Ex-ref tells Arteta what to do after PGMOL accepts Arsenal’s request for a meeting

Former Premier League referee, Keith Hackett, has urged Mikel Arteta to get the videos of all the red cards Arsenal has received this year and present them to the PGMOL officials when they come visiting the Gunners.

Under Arteta, Arsenal has become notorious for receiving so many red cards.

This year alone, they have received 4 red cards and it is becoming a concern to the club.

According to the Telegraph, they asked for clarification from PGMOL and the refereeing governing body as accepted their request to meet.

That meeting will give the Gunners a chance to get an explanation for the many sending off they have received recently.

Hackett has urged Arteta to get clips of all the decisions and demand the reasons behind some of the sending offs from the officials when they meet.

He said via Football Insider: “If I’m Arteta, I’m going to have all the red cards ready on video, all the decisions I’m unhappy with and then seek clarification.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

Some of the red cards we have received have been ridiculous and the club truly needed to get an explanation for them.

However, Arteta also needs to get his players to watch their on-field discipline and stop giving room for the officials to send any of them off even if the offence doesn’t warrant it.

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  1. Will the players stop making tackles?
    If all clubs and players and judged the same way, and they receive the same cautions for the same offences, I would not have a problem at all.
    Maybe a video also showing the same referees being lenient with other teams and players for the same offences we get red carded for will be helpful.

  2. That is not enough he should also get videos of fouls more serious committed by other teamd but no card given at all including Rodri, Mctommley, Kane, Mane, Maguire etc for comparism

  3. The FA should also introduce post match interviews for referees just as it is with players and managers.. maybe that could help when referees give explanations for certain ridiculous decisions.

  4. Truth is, if players cant see why they are getting red cards, then they are thick! PGMOL will tell whoever is there in no uncertain terms what we have done wrong but we shouldn’t need telling.

  5. We should move on.. Their explanations would not change anything, Am only guessing MA is trying to use the meeting as a kind of mind games with the PGMOL on regards to referring linencies on his players and choice of officials partening to Arsenal matches..

    Other than that I don’t see anything else the club what’s to achieve by the explanations.. The quick fire yellows is in the rules of the game…

    The Truth is that alot of the decisions against us would have been overlooked by other Referees, so it’s just a case of who is in charge and not the decision itself.

  6. He should also show them the videos of penalties they denied Arsenal and demand for an explanation on that.

  7. Hackets advice does not go far enough!!!

    Arsenal need to also collect footage of similar situations in other matches where players were NOT sent off.

    I believe that is the only way to show officiating bias (if you think there has been any)!

    1. This should not be limited to the sending off but lack of it against us two classic examples is the palace, the stamping of Tomiyasu in Everton game, blatant penalties denied eg mancity, wolves Manchester united, the list goes on and on.
      There has been a deliberate attempt to punish arsenal and this is not right

  8. all things said nd done, if, at the end of the day,these referees/officials were found guilty, what is going to be their own penalty/discipline/punishment ‘after the deeds had been done’?

  9. As far as it went, MARTINS PIECE WAS A BALANCED ONE and sensibly puts both sides of this debate.

    Our will to win, esp when we have so many young players DOES lead some of our players to fail to exercise level headedness at times.

    Of course this does not apply to Xhaka, who is very experienced, but, IMO, the whole Xhaka question is a massive puzzle and I have never understood, not even remotely, WHY ANY ARSENAL MANAGER HAS CONTINUED TO PICK HIM.
    When mobility , pace in movement (and level headedness!!) both of the player and the ball is so vital, why he is picked is a mystery.

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