‘Exceptionally good’ PL midfielder subject of enquiries from Man United & Arsenal

Brighton’s Yves Bissouma is the subject of enquiries at present according to transfer expert Duncan Castles, with Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester United all claimed to have requested his asking price.

The midfielder has been linked with the Gunners over the coming months, with the former Lille midfielder believes to have been keen on a move to the Emirates, with speculation fuelled during our final PL match of last term when Nicolas Pepe appeared to be showing off our stadium to his former team-mate in Ligue 1.

We have since tied Granit Xhaka down to a new contract this summer, as well as moving to bring in Albert Sambi Lokonga, but recent reports appear to claim we are still on the lookout for another CM option.

Duncan Castles has now claimed that we have requested Brighton’s asking price for his signature, but we are not alone in doing so.

“My information is that there are inquiries from Liverpool, Manchester United and Arsenal as to how much it would cost to sign him,” Castles told the Transfer Window Podcast.

“Now he has improved significantly during his time at Brighton and what is quite important here is that his statistics are exceptionally good.

“We know that clubs – in particular United, Liverpool and Arsenal – are particularly heavy on this and use analytics as a filter to decide which players to pursue.”

Would Bissouma be a huge boost to our first-team options?


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  1. In reply to the question you asked, here’s the answer:
    Why isn’t he already an Arsenal player? He will give us much flexibility to try use different formations. The guy is class. Sign him and get Aouar on loan with only an OPTION to buy cos he might exhibit bad behaviour

  2. The guy is pure class and he’s on the same per with kante only that he is playing for Brighton but i wonder why we have not signed him so far when we were alone in the running cos now the price will go up! And mind you the guy a Gunnar.

    1. Yves Bissouma wasn’t signed for Arsenal because Edu somehow got his name mixed up and confused with Ben White, for £10 million more.

  3. We’ve missed the boat on that one, as usual. We let the top players slip though the net every time. Typical Arsenal!!!!!!

  4. Unfortunately we bought the wrong player, getting White instead of Bissouma may prove to be a mistake.

    Midfield has been woeful for years, and we buy our 16th CB and extend Xhaka and expect a different result this year.

    Anyone rather see Saliba playing instead of Mari?

    1. Chasing Saliba away and keeping Mari is just arteta’s biased and arrogant nature. Mari is his signing. Saliba is not. White is good but wasn’t actually needed

    2. Mari is useless
      i said so since his first game for us

      Mertasacker is probably faster than he is and he’s retired!

      hes not strong enough, lacks positional sense.

      MA is obsessed with ”balance” at the back

      it opens up teh pitch he says

      funny that because watching us play is like watching that old ping pong game at an arcade, so many sideways passes.

      But to answer your question, yes i would rather see Saliba play

      we could do a chelsea and register big Mertasacker for games like they did with Cech 😛

        Quite seriously, Merts was the single slowest pro player I have EVER seen in well over 60 years watching football and not only at Arsenal either.

  5. What the hell are we playing at? If the article is true why wait until everyone else is interested? Didn’t we have 2p for the metre to plug in our “anaylical filter” until now?
    If we never had the cash and the piece is false I get it but if true why so late? We needed Liverpool and Man Utd to be in on it before our heads were turned? We wanted the price auctioned up? We wanted Bissouma to have to choose between the club he supports and two much higher profile clubs?
    We’ve known how good he is all summer. I repeat IF TRUE this is one most obvious example this year of our perennial incompetance in the transfer market.
    Would love to see Bissouma in on a perm and Aouar on loan, although the latter may be solely dependent on Willian’s salary being off the books.
    But with 3 days to go I can’t see anything moving now, Anybody have any real hope?

    1. The one player anyone would recommend or buy from Brighton is Bissouma, what was our scout Stevie Wonder looking at when he went watch games to not see for 50 million Bissouma was a steal and White was overpriced. Bissouma is the piece that our jigsaw needed.

      1. Bissouma would cost between £35m and £40m. That’s significantly less than White who by the way was not even a real need. I believe Arteta’s ego has gotten in the way again.

  6. How did we spend £30m on another goalkeeper when Bissouma would cost just £5m more? How did we spend £130m on five players and only two are starters? How come our starting central midfield which cost us dearly is still the same as last season while we buy backups everywhere? How did we let Saliba go on loan while Mari stays? How did Xhaka get himself tied to us for another FOUR YEARS? Did I miss something?

    1. There are two sides to a lot of your points drg. I’m not sticking up for Arteta because of his lack of tactics and poor technical work, but I have no huge issues with who he’s bought this time, just wish he had some left!
      1) If you can’t see just from his first game how much better Ramsdale will make that defence than Leno then I can’t convince you. A critical signing, pity not less expensive
      2) When you buy 5 young players they don’t all develop immediately. IMO they are ALL very good players. Daft comment really as you KNOW we needed lots of players, you just don’t like that theyre for the future, and its fine to say that. Within 2 months 4 of the five, and maybe Tavares too, will be first teamers, because theyre better than we have now. And I think you know that too.
      3) agree Saliba should have stayed instead of Mari.
      4) Xhaka only got a 1 year extension to his existing contract, not a completely new 4 year contract . We tried unsuccessfully to sell him, but maybe we should have dropped the price.

      1. Yes man you just said my mind,and that is exactly what happened but what are your predictions regarding today’s match UP ARSENAL

    2. dgr8xt…don’t let anyone try to convince you that your questions don’t have merit…there’s no logical reason why we would ever spend over the number for a backup Keeper when we clearly had bigger fish to fry…even in the “best” case scenario, if one was attempting to justify the Ramsdale acquisition, he would supplant Leno as the primary option, which would in turn negatively impact Leno’s market value, thus leaving us with considerably less monies in the coffers next year to address other pertinent concerns…even worse, what if he plays significant minutes, then struggles, like he has during his previous tenures, especially considering that it’s not really his forte to play out from the back, then we would have two vastly devalued Keepers on the books…as such, this might require us to go back into a likely inflated transfer market to address the Keeper position once again

      as for your concerns regarding our unprecedented expenditures, considering that we functionally have the same lineup from season’s end, minus the addition of White, they appear to me to be both logically conceived and difficult to argue with…of course, I have no qualms with our depth pieces, as I think both Lokonga and Nuno have value both in the now and the future, but as an organization that traditionally adheres to a self-sustaining business model, then finally deviates from this philosophy, it’s not unreasonable to expect that our incoming recruits would have a far more significant impact on our starting 11

      for me personally, it was imperative that we rid ourselves of the great enabler, Xhaka, then replace him with Bissouma, or someone with similar attributes, then bring in someone with both a creative flair and an eye for goal, to address our attacking midfield deficiencies, and properly address our revolving door policy at the RB position…as this could have been achieved with the funds provided, one can logically conclude that this was misguided and ill-conceived transfer window

      finally, as to the whole Saliba debacle, it made no sense to invest heavily on an unproven player, like White, without even testing the waters, with both the young Frenchman and Mavro…it would be an entirely different scenario if it was clear that both players had performed poorly on their respective loans and we were targeting a readymade defender, but that simply wasn’t the case…of course, this isn’t to suggest that White won’t come good, but the same could be said about the other two individuals, who were vastly cheaper in-house options…after all, this was supposed to be a “rebuild” of sorts, so why wouldn’t you use this somewhat “experimental” period to properly evaluate your current assets…if not now, when?…not to mention, it’s crucial to remember that White was the third best defender on Brighton last year and the fourth best if you include Bissouma in that equation…so kudos to your for posing those vitally important questions

  7. I wonder if Bissouma will likely be sold at all. If Brighton don’t want to sell, as Kane found out at Spurs, then that’s that.

  8. Virtual unanimity exists on J A ,at least on the subject of Bissouma who ought to have been our top priority target in this transfer window.

  9. Get Bissouma over the line if possible. He is IMO needed in our defensive midfield. Most maches are won in midfield and we do not have enough cover for essential players here, when they are injuried. Sad but true.

    1. Sorry I totally forgot that we do not have much money left 🙂 On loan with an obligation to buy then.. But I am afraid Brighton wont let him go or if possible, then the clubs that are able to pay up front would be preferred.

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