Excitement levels have not been this high for an Arsenal game for years

The headline may seem a little strong considering Arsenal were in a Europa League final just a couple of months ago but I believe this game really has got the Arsenal fans more excited.

The reason may well be because there is a renewed belief in the team that simply was not there in May, just take a look at social media and comments on here and you will see what I mean.

There is no way that Arsenal fans, myself included, would have honestly felt that they could have gone to Anfield and get the win in May or at any time before that over the last couple of years, but they do now.

The new signings have helped, the two wins from the first two games have helped and a sense of direction from the club has helped.

We all know it was bad right up to the middle of the summer that culminated in supporters groups and fan websites penning a letter to the Arsenal board demanding change, that seems a million miles away now.

To some extent the Europa League final was overshadowed by problems before the game due to the incompetence of UEFA but also the end of season collapse in the race for a top-four spot also dampened enthusiasm.

There is now renewed vigour among the fans and I stand by the headline of this piece, excitement has not been as high as it is today for a very long time.

Long may it last.


  1. Yes the excitement is gripping.

    It’s probably down to a few exciting transfers, a couple of young players stepping up and few months without club football

  2. Leno
    AMN Sokratis Luiz Monreal
    Cellabos Willock
    Pépé Laca Auba

    Let’s go get them! This team is brave and bold and not scared. It will take it up to liverpool

  3. I’m not sure if I feel excited or have fear….. I keep telling myself to keep the faith!
    Most supporters will look at this game as being a test but I think it has come a little early in the season for us and would have liked a few more easier games few first so the team could have gelled more.
    As a team and as a club I think we have turned a corner but I think Liverpool at Anfield is our hardest game of the team.
    Take a point now, I’d snap your hand off.

    1. Fear not my friend.

      To win is a bonus.

      To draw is ok.

      To lose is a wake up call for us to work harder. If it comes down to that, it’s better we start pushing ourselves sooner rather than later

  4. This heading indeed reflects the current mood of the Arsenal fans in many areas. I could attempt an explanations for this.
    From the late 1990s up to around 2012 this fixture was always either a win for Arsenal or a draw. It is, therefore, not a surprise that many Arsenal fans preferred to call Liverpool by the nickname of Loserpool. This was crowned by Andrei Arshavin’s heroics at Anfield in 2009 when Arsenal came from behind to draw 4—4. Prior to that during the invincibles season 2003-4 Thierry Henry had scored a hat trick to give Arsenal a 4-2 win at Highbury after trailing Liverpool at half time. On yet another occasion in either 2007 or 2008 Cesc Fabregas snatched the ball from Steve Gerrard to claim a winner for Arsenal at Anfield. These and other incidents had made it appear like an automatic right for Arsenal to beat Liverpool. So when the tide changed in favour of Liverpool the Arsenal fans were totally taken aback and did not want to believe it. They developed a nostalgia for the times when they were beating Liverpool for fun and hoped for the return of such a time.
    Arsenal has not forgiven the humiliation of a 5—1 defeat they suffered at Anfield last season after scoring first. What made the loss more painful was the fact that two of the goals were penalties. Thus Arsenal has been looking forward to a time when they can avenge these defeats. With the recent signings Arsenal fans feel now is the opportunity to stand up and defeat Liverpool.
    The rage of the Arsenal fans is further aggravated by the pundits who have almost unanimously predicted the game in favour of Liverpool. The Arsenal fans feel like they are under siege on all fronts and hence they have a very strong desire to prove all their adversaries wrong. I strongly believe this is what has generated the excitement which you talk about.

  5. Even the Mighty Barcelona fell 4:0 in Anfield. The way we play against them matters. If the case was the best team lost or they grind a win, then we can take that as consolation. But I have a weird feeling!

    1. Mighty ..hahaha….hardly. barcelona is no longer same barcelona for some time. Suarez is old n messi no longer has the same influence…their midfield was weak. They no longer had the penetration they use to have. Like us they are going through transition. Only thing is they can buy 100million plus players n put then in there team to fix issue.

      1. Barcelona won one of the two best leagues in the world a few months ago. The only teams better than them last year were Man City and Liverpool.
        3rd best in the world is still quite ‘mighty’, wouldn’t you say?

        I would love it if our ‘transition’ were of their nature. And Messi’s influence still made him the best player in the world – 51 goals and 22 assists for a total of 73 goals scored or assisted in 1 season.

  6. Don’t really care to much about the end result, I agree we now have a team that could beat L’pool but our team hasn’t had chance to gel as much/return to match fitness etc as I would have liked so if we don’t win its not the end of the world.
    All I want to see is us go out there and take the game to them….. If we sit back and let them run at us we are fekked, play our own game and I think there could be goals galore in this one. COYG ?

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