Ex-Premier League star predicts when Arteta will get the sack

Troy Deeney has become outspoken nowadays and he will hardly have miss the opportunity to talk about Arsenal after last night’s performance.

Arsenal was beaten 2-0 by Tottenham in the Premier League yesterday as Mikel Arteta’s men continue to struggle.

When the Spaniard was made the manager of Arsenal last year, he brought a lot of hopes to the club’s fans with the way his team was set up in his first few games.

After he guided them to FA Cup success, it became obvious that his lack of managerial experience didn’t count very much, because he was simply a good manager.

The Spaniard was backed heavily in the last transfer window as Arsenal looked to enter the top four at the end of this season.

They started the campaign well, but the loss to Tottenham means that they have lost six of their opening 11 league games and, Deeney reckons that Arteta might be sacked if he loses his next league game against Burnley.

He told TalkSPORT: “I fancied Arsenal to get a result [against Tottenham] because they’re that kind of team to just pull one out the bag.

“But Arsenal are in trouble. They’re very much in trouble.

“I’m happy it’s at home [vs Burnley] but if they were playing Burnley away this week I’d be very nervous for them.

“Arteta has to come under criticism ultimately because of where they are.

“I’ll go out on a limb here and if they lose next week he’s massively under pressure.

“If they lose and the ones around them win and they’re more looking backwards rather than upwards he’d be under pressure to keep his job.”

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  1. Shut you pie hole Deeney.
    You and your army already got the sack from the premier league last season when you didn’t perform to what level the league requires you to perform.

    What you should mainly focus on is getting your beloved team and it’s nincompoops back to where you would like to be. That being in the league that we are currently in.

    The guy must surely be thinking that Arsenal fc is taking up the place in the league that his Watford team should’ve been occupying.

  2. Dear Mr Kroenke.
    Be a nice and generous Santa Claus for us fans this coming Christmas and gift us with R500 million pounds in order to buy players which will fix this current crop of salary collectors that we have in our midsts.

    ‘Trent Alexander’ for our right back problem, ‘Halaand’ to be our number one center forward, ‘Upamecano’ to partner Gabriel at defence and ‘Buendia’ to flourish as our creative and attacking midfielder. A central midfielder of any fans choice can be added in order to displace the ever so present Xhaka in our team.

    All those currently playing first team football for us in all the above-mentioned positions.

    This I beg of you
    Regards : Illiterate

    1. For sheer innocent and childlike naivety yourposts breaks new ground on JA. I feel so sorry for you and your school pals in the junior schol, that you will not be allowed to sit on Santas knee this year and ask him in person for your presents.

      But congrats on being able to write at your young age. Impressive, though not the content, which is not wrong however, but merely naive, to ask for the impossible!

  3. He’s happy we’re playing Burnley at home, as he’d be nervous if it was away – did he not see our last 3 games at home?

    1. Played without fans, so players did not feel any pressure to get a result 😉
      When the ticket holders are heard, the players whose money comes from those holders may realise they’ve been shit all season

      1. Well it says it all when Auba’s best attack this season has been on Twitter against Kroos!! And tbh I’m fed up with all these meaningless platitudes – we know what the derby means, we’ll work harder, we’ve let the fans down blah blah blah… just do your talking on the pitch!! Only 2 shots on target (again) yesterday, which has now become the norm… there is a real possibility we could lose to Burnley!!! Burnley 😱 And if that’s the case, it really is getting closer to heads rolling time!! Bloody hell, as if yesterday wasn’t bad enough!

  4. Well he hasnt said he knows when or if MA will get the sack, he just states the obvious that we’re in trouble.

    He hasnt been a twat or anything along those lines, just pointing out the obvious and thats it

    1. True bur we live in an age where instead of people dealing with the problem, the focus on the messenger..

  5. You can’t beat a relegation dog fight in December and especially against Burnley 🙄

    My consolation for the current position is that Arsenal had a difficult start to the season in terms of teams played who finished above us last season. A loss to Burnley would put him under huge pressure and I Arteta needs to send out a team that played like they did against Vienna. I’ve supported him from the outset and still do but time may be against him if ‘something’ doesn’t click between him and the team pretty blo*dy quickly
    There are so many issues surrounding the club that being hasty to sack Arteta could very well cause further uncertainty and a far worse outcome
    You can name all the available top managers you like but Pochettino won’t come due to the Spurs connection and nor will other so called top rated managers due to the financial support. It matters not that Kroenke has sanctioned hundred of millions of transfer fees if that money hasn’t been put to good use. Unless Kroenke does support Arteta in the transfer window then I see a difficult few months

  6. To be honest I can’t see us winning this weekend the players lost there confidence everyone scared to make the killer pass M A need to let the players express there talent
    I wasn’t happy with the manager last Thursday when Pepe tried a trick on the opponent box and lost the ball he was going mental on touchline that’s poor management for my liking

  7. Frankly Deeney has’nt said anything offensive and does not deserve to be told off. Our club is in trouble and I can see things getting worse. In fact, if Brighton wins tonight the Arsenal will by definition in relegation battle. Believe me, then it’s a real war every team you face think there are 3 points to be taken. Its gonna be tough from now on.

    1. Sad when you think some fans weren’t happy with 4th place upward, CL football, record fa cup wins and attacking football Declan… the so called realists amongst our fans are for sure paying a heavy price looking back!!!

      1. I was happy enough with 4th Ken but not the Europa league. We’ve found it impossible so far to get back from those doldrums

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