Ex-Villa captain urges Aubameyang to follow his lead and give up Arsenal’s captaincy

Gabby Agbonlahor has urged Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang to give up the Arsenal captaincy as he did after he misbehaved while at Aston Villa.

The Englishman was Villa’s captain, but on an international break, he went on holiday and was caught smoking shisha.

He quickly gave up the club’s captaincy following the backlash that the incident caused.

Auba was dropped from Arsenal’s squad for the match against Southampton at the weekend and Agbonlahor believes it might be a good decision if he resigns as the Arsenal captain.

He told TalkSport: “I think Arteta’s handling him right

“Arteta played at a great level, he played not that long ago, so he’s not going to accept any player thinking they can do what they like and have their own rules.

“When I played at Aston Villa I gave up the captaincy. I was club captain and I went on holiday during an international break and got caught smoking shisha.

“As footballers we’re meant to be robots who aren’t allowed to do anything. I got a lot of heat for that so I gave up the armband.

“Maybe that’s something Aubameyang needs to do.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

This isn’t the first time the Arsenal striker has shown a lack of respect for rules at the club.

It might not be the last and if he will not honourably drop the club’s captaincy, Mikel Arteta should force the change on him.

Arsenal is being rebuilt and only players who are dedicated and are aware of the task ahead should be in the team. That doesn’t describe Aubameyang at the moment.


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  1. After spending over 250M, I was of the impression that Arteta and the Club were now competing for top 4 – instead of rebuilding, again.

    One other matter to be clarified: Is the ex-villa captain equating “smoking of shisha”
    with visiting and assisting a sick parent in the heart of the pandemic?

    Gabby would be much better off smoking some weed instead of shisha.

    1. no doubt RF…that even exceeds the conventionally-accepted parameters of the apple to oranges idiom…if the story on offer is found out to be a truthful account of the situation, I feel for Auba’s current plight and I’m likewise sickened by the possibility that our manager used such a troubling predicament to further his purely selfish agenda

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