Ex-Gunner says Ramsdale was dancing when Raya struggled against Man City

David Raya’s performance in the Arsenal match against Manchester City generated some debate about whether he should be replaced by Aaron Ramsdale as the team’s goalkeeper.

Arsenal fans have grown accustomed to seeing Raya as their first-choice goalkeeper since he took over the position from Ramsdale, and he has the backing of the manager.

In the early stages of the game against Manchester City, the opposition applied intense pressure on the Arsenal defense, seeking to force mistakes. During this period, Raya experienced some tense moments and was put under pressure that could have potentially resulted in a goal for the opponent.

However, Raya managed to navigate through these challenging situations and subsequently displayed excellent form for the remainder of the game.

In light of these nervy moments, former Arsenal player Theo Walcott suggested that Aaron Ramsdale, who was on the bench, might have been eagerly waiting for an opportunity to step in and take the field.

He said, as quoted by the Sun:

“He’s been a bit edgy and nervy which could be the occasion, you sense the fans are getting on his back a bit.

“He’s very edgy right now, the stadiums not giving him confidence.”

He added: “Ramsdale is dancing on that bench right now.”

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Ramsdale is eagerly waiting for a chance to get back on the team, but we expect him to support his teammates even if they are vying for the same position.


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  1. “Dancing”? lol. Seriously though i’d like to see Rammers btw the sticks in our trip to the bridge. Playing him won’t be too much of a risk for a side like Chelsea.

  2. Walcott thinks RAMSDALE was ” dancing” then!!

    What an odd OPINION for any pundit, let alone one who has had a reputation for non controversial remarks, to have made. I wonder is Walcott feeling OK mentally? Seriously, I wonder!

  3. a silly comment by Theo, but David Raya´s confidence
    has declined a bit since his first game !! But *i think he has more clean sheets ? Keep our injured players in cotton next two weeks…

  4. Raya had a much better second half. His long kicks were hitting target more frequently.
    And I guess his risky game was all part of Ateta’s overall tactical plan – build up slowly from the back to tempt the opponents forward and then launch the ball upfield into the space created behind

  5. I’m not sure what Walcott meant dancing in the real sense of it. Ramsdale supported and shared Raya’s performance

    1. Walcott is right bro, Ramsdale is eager to get back between the stick as a regular and Raya need to struggle or get injured for that to happen.

  6. Yes ramsgate was dancing
    Dancing with delight that raya kept them out
    Who didn’t see ramsgate celebrate save in previous game

  7. Initially most of goals concided from set piece like corners and free kicks…Raya has been covering properly and very much alert

  8. Why are you shying away from the truth? Ramsdale definitely was dancing in is mind seeing Raya struggling. So Walcott is right 👍

    1. That’s true, but can any one image what the result could have been seeing Aaron in the sticks for arsenal v man city? For me it could have been another loss for arsenal v man city

  9. If ramsdale was the one on the goal post against man city then man city would have beaten arsenal 2 goals to 1. Raya is the current better option for arsenal now.

  10. Problem is that the English fans need to see their country man in the sticks… But Raya is better than Aaron! The rate at which Aaron pannicks is far more than that of Raya..
    Raya still has the nod to keeping going in the sticks as our number one!
    Imagine what would have happened on that Manchester city game if Aaron was in the posts 😅

  11. City had just 4 shots on target… The fewest ever despite still having goal threats in the first half and keeping Raya on his toes …
    Great work from our defenders else it would have been a nightmare for us all over again… Raya wasn’t really tested like ramsdale was in the absence of saliba when injured… And ramsdale obviously a pure soul who has been happy and literally dancing at the previous saves from Raya in our last game so I really don’t get that Theo’s assumptions of him… I just think they’re both good …. 🤷🏽‍♂️ just saying

  12. Walcot shouldn’t be saying that like Ramsd doesn’t keep in the champions league.
    I think Walcot misjudged what he saw.
    Anyway that’s the competition the boss wanted.
    So he can think whatever he wants to.
    3 points, clean sheet, Chelsea next to suffer

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