Ex-Gunner pleads for Arsenal fans to be patient with Havertz

According to former Gunner Kieran Gibbs’ claims, some Gooners are just underappreciating Kai Havertz.

Since his debut for Arsenal in the Premier League, the German international has been chastised. He has been unable to reproduce what Granit Xhaka used to provide in Arsenal’s midfield as an 8. He was said to be unsuitable for the demands of playing as a left-sided midfielder.

On Saturday, he started as a right-sided midfielder against Newcastle. Though one could argue that Arsenal weren’t all that poor in that game, he wasn’t noteworthy in that role, which led to us penning a piece like, “Have Raya, Havertz, and Arteta Doomed Arsenal’s Title Chances This Season.

Anyway, Kieran Gibbs argues that Havertz, although heavily criticized, still contributes significantly to Arsenal’s game plan. He praised his positional play and how he covers so much distance on the pitch on ESPN, and he also praised the 24-year-old’s strong left foot, which can strike a ball.

Gibbs said of Havertz, “He covers a lot more ground than we think… He’s not the quickest off the mark, so it probably looks like he ambles around the pitch a bit, but actually, I think his positional play is good. He has a good understanding of the game, so he knows where he needs to be on the pitch. He’s got a good left foot and can strike a ball. When he’s on form, he can strike a ball well. We just haven’t seen it enough.”

What are your thoughts on Gibbs’ remarks about Havertz? Should we be more patient and give Havertz time to fit into Arteta’s game plan slowly but surely?

Darren N

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  1. how many matches should we give him or be patient with him. Arsenal has not won the PL title for over 2 decades.

    1. Seems that though an Arsenal fan , you are unaware that in 2004, NINETEEN YEARS AGO, which is NOT “over two decades” our INVINCIBLES won the Prem.

      Either you did not know that OR your basic arithmetic is pathetically poor!
      Which is it ?

  2. Trouble is Havertz was poor in the time he was with Chelsea.
    I just don’t think he is suited to the Premier League – Lots of good players were not suited – Shevchenko, Crespo and Veron to name a few. Not that I am saying he is in that class because he is not – more like Yaya Sanogo or Christopher Wreh..

  3. More joy for us at Spuds. MADDISON now injured and gone off. Both cente halves off too. Van de Ven got a serious hamstring pull and will be out for weeks. Romero sent off!

    Things are looking up! Score 1-1 but Chelsea look as if they will now surely win.

  4. If class is indeed permanent, it will always worth having the big German around no matter how badly he’s performing because at some point, because of his class he will perform well again.

    1. Class canonly be permanent when it existed in the first place . That is not the case with HAVERTZ, plainly.

      He was poor for three seqsons at Chelsea So WHAT “CLASS” do you refer to?

  5. More VAR farce. Dier,though clearly offside, “scores” for Spurs.

    VAR taking ages to give him offside. Finally it did.

    Even a blind person could see that was clearly offside STRAIGHTAWAY.

  6. Some players take long to adapt to their new team. In the case of Havertz I wouldn’t say he played badly against Newcastle. He might not have been outstanding but neither was he poor. Some people have referred to Xhaka but prior to the last two games of his Arsenal career, Xhaka was not a fan favourite. Has everyone forgotten his quarrel with fans which cost him the captaincy? If Arteta did not persuade Xhaka to stay he would have ended his career on a sour note!
    My view is that at his age, Haverthwaite has a big opportunity to turn his Arsenal career around. Already, he has started to show glimpses of his quality. The only problem for Havertz is that he is always compared to the Chelsea flops who came to Arsenal and failed to perform! Let us give Havertz a chance he will fulfill his potential.

    1. A positive post about Havertz which are few and far between.

      Your prescriptive text was a classic in one bit. Instead of being German it read as though his name was from Yorkshire/Lancashire

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