Ex-Invincible believes Arsenal could miss out on Top Four

The Gunners legend Martin Keown is currently working as a pundit on television and gives out reams of opinion on his old club on a regular basis. His latest offering in the Mail has revealed that he believes that Liverpool’s recent great run will see them overtake both Arsenal and Man United, who will be left fighting it out for Fourth Place.

He said in a Q&A session: “I think Arsenal would happy to finish where they are now. Liverpool’s form is creating fear among the top four. Even City will be looking over their shoulder thinking they need to improve after losing to Brendan Rodgers’ side. So, there won’t be any time for Arsenal or Man United to relax.

“If Liverpool continue as they are, then realistically it could be Arsenal or United who miss out on the top four. That’s why I think the Gunners would be happy to stay as they are at the moment.

“I feel Liverpool’s form and momentum is so impressive, and with big players to come back from injury, they will make it into the top four. A lot rests on their next three games (Swansea, Manchester United, Arsenal).

“I think it will be between Arsenal and United in the end, but the fact they all have to play each other is fascinating.”

Liverpool are currently only three points behind Arsenal in the table, with United just one point behind the Gunners, so every game between those three teams could have a massive effect on our final placing at the end of the season. But surely Keown of all people can’t seriously believe that we can’t win the Wenger Trophy at least?

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  1. If we play well we will be in top 4. Not worried about liverpool, they are media darlings so they will get all the hype.

    1. We can never finish below 4th no matter how bad we play.
      We aint small team u know 😉

      1. Average height of players would tell you we are.

        Jimmie krankie gets singed as a CAM in the summer you mark my words!

  2. It’s kinda interesting to see that the same 3 big teams battling for Top 4 are the same 3 big teams remaining for the FA Cup.

    The fate of both competitions will come down to which squad wants it more. As of now it looks like Liverpool. But the fact that we are 10 in our last 12 says otherwise. We got this. COYG

  3. dont know why are fans are so obsessed with top 4-
    we are third tier in that competition- never come close to anything

    you will say the bonus money for being in cl-but who gets that-u? no the board/club
    …if anything fans lose cos we pay more for our season tickets cos were in the cl/
    you will say it attracts big players ..sanchez ozil….
    but just as many big players leave when they realise we dont contend for major trophies an our content with top 4…
    rvp, cesc, nasri,henry

    1. I hear ya @muff, but our 2 trophies last year put an end to that.

      We need more ambition, no doubt in my mind. But we are 3rd right now which is pretty decent position after that shambolic start we endured at the beginning not to mention the injuries that continue to destroy our Gunners’ limbs. Our squad can and should be playing better. But at least we are steadily improving our BPL form unlike last season where we sat atop the table for months only to crash down to 4th.

      1. come on bro u gonna hang on to the charity shield like a trophy ? – we got one trophy
        an it wasnt a major one- good one but if wigan and portsmouth have had it in past 6/7 years its hardly the cl is it?

        were third by a point. i wont act like this has been a good season.
        like united we have edged wins while showing mostly poor performances.

        wenger is victim of his own success unfortunately – he made us bigger club an wet our beaks with league title an cl final- now thats gone -an im not content

        1. Charity shield is a trophy now!

          Keown knows the failings from the inside and is being pragmatic.

          Never seen wenger so stressed looking against the mighty qPR, nibbling on his jacket.

          I think he is aware of new pressures and rumblings withing the system. All I’m saying.

            1. I would rather us win the PL & UCL.

              The FA cup was at least something after a prolonged time in the wilderness but the Charity (as in its given away for free) Cup well…

              But I wasn’t saying in anyway saying I regretted the capture of those cups..
              Just think the ambition and vision should be a little higher.

              1. I agree our ambition should be higher. And of course, I would rather us win UCL/BPL too, but we gotta started somewhere.

        2. Whether you are happy with what trophy we had or not, we did, which is something we couldn’t say 8 years prior. It may not be the top trophy, but a trophy is hard to win nonetheless – teams like Wigan competing and beating top teams to get there proves it.

          I’m not content with our season either, but I’m content with the fact that we have improved from where we initially were. Still got some season in front of us so things could change hopefully for the better.

    2. This year it’s an absolute necessity with the extra money from the TV rights being carved up. But I agree with you about this season as a whole, no difference to last season or the season prior – pure stagnation.

      If you’re content with being one of the best clubs in our league then Wenger’s a fine manager, if you care to be one of the best in Europe then we have to look elsewhere. It’s that simple.

      I would 100% prefer the shortcomings of aiming to be the best in Europe than watch the club tick over time and again among the top 4. We know Wengers ceiling in this era of football, it’s top 4 and a cup run. I’d gladly take someone else we know can create a dominant team in this era, even if it meant we had some teething issues.

  4. Martin Keown can say whatever he wishes but I don’t see why anyone should be worried about Liverpool. It’s true they beat Man City at Anfield but Arsenal beat them at Etihad and by a bigger margin! So what is the panic all about? Liverpool is winning games but so are we? This hyping of certain teams by misguided pundits is not anything new. Let’s look at the fixtures and see who has a bigger advantage. This feeling that Arsenal is not playing well is simply a misconception. If playing well means dominating games with nothing to show for it then we would rather not play well. Our team today is scoring goals and defending well which is good for the run-in. It is pointless to score many goals and then concede too many goals in return. It is better to win with few goals when you have also conceded few. Hence our defence deserves commendation for the way we are standing up to pressure. Anyone tipping Liverpool needs to go no further than last seqason to see the material they are made of. Even if you consider individual players I don’t see where Liverpool has a better squad than Arsenal. Maybe Keown knows something the rest of us do not know. I am confident that Arsenal will not only be in top 4 but could finish 3rd or even 2nd! Anything is possible.

    1. We only failed to score in just 4 match this season.
      If only our defence was as solid as southampton defence 🙁 🙁

    1. Not really.
      Better than a tenner on the euro millions but not a major trophy IMO.

      PL or UCL

      F.A cup means you beat Dagenham & Redbridge, Brighton, Notts Forest then Hull and 1 other PL team (an exams only for the anally retentive)..

      1. Talking nonsense again.

        Most teams have to beat 3 Pl sides and 1 Championship side to get the trophy unless you are very lucky.

        1. Although I mispelt it .. I said it’s an example. You have just proved yourself to be ‘anally retentive’ by taking me literally. I did warn you:)

  5. We shouldn’t be wasting too much time and energy discussing on the sarcasm of sarcastic Kewon. Correct, Arsenal are not winning the so called Wenger’s 4th place trophy this season. O ye of little faith! Arsenal are certainly winning the Barclays Premeir League title this season. O generation of vipers! The Gunners will cut the Reds to size when they come visiting to Emirates stadium. And cut short any ambitions they may be nursing to overtake the Gunners in the table.

    1. Let us not forget..Keown was there fighting the cause for AFC long before Wenger ever graced our club. He loved and I believe still does love the club.

      He means no malice (like I and other fans do not) who question our situation but he is just saying what he believes to be the case.

  6. Only takes one defeat or draw to halt LFC and looking at their fixture list its almost a formality at this point that it’ll happen.

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