Exclusive – Arsenal legend says Tottenham faves for Top 4 , but 5th or 6th is still progress

Arsenal have left themselves a hill to climb to still make the Champions League places, and despite Tottenham losing to Brighton they are still in pole position to finish in Fourth place. The Arsenal legend Michael Thomas has supported Mikel Arteta right through the season, but although it looks like we have thrown away the chance to be in the Champions League next season, the fans should still be happy if we still finish in the Top Six.

Michael Thomas told JustArsenal: “Given the games Tottenham have left and the form that they’re in, it looks as though they have the edge in finishing top 4. It is going to be really hard for Arsenal and the next 3 weeks are crucial. Winning against Tottenham, United and West Ham are crucial but a massive ask.

“Finishing 5th or 6th is probably where the fans and club envisioned it at the beginning of the season so it will be progress, but when you can see that there is a massive opportunity to progress a step further then at the same time it can be seen as a disappointment. What is of huge importance will be the summer window and the right players need to be brought in.”

The fact is that Arteta has had a massive clearout of players, and although he brought in six players last summer, we certainly don’t have enough depth to be able to cope with all the extra games that we will get if we arre in Europe.

He made in clear that we have only halfway through his rebuilding project, so this summer will be massive for the club. Let’s hope that Arteta and Edu bring in another bunch of young talents to help us improve next season.

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  1. The excuse used to be we have moved into a new stadium, then it was we are in transition and now it is “progress.”
    The crap we have been fed since we last won the league which is coming on to 20 years is unbelievable.
    I honestly believe we are the best supporters in the country because we pay the highest ticket prices and still stick by the team we love.
    There is no ambition and complacency from board level that cascades all the way down to the players.
    We need a winning mentality if we are ever going to “progress” as they keep mentioning, and I cant pick out anyone at the club who has this characteristic. At this rate any European football next season will be a miracle and what will be unacceptable is someone from the club telling us that is a good thing.

  2. If we get top 4 its a great success.
    Top 6 is quite satisfactory.
    Is Conference league good enough?
    Its balanced on a knife edge.
    Fun though 🙂

  3. From one the largest squad in the league to one of the thinnest squad in less than 3 years is miraculous.. Arteta’s contract should be renewed already only a genius can do that while making close to nothing from those players who were at worst top 8 players and playing in Europe…
    Last season many felt he needed this season to show what he can do reason being that
    He has gained experience after 1 and half season with us
    2. He needed more of his players for us to see what he can do
    3. No European football will give him the time he needs to work with the team and stamp his style
    4. The fans have cherry picked the start of arsenal been second in the league towards the end of last season and felt that finally Arteta have figured it out and we can only move upwards
    Fair enough he wasn’t sacked and he was immensely supported despite not making money for the club through player sale to help facilitate his process
    Now once again everything is crumbling and I can’t help but keep wondering despite all that has happened though this time mostly self inflicted majority still wants to give him another season and another war chest.
    Then I am wondering, if we could afford all this then what was the plan if Arteta needs that much stars to perform then why are people seeing him as someone special..
    To me Arteta needs to step down
    Go somewhere where there is no money or little money, where he needs to work with the squad he have, push himself and try to develop the team(only then will his man management will improve immensely or he will continue to learn the hard way at the detriment of our club) that he has rather than looking to the transfer window for solutions. This is the experience that most managers have passed through which have made them better manager and that is what Arteta is lacking

    1. Very good point.
      When you have non experience and you were supported with 250m plus, then you are ought to have perform.
      If he was managing an average team, he won’t even get up to 50m in all those years to spend.
      Meaning he will have to manage this he resources he has .
      I have never seen any manager at his category manage at such a big club.
      But maybe our board accepted that we are not big anymore so they are able to settle with Arteta.
      Lampard who was one of the greatest chealse player had derby to manage, zidan was coaching Madrid un23 and was assistant to ancelloti, pep managed at la masia, Rooney is managing at derby, klopp had Mainz to manage.
      Alex Ferguson had one an European competition before he was appointed, Rodgers managed Swansea before he went to Liverpool.
      The list are endless.
      You won’t find a non manage without experience at the top club.

  4. Having appointed an inexperienced coach, three years is adequate for learning on the job.

    He must get his acts right within this time frame, ofcourse anything beyond top six is unacceptable.

    Of all the three virtues
    Humble, Hungry and Smart

    Their is one I haven’t quite put my fingers around.

  5. Let’s not forget that it took Klopp four seasons (exactly 3 years and 8 months) to win a trophy at Liverpool, and now look at them.

    I know plenty of Liverpool fans that wanted Klopp out long before that CL win, especially going into his fourth season trophyless.

    Klopp inherited a far better situation than Arteta, and had way more experience, yet the club and the fans still had to be extremely patient…and were eventually rewarded. Now imagine where the club would be if they had sacked him after those first 2/3 seasons?

    I’m not saying Arteta is definitely the right guy, but are we seeing progress? Yes! Like Klopp, I still think we need to give him a little more time.

  6. If we end up with 55 goals scored, 45 goals conceded, 61 points and 5-6th place in an easier year, than I can’t help you understand what averageness is and and the meaning of the word progress!

  7. No it is not progress arsenal FC are the one of the biggest most famous clubs in world football the mindset of some supporters is mind boggling. 5th 6th is progress deary me! Would united Liverpool or city call these crap performances progress? They would be out on the street protesting and we are making songs about Arteta and calling him the best looking Spaniard we know and he’s taking us to the champions league, he and the club are taking us for mugs!

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