Ex-Gunner is confident outcast will play a key role at Arsenal next season

Kevin Campbell insists William Saliba is prepared to play a role at Arsenal from next season.

The Frenchman is yet to kick a ball for the Gunners since he joined the club in 2019.

He has spent much of his time on our books out on loan, and he is currently thriving in another temporary spell at Olympique Marseille.

The 20-year-old has earned a lot of praise for his performances in France in this campaign, and he seems to have developed enough to do a job at Arsenal.

However, Marseille has also seen enough from him to think about keeping him at the club permanently.

They could approach Arsenal over signing him, but former Gunner Campbell is sure that will not happen and says the defender will be a part of the club’s first team from next season.

He tells Football Insider: “He is an Arsenal player. He has gone out on loan because he is young, is learning and needs game time.

“What is going to happen is this, he is going to come back, Arsenal are going to hand him a new contract and he will be in and around the first team next season.”

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Saliba has been impressive this season, and that should be enough to impress Arteta.

If the Spanish boss is still not convinced about the former Nice loanee, Arsenal needs to sell him in the summer.

He would need a guarantee of action before he signs a contract extension, and it will come down to how important the club makes him feel when he returns.

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  1. Fingers crossed.
    OT great result for us tonight, despite United winning they were poor and I believe Spurs are the bigger threat for top 4, so them dropping 3 points was perfect. Now let’s take care of the foxes 💪

  2. Great hat trick from the greatest goal scorer in the world ever. Not my opinion, it’s official. Anyway best possible result in my book. COYG.

      1. Maguire gave them hope though, Kev 😉 See his face at the end – most relieved person at OT haha!

        1. 80 million pound fridge Sue 🤪 watching Totts today then we have nothing to fear from them they are woeful and United aren’t much better. Good day for our predictions 😂😂😂

          1. Good day for Kenya 😉 It’d be nice to hear about our postponed games – 4 in hand over United 😳

            1. He got the United score I just checked haha. Reading some United fans comments and I think they forget that they have played 4 more games Sue 😂 no doubt the PL will do their best to help them achieve top 4 can’t have 52 year old Ronaldo playing Europa League a man as vain as him would never lower himself playing in Europe’s 2nd tier 😳

              1. Of course they’ll do their utmost, Kev, starting tomorrow with Anthony Taylor!!
                52 yr old Ronaldo 😂 I bet Fergie’s having a word also!

                1. Haha yeah I’d say he has a lot of influence Sue 😂 oh god not him between him Dean and Oliver 🤦are you going to the game ? Did you see Jon Moss running today ? I couldn’t stop laughing 😂😂😂 ⚽

                  1. Jon Moss running?!! You’re having a giraffe!!! He can’t keep up 🤣 Bet he’s still sweating now haha!
                    Yes I’m going and looking forward to it, even more so now ‘Red Bull’ is out!!

                    1. Haha yeah Sue the camera was leaving him behind he was on screen then he wasn’t 🤪 surely it’s time for moss to call it a day? Haha Vardy 3 cans of red bull then 90 mins of madness 😂 well do you think you’ll be leaving the stadium a happy woman ?

                    2. You know what out of all of them I can’t stand Michael Oliver the most he’s a younger more egoistical version of Dean 😂 I think I went 2-0 and I still think we can win and keep a clean sheet. Last week we were extremely poor defensively, need big improvement tomorrow.

              2. “52”? That means he is Ron70, like you are Kev 82 and so presumably 40 this year. Correct?

                1. He’ll probably play until he’s 52 it wouldn’t surprise me at all. Yeah Jon I’ll be 40 in May.

                  1. He was dire!! 🤣 Oh I’m sure you could – even Vardy on all that red bull wouldn’t get past you!

                    Kev.. do you think Saliba will return? I have my doubts…

                    1. I don’t think Arteta is too keen on him tbh Sue and also is he gonna break up Gabriel/White partnership? I don’t see it. He was shocking and his defensive partner Romero and I think Loris is past it too, let’s be honest that’s as average a spurs team your likely to see so if we don’t finish above them it would be a disaster. Haha I’m not sure about that Sue he’s still pretty quick even at 35 😂😂

                    2. He said AMN was part of his plans and look at him now; why didn’t we take what Wolves offered?!!
                      Surely he’ll stay at Marseille? They’ll come in with an offer we can’t refuse – at least 2m 🤣
                      The Totteringham’s Day banners are out, Kev and that’s where they’ll remain!!

                    3. Couldn’t understand why he kept AMN I mean he didn’t play him or had any intention of playing him lol maybe because Wolves offered good money the Arsenal hierarchy thought to themselves nope we only sell on the cheap? 😂😂 Haha that’s probably all Marseille could afford and I think the president came out to say they had great relations with Arsenal I just hope for our sake not too good of one 🤪 have you been up in the Attic today Sue ? 😂

    1. As good as Kane is, Ronaldo is another level completely in finishing. The most complete footballing athlete……

      Must beat Leicester 🤞🤞

  3. Excellent result IMO. We are only 2 points behind United, despite having 4 games in hand! And United got 9 games left, which include away trips to Emirates and Anfield, and Chelsea at Old Trafford.

        1. Haha yeah a pre season friendly against boreham wood then Chelsea away in the league 😂 the PL needs to start finding dates for these games 🤪

  4. Saliba returning to arsenal will definitely be a huge boost so our defence is settled with us having four quality center backs in white,gabriel,saliba and holding plus any other signings or academy players.cl here we come.

    1. Maybe a back three with wing backs In Tomi and Tierney…Partey sittint in front. For away.games?

      Who would be the other 4


  5. Before the United v Spuds game I thought a draw suited us best. Having then watched it all and seen how hopeless United were and are, even with Ronaldo, I am glad that Spuds lost the extra point from a drawn position late in the game. Spurs were also pants but simply less pants than United.

    I firmly see us finishing fourth now with Spuds next and United some distance behind both of them.

    United are not a team at all but a bunch of individuals, who when out of possession, are an embarrassment.

  6. I just don’t see it happening…a back 3 or 5, as it were, just doesn’t seem to be a good personnel fit, especially since it would require Tomi to play too far up the pitch, on a regular basis, which isn’t his forte…furthermore, I can’t imagine that Saliba wants to be part of a “rotation” and I don’t see our managerial tandem wanting to have a player in that sort of head space sitting on the bench, especially considering what he might fetch on the open market…personally I would much rather have a more defensive-minded partner, like Saliba, along side of Gabs, so that we could allow more of our offensively-minded players to go hunting without always concerning themselves so much with helping to hide the deficiencies that currently exist in our defensive zone coverage

  7. Man U beating the three points laners, not so much a bad result, I was hoping for a draw but in all honesty the Spuds looks a better out fit so maybe at the end of the day it’s the best results.

    Bact at the office later am expecting us to take care of Leicester, Brendan always have a trick or two, but I suspect they will try to play us on the counter attack.

    Am expecting a convincing victory with Laca breaking the drought.

  8. i dont think we’ll do a back three and i dont think he will be a starter. way things are going we are going to be back in some european competition to some capacity so there will be game time for him . cant see how he gets ahead of white or gabriel though.

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