Exclusive – Michael Thomas discusses the shock Arsenal takeover bid and the Super League

Hi everyone. Let’s forget about the football for a moment, as everyone is talking about the expected buyout bid by Daniel Ek to try and get control of Arsenal FC.

The expected bid did come as a bit of a shock as I am very aware that the current owners are into keeping their investments for the long haul. I think the bid will be welcomed by the fans and is obviously being endorsed by some of our top ex-players.

Despite the turmoil around the game since the start of the pandemic, when it comes to Stan Kroenke I don’t think he is interested in selling the club, and why would he be? If he’s not going to sell then the club is in dire need of big investment this summer, so hopefully either way this will be the case.

The Kroenkes big Sports portfolio means that they surely have been hit harder than most by the ongoing pandemic, by not having paying customers into his stadiums to watch any events. Maybe that could have an effect on his thoughts on the takeover proposal, but I believe the fans’ backlash will have the biggest impact on his decision. I believe, along with Arsenal currently on a downward spiral, that this could be the ideal time for them to sell if that was going to be the case.

Also, the failure of the projected Super League would be another setback for the owner. The fans may have been able to nip in in the bud this time, but it is only a matter of time before something similar will be put in place, either with UEFA’s blessing or not, but the fact is that Football needs competition. If the competition is not available to all then what does it matter? Of course it will generate the SL clubs a large amount of money, but what motivation will the clubs then have to build their squads if they’re guaranteed to be there anyway. I don’t think this proposed version will ever come to fruition, but UEFA will probably adjust their competitions to try and reach a compromise.

But if a version of the Super League DOES go ahead in future, questions will be asked on if Arsenal even deserve a place at the top table. I am not sure what the exact requirements were to be in the proposed competition, but nothing should be given if not earned. Arteta needs time and funds but I do think he is the man for the job going forwards.

But if Arsenal continue to not make progress the club will no longer be profitable anyway. In any business if you believe in the product, you invest and make a larger profit. They need to invest like all the other top clubs, or you will see them falling way behind.


In regards to the Villarreal game last week, I thought the first half performance was way below par. There was no life in the team and the starting 11 looked out of sorts and unbalanced. Martinelli should have started at number 9 with the solid base of Elneny and Partey behind him. The second half was much better but again stupid mistakes cost us but overall I thought we will be happy with the result and can be confident going into the home tie on Thursday.

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Michael Thomas

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      1. I prefer a technologist like Ek as Arsenal owner than business oligarchs like Abramovich, Sheikh Mansour, MBS and Dangote. Spotify is not as stable as the fossil fuel corporations, but at least Ek didn’t rely on nepotism to build his business from zero and his business isn’t as polluting as oil refinery/ cement industries

      2. Michael Thomas you are an Arsenal hero. A legend. So on the one hand I bow to you, but on the other hand I disagree. Arteta is not the right man for Arsenal. But that is OK. What you did at Anfield was one of the GREAT moments of football.

  1. As the Good Lord says time will tell if Ek buys the club there will be ONE hell of a shake up mark my words heads will roll

  2. As A lifelong Arsenal supporter-I feel we need somebody with a lot of money to inject into the club,not only for today, but for many ongoing years.I don’t think Ek fit that profile!

  3. If he’s having to borrow the money to buy Arsenal, as seems likely, where is the money coming from to buy players?

  4. Hey!
    What a pleasant surprise, Arsenal great, legend, and Liverpool nightmare of the 1989 title, writes to gooners.
    Ooooooh! I hail you.

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