Ex-Liverpool man surprised player joined Arsenal

Former Liverpool man Glen Johnson admits he is surprised Gabriel Jesus has ended up at Arsenal and not his former club Chelsea.

The former right-back has watched the Brazilian striker tear up Premier League defences at Manchester City.

He expected Jesus to remain at the Etihad, where he enjoyed a trophy-laden spell.

When he was set to leave, the former England international thought his former club, Chelsea, should have gone all out to sign him.

However, he ended up reuniting with Mikel Arteta at Arsenal, and it is a decision that baffles Johnson.

He told GG Recon: “A striker that’s already performed within the Premier League is always better than a striker brought in from a different league.

“They’ve already established what they’re capable of. With Gabriel Jesus, I think Chelsea should have bit Manchester City’s arm off to try and get him to be honest. Actually, I’m surprised that City even let him go. And I’m certainly surprised that he’s ended up at Arsenal.” 

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A move for Jesus shows the power a manager has in luring new talents to his club.

Arteta’s work is the main reason Jesus would have joined Arsenal, even though he knows he won’t play in the Champions League.

Hopefully, the striker will fire us back inside the top four places by the end of this campaign.

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  1. Johnson seems puzzled that Jesus is guaranteed playing time and being the focal point in attack with a manager he knows and is comfortable playing for.

    Surprised that he isn’t interested in Chelsea? Not guaranteed a starter or playing as a striker, with a manager he doesn’t know with a club that just had a change in ownership, and yet to say what their ambitions are.

    Perhaps he was too lazy to read what Jesus said about moving to Arsenal. He would have learned something and not sound naive.

    Yet another pundit vomiting nonsense just to be heard. Critical thinking seems to be replaced by talking nonsense to stir up debate.

    Anyone could have made the statement Johnson did, too much attention is paid to these nonsense merchants.

  2. Arsenal fan getting paranoid 😂 be calm young man he’s expressing himself👌 How can u abandon champions league football? We will see how far he will take arsenal coming season 👌if higher than where Chelsea will be 🙈

  3. Glen Johnson – remind me, can’t remember the guy, just another has-been…

    Showing why he shouldn’t be taken seriously if he can’t work this one out.

    He didn’t play often at City.
    He was often played out of his preferred position.
    It’s a wc year, so he wants to play as 1st choice striker.

    There’s a difference between having trophies in your cabinet and feeling that you played a major part in earning them.

    Sometimes those players are the best buy – they’ve been at the cash-rich clubs and seen that it’s not the bed of roses it’s made out to be. For every player that’s made it at RM, Barc etc, it’s been a graveyard for another player’s (or manager’s) career.

  4. Not really a surprise though. At least the Chavs are going in the right direction after the government got rid of the Russian putin supporting terrorist.

  5. Chelsea are a shambles, another clueless American owner brought to these shores. At least the Kronke’s have successful sporting franchises in the US the Bolies or whatever his name is has one of the worst.

    Chelsea are going into the season with no top CB ‘s, I’m not convinced Koulibaly is going to do well after watching him in a few European games last season. Then Chalibah looks dodgy, Thiago, Alonso and Azpilicueta are ancient, Ben Chilwell is injury prone.

    Midfield Kante is old and chelsea want gone, Kovicic and Pulisic are hot and cold and injury prone, Jorginho is error prone and slow and Tuchel doesn’t seem to trust Ziyech who is also had a few injuries already. Then up top an 80m striker who looks 4ft 2 who has scored what seems like 3 goals in 3 seasons.

    The only decent players at Chelsea are Mendy, James, Mount possibly Gallagher but will he fit in and now Sterling but who’s to say he will do well without Citehs squad behind him. They are in more of a mess than we were when wenger left

      1. Agreed Dan, this is the season that Arteta has to show his worth and that hes up to it. My top 4 this year should be a mix of City, LFC, Arsenal and Spurs, I would expect Europa final bare minimum too. Forget cups play the youth, subs and reserves in them, there’s very little financial reward for winning them for the risk to top players.

        I do think we’ll sign another CM and possibly a winger. That depends if we can get Bellerin, Mari and Torriera out. Or is there going to be u-turn on Torriera, we need back up for Partey, Torriera is more than capable and a hard worker, fits Artetas model.

        But like you have been saying for the last 2 seasons it now time we should be pushing and competing at least with the top 2. I was reluctant to criticise Arteta because our squad was a state and full of overpaid under achievers bit like Utd now. We’ve got a few worldies now and alot of potential worldies, more balance and alot more depth potentially more coming in.

        This should be the season now Dan

  6. Talk about “SURPRISE”!
    I was “surprised” when the cafe I often use had no BROWN bread, as it usually does. So will JA now write an article about MY surprise!
    After all, I at least am a Gooner and use this site ,unlike the completely uninteresting and irrelevant Glen Johnsonand his nonsensical and completly irrelevant views about our player.
    Strange, you may agree, how NOT A SINGLE ONE of these many non Arsenal related pundits which JA so regularly use to give we Gooners all their various DAFT thoughts on Arsenal matters, NEVER come on JA themselves and seem remotely interested in our club, PERSONALLY.

    And why would they be, since they, unlike all of us , are NOT GOONERS, and therefore irrelevant, as well as uninformed!

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