Ex-Gunner says Arteta is not the man for the Arsenal job and suggests a new name

William Gallas says that Mikel Arteta is not the man for the Arsenal job and he claims that Patrick Vieira is more experienced for the role.

Arteta was made the manager of Arsenal about a year ago in a surprising decision by the club.

The former midfielder had never managed before and he only spent a few years as the assistant manager at Manchester City.

He, however, made a fine start to his time at the Emirates and he ended his first half-season by winning the FA Cup.

He also won the Community Shield at the start of this campaign, but Arsenal’s season has been far from ideal.

The Gunners have won just four league games this season, losing seven of 13 matches.

Gallas thinks that Arteta’s inexperience is beginning to show, and he claimed that he wasn’t more qualified than Vieira to get the job in the first place.

He said as quoted by Sun Sports: “I think maybe the issue at the moment is that Mikel Arteta is not the right manager.

“For me he doesn’t have that experience to manage a big club. I was surprised when he came in, to be honest – even as Pep Guardiola’s assistant – you need experience as a manager to come in to a club like Arsenal.

“When they chose Mikel Arteta to come in and replace Unai Emery, in my mind Patrick Vieira was the name I thought they should have gone for.

“I don’t know how close he was or if he was in the running at all, but I was surprised they didn’t even mention his name.”


  1. Vieira has managed two clubs, and has done nothing. Arteta has taken one of toughest jobs in football right now, and against all odds, has already won a couple of trophies.

    Who does Galles suggest next…Henry?

    1. Not all footballers know football. How do you suggest Vieira is better than Arteta?

      I think he’ll be the next to distance himself from watching our games. 😂😂😂😂

    2. Who on earth cares what Gallas thinks! If he doesn’t like it, then he can always sit down and sulk – like he did at 2008 whenhe did his best as captain to sabotage our last serious title challenge and we then lost it to Man Utd. We fans havelong memories and he woukd do well to remember that, but then not being a fanof ours he naturally would not remember such things, as to him , they don’t matter.

      So how do I say this politely then…. oh yes, shut your fat cakehole GALLAS! That is more polite than HE deserves! Not exactly my best post ever but among the more satisfying I’d say!

    3. This the whole point
      Vieira, who was part of my Arsenal dream team has been no more successful than Henry.. another part of my dream team.
      It’s a tough business.

      1. Klopp, Wenger and even Pep where not world class players so being a world class player does not mean you will succeed as manager as well. I don’t rate Viera and Henry as manager anyways not at the moment until they prove them selves same goes for MA winning an FA cup does not prove anything. Ask any manager in world and they will tell you league is the one which really shows the quality of manager. Any one can be lucky when you are in knoch out phase of cup matches. League is the real guage and I think Arteta has unfortunately failed in the test. It’s like you go for exams get 100 marks in questions which carry less weight but fail in all the questions which carry high weight or impact on result…..over all result you fail the exam. It’s not like won champions league man, he won FA cup which is a competition we have habit of doing well and winning plus it’s not like you face Europe’s elite on every single knock out stages on top of that there is no home or away scenario.

        1. Mohsan
          You feel Arteta has failed and I think Arteta is going through a tricky patch. Time will tell if the few of us that remain who still believe he can recover are right or wrong

          1. Arteta isn’t bad ,if he can change our mid then we will be somewhere (The likes of Ozil ,Torreira who went on loan)

    4. Come on man now you are using community shield as an argument to boost Arteta credentials. No one takes community shield seriously.

    5. We won those cups by playing small club football, park the bus and hit them on a counter. We didn’t compete with Liverpool, Man City or Chelsea. We even worse now, experience is a problem, Arteta is using Arsenal to try and form his style, formation, work ethic things could’ve developed in a smaller league.

      1. Mbonge, ‘m sorry, but your comment about small club football is plain daft.

        Didn’t the spuds play exactly the same game against us, along with Leicester this season for example?
        They both out thought us, plain and simple, we were second best.

        Mikel had a perfect set up to defeat both city, chelsea and liverpool – proof that he has got the knowledge to be tactical agains better opponents – the question is, why has he not repeated it this season?
        That’s why he is getting some stick from certain fans.

      2. Don’t say that we played small teams because all teams in FA their not small, you mean Manchester United,chealse,man City,they didn’t pertispeted in the tonament

    6. Gallas should keep his mouth shut. you didn’t do anything for arsenal either. Yes Mikel is not doing well right now but he should be given till at least the end of the season

    7. Gallas does not no what he is saying if my memory recalls it was his fault why we fell behind in premiere league race for the title not so long ago maybe Arteta is not or is the right man for the team,but we have to give him a little bit longer., if any one is to blame it is the Americans they have to back the manager or sell up and go who ever is our manager it won’t make muck difference unless they he put there money were there mouth is just like Abromovich of Chelsea ….. I think Arteta should play the europa team with a few first teamers at least they all get on with each other ., the problem is some of the players don’t want to play with each other so they sulk ., we fans must back our team more than ever they need our support and they need some confidence.,,

    1. So if the fans criticize then they are negative and do not understand things. Now if you see similar from ex players all of a sudden these ex players have some sort of Agenda against Arteta. What is the logic behind all this? They are not in any sort of competition with Aretat for his managerial post. They have done way more then what Arteta has done for the club as players. What is this club coming to either agree with pro Arteta group or you get blamed for various stuff.

      1. The problem is they all want to be manager of Arsenal and think they have all the answers… We fans are much better at judging the team than they are as I said The problem is some of the these players don’t get on with each other and they just make trouble for everyone else, if I was the manager I would play all the europa league team with a couple of first team players like Gabriel and T.party ,Aubameyang , saka. , and a few others ..You see the Europa team have one all there games 100% record That is no coincidence it is because they are running through brick walls for the manager and they all get on with each other /they are hungry and are Arsenal thru. N thru that is what George graeme did when he came from millwall to Arsenal also Alex Ferguson did at Man Utd enough said that is what Arteta will have to do to be a success or get rid of the Americans and buy players..spend 200 million why is it that these people who are running our football team don’t have a clue n

  2. Every Ex footballer, think they are experts in footballing matter. A weeping captain, now suggesting, someone relieved of his 2 football coaching jobs for poor performance. I wish Arsenal will move away from recruiting Chelsea castaway. All recruits from Chelsea are dross looking like gold.

  3. Gallas is partially correct.

    What has arteta achieved. Absolutely nothing. When he took.the job he was more inexperienced than viera. It just didn’t make any sense. If we are going for someone on the same level as arteta then viera is the perfect choice. Personally. I think we need a proven manager.

    1. Erik ten Hag and marc overmars as TD
    2. Poch
    3. Allegri

    These guys are proven winners. Probably in reverse order of my preference but hey.

    As for viera I dont think we would win anything with him j the short term perhaps in 2 -4 years.

    My nan would do better than arteta


      1. Yeah only sensible person around here is Jon Fox 😂🤣, everyone knows that. I hope when Arteta is kicked out you go with him. Oh this club really does need a change…starting with old grumpy and self centred fans like you.

        1. A proper fan, not a fake, self entitled one like you, Poser! You don’t even know the true meaning of the word “support”, little man.

      2. Jon Fox, you seems to think that everyone should agree to your one way thinking style. This is why Ken1945 post command respect and hold much volume than your one way commenting will ever reach.
        Well I dont blame you at all. Arteta has done thing yet for this club so if a fan criticise and suggest other better and experienced managers, why can’t they.

      3. Yet again Jon you write before thinking. Such is your adoration for your love child Arteta you are blinded by the fact that he has led the club to 15th in the EPL and has somehow overseen the demise of his own success in winning the FA Cup and Community Shield and completely changed everything when there was no need to.
        So, tell us all why @shortboygooner is wrong. Yet again yiu spout your gob off S though you speak for everyone yet fail to give any logical reasons. Honestly PAL, I don’t think you have the slightest clue about football and how the game works. You have YOUR opinion.Your FAT GOB. And NOTHING TO EVER BACK YOUR RESPONSES UP.
        Now do what you always do when challenged. Slither off and hide yourself away . Twice last week your made an absolute fool of yourself and when this was pointed out to you, and you were challenged, you realised you had no response.
        And as for always believing you are the voice of the majority, well that’s another issue that embarrassed you again PAL with the Ozil poll last week.
        So your good with words. So what. Try writing accurately PAL and you will not embarrass yourself quite so much.

        1. Utter nonsense once again Phil! Think yourself lucky I even wrote that, as I normally don’t answer filthy mouthed louts like you!

          You know exactly what I refer too but have not the guts nor decency to have apologised. If , which I DOUBT , YOU DO SO, I WILL BE PREPARED TO CARRY ON DEBATING, BUT NOT OTHERWISE.


            GROW UP!
            Stop attacking others who disagree with you.

          2. In other words true to form – you CANT answer. Ha Ha Embarrassed for you PAL and you are getting called out more and more by posters who have realised just how gutless your really are. Pathetic response

  4. What Mikel needs right now, is support – we all want him to succeed, but the club and, it has to be said, his own naivety in accepting the responsibility, has saddled him with an enormous workload.

    The impossibility of performing this “jack of all trades” to his best ability was recognized by the club during AW’s last two seasonst and the club stated that it would not happen again.
    But it has… and Mikel needs the same kind of support that he gave Pep during his time at City.

    While Gallas is perfectly entitled to his opinion, just as we all are, I think he is wrong to say that MA is not the man for the position – but he is right to mention Vieria for two reasons.

    First of all, he will be perfect to become MA’s no.2, simply because of his previous experience and before the shout goes out that he has failed as a manager, that’s not the position I’m advocating he is offered at our club – it is as an assistant.

    Secondly, he has all the DNA needed to be able to understand exactly what the club needs…as does MA of course.
    Mikel and Patrick, it could possibly lead to the same successful partnership we saw city enjoy with Pep and Mikel.

    I would also throw in the names of Campbell, Cazorla, Bergkamp and Henry for this No.2 position.

    Let’s remember that Mikel himself had no managerial experience of any kind, when Pep offered him the position at city.

      1. No idea SueP, not only if an offer will be made, but who his No.2 is at present, maybe that’s the problem?
        It was rumoured that DB was being looked at, but he has said he would rather work with the youngsters…however I think if he was offered the N0.2 the temptation would be an enormous one.

        He has five first team coaches of course, but none of them have the DNA that the names I suggested have – another name that I should have included was Marc Overmars…reportedly on the verge of leaving Ajax – the support for Mikel is out there in abundance, time will tell if he feels he needs it and I really hope he does.

        1. I think what this club is missing is someone who can turn round and remind a few people of what Arsenal was/is about. A couple of legends who actually pulled the shirt on with pride.

          1. Reggie, that’s the second time in 24 hours I can agree 100% with your post – it must be something to do with Christmas!!

            Imagine one single Invincible ever saying they were “scared” of Watford… was that the beginning of the rot?

  5. Let’s be real with our expectations, this is what I always said before starting the PL. I didn’t expect us to win the title, but at least to be on top 4 or 5.

    Win as much as you can from the trophies and fight hard in the EPL. I can’t imagine anyone to flip the team around and start winning all the next games in the PL. Although I’m against MA formations + team selections, but I will always remind myself that this guy delivered two trophies upon his arrival, maybe he has the winning spirit with trophy games but, for the long and most difficult competition “PL” he still needs more time and let’s be real, players on mood to do something!

    In my opinion, MA should learn from his mistakes during this break, bring all the players together and change his tactics during the match, give the role of captain to someone who can motivate the players on the field because we are missing the real captain over here.

  6. I would still argue that changing the manager at this time wouldn’t have the desired effect. Day after day, we’re hearing new stories of divisions in the team. This is the direct result of a weak management structure around the team.

    It is best practice in the industry to give ownership of the squad to the technical director by way of a long term contract – say 5 years at least. And on the other hand, the manager is normally assigned a shorter contract, normally two years, to lead the team. In our current set- up, both Edu and Arteta are on short term contracts, so naturally both are being incentivized to compete for dominance over the team now. This in such a no brainer!

    Recognizing that Edu is a relic of the Sanllehi and Joorabchian era, he has to go and a new long term technical director hired to manage long term planning/recruitment needs. After this change, Arteta will be free to exercise control and discipline over the team without the direct influence of the technical director.

    My only concern is this: the next transfer period is very critical for various. This needs to be weighed carefully in any major decision at this time.

  7. PV has just been sacked.If the board go for him,it would be 3 steps backward.
    Unless Arsenal are willing to take the gamble of being relegated and drifting in the wilderness the next 5 years,I cant see it happening.
    Better go for the trusted guy who has won trophies. Its less of a gamble

  8. Fans are grilling Gallas as if he’s got no right to voice his opinions. Vieira and Arteta might not be the calibre of coaches that you want. But Vieira has achieved more than Arteta as Arsenal captain. Besides that, Vieira has started his career from City development, unlike coming from a field of and become Assistant Manager. Vieira’s coaching badges are superior to those of Arteta

  9. Very sensible words RF.I am more concerned about our incompetence in the recruitment are than the guy coaching the team.During the past 6/7 years we have made some costly blunders in players who are overpaid and in some cases highly overpriced.Indeed when I sit down and evaluate the situation I can only find in Leno, Tierney, Martinelli and to some extent, Guendouszi real value for money acquisitions.Saliba and Gabriel may also fall into that category in due course although I am not totally convinced by either.A sad state of affairs and one that would concern me if I was the major shareholder.

  10. So Grandad, Arteta was not responsible for extending Luiz contract and signing Willian? Don’t point the finger at Edu. Arteta is on record for saying how desperate he was to get these two signed up.
    We are FIFTEENTH FFS- how much longer are you prepared to give him?

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