Ex-Gunner slams United players for their treatment of Arsenal man

Kevin Campbell has reacted to Manchester United defenders’ handling of Gabriel Jesus when both clubs met at the weekend.

Jesus joined the Gunners in the last transfer window, and he has made a superb start to life at Arsenal.

The Brazilian is the club’s main striker at the moment, and he has been one of their biggest goal threats.

The opposing teams’ defence knows this, and they have been getting very physical with him.

The United pair Raphael Varane and Lisandro Martinez frustrated the Brazilian at the weekend, and they were perhaps overly physical in some instances.

Campbell has now reacted to it and claims some of their battles with the frontman were like WWE.

He tells Football Insider:

“The Man United players were getting physical. 

“You could see that from the first challenge [Lisandro] Martinez put in on Gabriel Jesus.

“I have never seen [Raphael] Varane be that physical with a striker. He had Jesus in a headlock at one stage. Do not get me wrong. Jesus is physical with them as well. He is very good using his body. He is strong and quick.

“[Scott] McTominay was in and around Jesus as well. He got booked for something out of WWE. The treatment of Jesus was serious. It was only a matter of time before Jesus lost his head.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Every Premier League team works hard in training to stop their opponents from winning, and that includes watching clips of opposing players and plotting how to interrupt them.

Arsenal must be used to this. It is up to us to change our approach and make our attackers unplayable.

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  1. Its normal that Manchester based referees and VAR officials allow this against Arsenal all the time. It started when Manchester based referee Mike Riley set the tone for these games. Now that Riley is in charge of PGMOL he makes sure only sympathetic Manchester based referees officiate such games.

    1. You’ve Said it plain and clear. Manchester United is the “office” team that must be assisted by sympathetic officials not onfield and the VAR

  2. Kevin is 100% on the money, they really roughed up Jesus , and with great intentions. Referees always favour Manu, at trafford it will never change. Mctominay will excell in rugby.

    1. worse tackle in the game was by Jesus. The Arsenal/Man Utd games were far spicier than Sundays game in the 90s.
      By the way i think the Manchester refs support City.

  3. We have had the reputation of being a “soft touch” for years, so it is no surprise that opponents choose those tactics.

    Best remedy is to turn that aggressiveness against them, and target carded players and getting them sent off, or playing direct when they have to back off a bit.

  4. Mctominey’s rugby tackle in the second half is the one that stands out for me. I dont know where the line is but it was cynical enough for me to be a border line red. I remember Xhaka getting a straight red in his first season with us for tripping a player in the same area of the pitch.

    Apart from them, Martinez probably would get booked for his first minute challenge if it had happened later. I’ve no problem with the rest of their play and wouldnt mind it if he handed out the same to Kane and Son in a few weeks.

  5. So the only solution I think that will work for Arsenal is to us to prepare our players for these situations. It’s either that we look for ways to influence the refs or we steel our players to be ready for one sided shizz like this.

  6. Until we show that we can deal with the s*ithousery, teams will continue doing it to us. Our lads are young and have to find ways of dealing with it. It is important that after someone does something to our players that they NOT jump up and start shouting at the ref. They have to get on with it and show that it isn’t putting them off their game.

  7. We should take football seriously you guys.therefore these poor and stupid officiation should hit a block immediately just as we did to Howard web .Manu is 12 man’s team ref included .FIFA please look at these and stop it immediately .

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