Exciting times ahead for Arsenal fans – What happens next?

What just happened? Exciting times ahead! by AndersS

As a “Wenger Out” supporter for years, I have honestly been perplexed that Wenger wasn’t sacked a long time ago. Several times I thought, for sure he would be sacked. But to my surprise It didn’t happen. Now that he steps down I am very happy but also a little bit taken aback at the significance of it all.

Two questions comes to mind; Why right now and what next?

As to why right now, you could say it is a bit academic, as the main thing is that he is actually leaving. But even so, it is interesting to speculate: Has he finally realized he can’t take us forward any longer?

Did the owners/management quietly let him know it would be best if he resigned so they wouldn’t have to sack him? A well known and often used method in many “industries”, where there is a certain level of respect for the person in question.

Has fan protests and “boycott” of matches actually played a part?

Has Wenger been offered another job, which now seems like a good escape route?
Several more questions can be raised, and I am certain the press is working overtime to see if they can dig out some facts about it all, and it will be interesting to follow if they come up with some background.

What is even more interesting and exciting is – what next?

First of all, it can only be a good thing it happens before the Atletico games. Atletico will be extremely difficult to beat and we need everything to fall in place for it to happen. This will definitely unite the fans behind the team and immediately create a much more positive atmosphere, which can only help. Whether it is enough, we shall see.

Who will the next manager be? If the owners/management actually are behind this, although it is made look like Wenger’s own decision, then here may already be a new manager lined up which will be announced in a few days in order to respect Wenger. If the next manager hasn’t been decided, one would have to think they have a shortlist, which they are already working on.

Personally, I can’t claim to have the knowledge of who would be the best choice. I certainly have a few names which I would find exciting but I am just happy we will now see some change.

I can’t wait to see which positions in the team the new manager will want to strengthen. Nor can I wait to see the organization of the team. And how about a new take on developing the individual players?

What is most exciting? I really don’t know.


Anders S


  1. arie82 says:

    Find manager who will put players in they natural position.
    And no more dlp role, put xhaka in cm or sell him

  2. Counsel says:

    its anxiety not excitement for me

    1. Anko says:

      Both for me. We don’t know what is ahead, we don’t know who the new manger will be and we don’t know what he bring. But am ready to have a new experience. Let’s hope for the best

      1. Phil says:

        Ok so we don’t know what’s ahead.Bit what I do know is we won’t have to put up with someone who was NOT MANAGING THE CLUB.We were going BACKWARDS.Our league position is not an illusion.We are SIXTH.Last season we were FIFTH.
        FFS stop trying to defend someone who has FAILED in his job.
        It’s Wenger who has put us in this position and I still believe he was told to go

        1. jon fox says:

          It is clear from key phrases in Gazidis’s press confereence at 5 pm today that he was actually sacked . He was given the option to resign and had no choice. Best that way for peaceful relations between us fans. I don’t mind if they name a stand after him or put up a big statue on the concourse. None of that affects the team at all and so I am impartial either way. The signs look like Rodgers is being seriously considered, judging by the Celtic Chairmans speech. I also have little doubt he will make a clean break with us after last game. He will want to manage somewhere, not sit on our board. I respect that and am relieved that it will happen.

    2. Kenyanfan says:

      Thomas Tuchel will be the new arsenal manager and Patrick Vieira as assistant.
      Wenger is going to PSG and not Monaco.
      Take this to the Bank.

      1. Ozziegunner says:

        Word on the street is that Tuchel has already been signed by PSG; that’s why he knocked back Bayern Munchen.

  3. Vanpayslip, Esq - Founder of Iwobi out of Arsenal Trust says:

    At least there is finally hope now. That has been missing for a few years

  4. AWadieu says:

    Exciting times ahead indeed!
    Hope and pray the Board appoints a younger innovative tactical manager who also coaches and brings out the best in the players, ready to kick their backside when under performing, clears out the deadwoods and signs quality players to address the deficiency in the team, more proactive on the touchline and ready to go toe to toe against Pep Klopp Mo etc.

    1. AWadieu says:

      Just heard Brendan Rogers is favourite to takeover….Nooooooooo take everything back I posted above.

  5. Muff diver says:

    I’ve wanted him gone for years (respectfully)
    But I’ve felt nothing but sadness since today’s announcement why??

    1. Gooner says:

      i second these sentiments.. its an odd feeling today.. mostly relief

      1. GB says:

        I’ll third that

    2. John0711 says:

      Same here muff feel so sad I don’t think it’s the right way to go, but I really hope everyone shows him the respect he deserves now

    3. AWadieu says:

      ‘Cause now you ll have nothing to moan about on the social media and to your mates! Arsene left a big hole in your life….time to get back to the other hole!

      1. Ozziegunner says:

        I’m sorry, but many of us on this site followed the Arsenal before Arsene Wenger and will continue under a new manager. Very few people like to “moan”, but those of us that care have to try and praise where deserved and criticize where justified. Arsenal was performing poorer each season under the current management.

    4. Vanpayslip, Esq - Founder of Iwobi out of Arsenal Trust says:

      Because for some of us we were deep down holding onto a 0.0001% hope that he would turn it around.

    5. Bookie says:

      Can’t put my finger on the feeling…

  6. tony says:

    board told him to step down bcos they didnt want to sack the long serving manager.this is one type of sacking

    1. Maks says:

      Yes, he lost his charm, he lost part of his greatness so better now then another year of shame.

    2. Arnold says:

      Agree, what came out of his mouth yesterday “i am not concern of fans attendance” speed up his exist process he was gonna go any way but arsenal management has to do ‘damage’ control and force him to come out early – he really put a nail on his coffin when he came out with statements like that was just simply going to get worse

  7. barryglik says:

    I am not sorry to the see
    the back of Wenger.
    He stayed ten years too long.
    Now that Wenger is going I hope
    Kroenke and Gazidiz will follow him out the door.

    1. GB says:

      They won’t because they are the change that is happening.

  8. sol says:

    For the first question, the answer is clear, I think but it is not going to be officially reported….the fans did it! and club owners know that too….a simple cost-benefit analysis…shall we let Wenger out or shall we leave arsenal….the decision is arsenal is our milking cow go Wenger go.
    the second question is what is important. we need a manager who immediately impacts so that we could not bother about transition stages-which is too difficult.
    But with great respect chaw Wenger!

    1. RSH says:

      theres so much rot in the squad and it’s going to take more than one season to fix it. A transition is impossible to avoid after letting go of someone who was in charge for 2 decades.

  9. Gelz says:

    Only just heard the news and whether its Wenger or the boards choice, it was needed. I’m happy that he’s stepped down, but also a little sad as we can all remember what he brought and achieved for us in his first 10 years.

  10. Jeremy says:

    There is likely to be some downtime before we get going again. There are still thrash players to be rid off as well.

    The rebuilding effort needed will be financially massive. I will not trust Kroenke to spend so freely though.

    Now we can finally be united in our thoughts, with AW leaving us. Time for reconciliation of the fans.

  11. AB says:

    So happy…let’s get a manager with a winning mentality…

  12. Taiwo says:

    Finally Arsene did the needful and certainly there’s is going to be a price to pay but in all there’s a need for an urgent end to the Wenger’s era.
    Manchester United paid the price so why not Arsenal, no disrespect to what Arsene means to our beloved club but a separation is imminent and the only solution for the situation at hand. No regrets but I’m only trying to see what face he will wear for the rest of the season.
    Good times are here and it can only get better. Finally ” Wenger out ” is a reality.

  13. AWadieu says:

    Calm down mate. My reply is not to you but to Muffy…he is a good sport!

  14. V.uren says:

    Definitely exciting times ahead I’d say….

    Finally !!!

    But I would love to see him get the send off he deserves , yes it is definitely time to go , but let’s not forget all the great things he did either.

    The disappointing thing for me is if they’d of done this when he should of 2 years ago , you would be picking between klopp or pep to take the reigns …

    Now it’s Tuchel , Rodgers or Rafa ….

  15. John says:

    There has been a quiet transition going on in Arsenal for a while now……..the technical and management team has been strengthened……….now the team is also changing………we have changed strikers……..our midfield will change……our defense and goalkeepers are also going to change……..,

  16. Maks says:

    Ramsey is packing his things! No more daddy Wenger…

  17. Tas says:

    Will Arsen have the last lough by playing his last joker card and to leave with a European trophy?

    I’m suprised that the most secretive manager has chosen now to announce publicly on his desision to leave in the summer, is he scaring the players sycologicly to work their sox of so the next manager who will be keeping an eye on them and at the same time wining the EL

    1. Maks says:

      Better now or to be sacked after Atletico.
      I hope we ll do a miracle but cards are on their side.

  18. Break-on-through says:

    Some thought is going to have to go into the next manager choice besides what he has achieved. The type of football for one but am thinking about Aubameyang and Lacazette. Allot of managers like a striker who others work off of. These two aren’t ideal for that but their finishing is tops. It’s not easy to get the best strikers so us having Auba makes a difference to the manager choice. He’s not gonna be sold because another one like him won’t be easily signed. Ozil too comes into it, some managers prob don’t like the idea of player like him, I don’t think Pep would use/sign him for one, but at the same time signing a big name like him could prove difficult in future. I’m not keen on us going with an ex player, would love some of them as coaches but not in that hot seat. They get no support from above, and will have a budget, they’ll need to make smart choices so us being their first big job does not fill me with optimism.

  19. Avenger says:

    I have a big party this week end …thanks God finally he is leaving….. .long live Arsenal Club!!!
    He was fired ……for ever…

  20. vale says:

    a new era for arsenal

  21. Aeontisty says:

    I hope and pray Wenger bows out with a trophy

    1. Sydney says:

      So happy, best news for Arsenal in a long time, we look forward with optimism and see the changes we all have been crying for – bringing in top class players and clearing dead wood ( Wilshire, Ramsay, Mustafi,Welbeck Cech) etc We may not do overnight but I can’t wait for next season.

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