Exiled ex-Gunner backs Arteta to return Arsenal ‘where they belong’

Shkodran Mustafi has shocked some circles by taking to social media to back Arsenal and manager Mikel Arteta.

The defender was allowed to leave the Emirates in January on a free transfer, despite still being under contract until the end of the term.

His exit alongside the likes of Sead Kolasinac and Mesut Ozil was viewed as important decisions to improve the morale around the squad, but the defender’s comments on social media may well prove that he wasn’t a part of the problem.

Mustafi doesn’t appear to have any angst against our club, nor with manager Mikel Arteta, although Mesut Ozil’s social media posts prior to his exit in North London were also positive, with many believing that there was an alterior motive behind them.

Ozil was completely frozen out by Arteta, with the German even excluded from both the Europa and Premier League playing squads back in September, while he took to social media to act out with excessive praise.

While it could be that Mustafi simply wasn’t needed in the first-team squad, the timing of his exit alongside the other two did appear to link them, especially as the defender joined Sead Kolasinac at Bundesliga side Schalke.

Do we believe that Mustafi should have no bad feeling against Arsenal? Could he have been one of the bad eggs within the squad?


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  1. I would not take much notice of ‘Mistake Man’ How many games that ‘Mistake Man’ lost us is hard to figure….but it’s a lot. He was nervous and not good enough. Many players are not good enough and Arsenal have quite a few. The icing on the cake is Willian….who collects his wages and thanks god for his unbelievable good fortune. Who is responsible for paying £200,000 a week for that……….Mr Edu?

  2. Mustafi is right and is worring about the performance and the club at large .arsenal as ateam dosent belong to 8th .

  3. Mustafi was a failure, Arteta is a failure. Sadly many Arsenal fans live with the fantasy of ‘Hope’ and that was all that was left in Pandora’s box, mental imagination not facts. Fantasy rather than reality. Arteta is the Dido Harding of football, a nobody conning his way, hypnotising the vulnerable. Luckily facts don’t match his big talk and he will be gone soon.

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