Ex-Gunner urges the club to keep doing this for Arteta

Former Arsenal man, Nigel Winterburn can see that the club is going in the right direction and wants them to keep backing Mikel Arteta.

The Spaniard has been at the helm since 2019 and has to rebuild the team he inherited at the Emirates.

It has taken some time, but it is all beginning to come together with the Gunners now one of the best clubs in England.

One reason for that is that over the last two summer transfer windows, they have spent on quality players and Winterburn wants that to continue.

He said to Sun Sports: “I think that the fans will always have a voice, particularly if they’re not happy with how things are being run behind the scenes.

“Arsenal are starting to invest a bit more money in the transfer market, they’ve certainly invested heavily this season.

“We have the owners there, we just need to make sure that we are starting to travel back in the right direction.

“We’ve fallen away from that top four, but now we need to go back in that direction.

“As long as Arteta has finances to keep improving the squad, then that would be my main concern.”

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Clubs like Manchester City and Liverpool have shown over the last few years that you need to spend money on your squad if you’re serious about winning trophies and becoming a top-four club.

It has taken some time, but Arsenal’s owners, the Kroenke family, are beginning to do the right thing.

The Gunners strengthened the midfield and defence of the squad in the last summer transfer window.

The attack is the next spot that needs to be strengthened, and it would be interesting to see which target eventually joins the club.

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  1. We always spent, but spent wrong amounts on the wrong players for the wrong positions.Mikel is correcting that ever since he was promoted from head coach to manager. The bizzare signings of Luiz, Willian, Marri, Cedric were done by others when he was just a coach. Except for Runar, all his signings have clicked and no sane fan or supporter has any complaints. I trust Mikel to take us to UCL contenders

    1. The signings of this summer have been incredible .We havent seen that from the Wenger early years where WE were touching gold on almost every transfert…Knowing the french market at the Time did a World of good for AW…The scouting team nowadays seems to fellow the same path in buying the right players with the right mentality

    2. Identifying young player profiles was paramount, their psych, along with their playing ability was always going to take a little longer. Some buys were meant to be stop gaps, and some already here are a bit like that. We had many players to move on. It was never going to happen in his first window, the latter windows were always meant to be more telling.

  2. The signings by Arteta this summer are doing excellent. However the good work must continue and the attack is the next area to be improved. Arsenal must go in for Sterling, I feel, in January, along with a striker and a DM.

  3. It is certainly true that any club can spend huge money but waste most or even all of it.

    Until this last summer, our beloved clubs long term wastefulness in both the transfer market and in letting contracts run down to zero was a total DISGRACE.

    However, in life you cannot turn back the clock and when you make mistakes, all you can do is learn from them and vow not to repeat them, ad infinitum.

    IMO, that has now happened – though there is still a great deal left to do – and the evidence of our long overdue and welcome change of direction is now all around us.

    Some observe it more keenly and easily than do some others but that is how life works !

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