave it to the pros

      1. Zero football knowledge, how would you know. Football has a rule-book, spectators watch football constantly, pundits talk and we listen. Managers, players, we read their autobiographies. Most of us would have played, yes amateur but it’s a simple game. How can you say spectators know nothing, speak for yourself lads.

  4. Most of our ex players celebrate when they score against us, is it coz Arsenal was just a stepping stone and in their hearts it’s just another team to beat? Or they are just unprofessional?

    1. Everyone does that to a team that dropped them. Adebeyor is something different though, if I ever see him in an alleyway, I’m gonna deck him. Sure he’ll prob rip my head off, but I’m guessing he’s one of those big people that are just pure coward.

  5. If he performs well, it will be great to look in his direction.. It may not be difficult to pull through as well..

  6. If Arsenal are really going for Arda Turan then i know nothing has changed, a cheap 30 year old that has no EPL experience, smh. Hope its all rumors.

  7. Gunners,do you observe something in the transfer market this term? Our players are being bid for which is a great sign that we are having some talented players now,we just need to fill up the space left by Henry or V. Persie and add to other depts. Bellerin, Sanchez,Ox,Giroud, Ospina,Szczesny being bid for is good sign,if we can keep them. it’s long I heard clubs bidding for Arsenal players,except Roma for Szczesny last season.

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