Expect an underwhelming summer because every top player wants European football.

Arsenal has reached a new low after failing to qualify for Europe for the first time in 25 years.

This season promised so much at the start after we beat Liverpool in the Community Shield and Fulham in our first league game of the season.

It is understandable that we all dreamt of a top-four finish. We would even have accepted a Europa League finish, but Mikel Arteta’s team did the unthinkable.

I have never seen a manager that has been given more support without the record to justify it as Arteta has.

The former midfielder is using the Arsenal job to learn how to manage a club even though we hate to admit it.

Now that he has taken us backwards with the excuse of “rebuilding” the team, we are in a worse state than we ever were.

Arsenal wants to sign the best players and some fans have even been protesting that they want that.

The Kroenke family has agreed to splash the cash and that is something to be excited about, but I’m not because I don’t see us signing top players.

The best players in the world want to compete in Europe and we cannot offer that to them.

I have lowered my expectation for the next transfer window because I am sure that we will end up with players that we deserve because of our current standing in European football.

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  1. We can still attract top players with London life and big salary, but we should assess the players’ mentality first

    However, we don’t need divas and we should find less popular players with better work ethics instead. The summer transfer is going to be a big challenge for our scouting system

  2. Lack of European football can be overcome by very good scouting and excellent negotiation.. bring in good young talent for small fees .. develop them and sell them for huge fees to Real, Barca, PSG and the like…this will improve our finances

    1. Take a good look at the Arsenal Academy first.
      Also compare how many players Arsenal has earning wages of £100k or more per week compared to the other clubs in the EPL, particularly those finishing above. The wage structure needs urgent attention.

  3. Arteta is the manifestation of Kroenke ownership. No wonder they have kept him to the surprise of everyone.

    1. Could you imagine if they kept him for well over a decade of failure? Oh no wait, that already happened!

      1. ThirdManJW, get a life dude. Wenger is gone for some time now but you still can not stop your self to take a dig at him every now and then. How is the mid table and out of Europe life treating you? Where we are today is bacause of fans like you who took everything for granted and now finding out grass is not green on the other side but instead of accepting you were wrong still try hard to throw mud on one of the greatest manager of all time. Get over it. Go and support your clown manager Arteta because you deserve him.

  4. Very naive thinking. Players sign for money, that’s it. The only reason they mention trophies is coz it would have been quite awkward if they said “Hi boys, am here for your money!”

    1. I think the best ones for us right now will want a pathway towards being a top player (rather than just a big salary right now) – EPL is a great platform for that, but they’d want to be in a team where they have a good chance of playing a lot and where they would fit in and play well.

  5. It is unclear what will be our transfer policy. It is not only about spending money. Even now Arsenal have spent £400 million on the current squad that had actually started the season. Aubameyang, Pepe and Lacazette cost £177 million.
    We have already seen, some of our youngsters are far better than the journeyman, we have had in the past.
    One fallacy that the media have been promoting, is players only join for European football !

    This may apply to Messi and Ronaldo, but if you pay a playera lots of money, they will definitely join. No club can guarantee European football after the first season apart from the Super rich (PSG, Man City and Chelsea) and the top elite clubs Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern. Even Liverpool and Man United have had problems in the past.
    Despite Kroenke’s poor ownership, particularly their lack of interest, poor management and their lack of Knowledge of football and Arsenal’s heritage. Arsenal are still a big attraction to many overseas players.
    The issue is recruitment, continuing to develop our younger players.

    Change of ownership I believe would certainly help, having people who actually love the club and understand football.

  6. There are affordable and Very good players in Portuguese league, Holland eredivisie ,Austrian league, Czech league , Norwegian and french league ..

    All we need is a good scouting system like the leipzigs, dortmunds, Leicester etc..

    I know of a talented berghuis playing for feyernoord , just to name a few..

    Soucek and coufal from Czech leagues doing well in EPL, the talented portuguese lads at wolves just to name a few..

    It’s time to unearth hidden gems to compete again…

    1. Good idea from you but players coming from lesser known leagues need to be surrounded by Experienced winners in a team!!
      Ronaldo came to Man Utd in 2003 to join d likes of Giggs, Scholes, Ferdinand, etc..He was later joined by Anderson, J.S Park, Nani n others from outside leagues…
      We don’t have such Veteran winners in our teams, dats y I root for the EPL experience players such as Wilfred Zaha, Y. Bissouma, Raul Jinemez..
      Also Andre Silva!!
      Dat Guy is a Clinical scorer of Goals!!

      1. Spot on Vinnie…but these guys would be expensive and we already have experienced players like auba ,partey, xhaka of he is not sold and a solid talented core of young English players like Ferguson had with giggs,Keane,scholes back then…

        We need hungry talented players like fernandes to replace the deadwoods…since we can’t and are not ready to get a hungry and ambitious coach like tuchel or owner like abrahamovic…

        We have to switch to mid table team strategies for now.. talented cheap guys to sell for huge funds to buy stars later

    2. These guys would be attracted to playing in the EPL and London..

      Berghuis MF 29yrs…stats for last season 33 matches 19 goals , 13 assists valued at 12 million euros also plays for the national team…

      Pedro goncalves AMF 22yrs (sporting Lisbon)…
      33 matches 23 goals valued at 13.5million pounds, the lad is as decisive as Bruno fernandes, heard Liverpool are interested .

      Lassina traore CF 20 yrs (Ajax)..
      12 matches 7goals 6 assists valued at 6.5 million euros, I remember haaland was once valued this cheap…the lad had scored 4goals in a single match before…..

      Philipp max LB 27yrs(psv)
      31 matches
      5 goals 8 assists valued at 16m euros , played 3 matches for German national team..

      Luis diaz LM 24 yrs (Porto)
      30matches 6 goals 5 assists valued at 16.2 million pounds…

      Followed these guys for a while now,
      no media buzz around these guys instead we are linked with Sterling and toney which won’t happen

      We really need to get serious as a club

      1. instrooments👍 It’s hard to get serious, when the Club has become a joke, but a journey of 1000 miles starts with a single step.

        1. Ozziegunner…it’s quite sad that we have found ourselves in this situation….

          I thought with the way our season ended, we would be the ones making all the early moves before transfer fees skyrocket…

          Same old same delayed activity then settling for pointless loans.

          1. Instrooments, talking about pointless loans, I hope they are not considering a 3rd. Ceballos loan. We need to start concentrating on building our own team for the future not tinkering around the edges with other clubs cast-offs.

  7. When are we going to splash the cash? Liverpool have already signed Ibrahima Konate already. They knew who they needed. Do Edu and Arteta know who we need? It’s June and the Euro’s are on. When the *+$@ are we going to sign who we ‘KNOW’ we need….or do Edu and Arteta not know who they want? During the Euro’s a month of the transfer window will disappear. It’s becoming a slapstick comedy at Arsenal. Where are the players we need?

    1. Arteta and Edu are busy turning Arsenal into the Fawlty Towers. They are both out of their depths. An ambitious club would surely have fired both, but the passionless ownership is okay with dross management at every level.

  8. European football is just one season away, if the new players do their job. Then they have deserved Europe by themselves. That’s a plus.

  9. Same old, same old isn’t it? It’s the Euros and the market will be inflated, or we have to sell players to buy players, or Arsenal are only looking for the very best, and before we know it, it’s a World Cup year and the market is once again highly inflated. Meanwhile Edu is probably busily contacting his agent, Brazilian connections to see if there is another William type deal to manipulate, while Arteta is more focused on getting rid of troublesome elements like,Gandeuzi or Saliba because they don’t respect him enough. A horror show waiting to repeat itself.

  10. well3…its absolutely devastating to see our club in such a mess. No fan base in the world have been treated like us. Subsequently, this fan base has the highest patience level. We deserve at least some respect for all the heartache and devastation that we constantly feel for the last 15 years or so. Lets hope the top guys understands this and hopefully something is in the pipeline to excite all us fans.

  11. We spent 28 million pounds on William Saliba a couple of seasons ago. As part of the deal, we allowed him stay at St. Etienne for another season. Then Emery got himself fired for underperforming, Arteta was hired, the pandemic hit, there were lockdowns across Europe, and the season in France was called off. However, Saliba had helped his boyhood team to the French Cup Final, and asked for permission to stay in France to play ONE more game. Instead of just saying, “Of course” like normal human beings, we dragged it out and eventually refused. Imagine how hurt he must have felt.

    Then the new campaign rolls around, and after seeing him in two pre-season appearances whiles he’s coming off injuries and all, Arteta decides the kid isn’t ready and needs to go out on loan again. When the loan falls through, Arteta makes the conscious decision not to register Saliba as an Arsenal player for the 2020/21 season. Forget all the lies about “paperwork”. The plain truth is that as Saliba’s loan to France was not completed before the European transfer deadline, he was 100% available to be registered for European competition, and we didn’t register him. Subsequently, he is available to be registered for domestic competition (thanks to a longer British transfer window) and, again, Arteta chooses not to register him. Instead, Arteta registers Mustafi (who he eventually pays off to leave in January) and costs Saliba half a season of development.

    Right now, Saliba has lit up Ligue Un with his defensive abilities, coming in close to the top of most statistical categories despite not playing there for a full season, and instead of making ready to welcome him home and integrate him into the squad, Arteta and Edu are openly pursuing another young defender, and there is apparently no one at board level telling them to cut out the nonsense when there is a 28 million pound asset waiting to be utilised. In fact, given his performance in France, it is quite likely that Saliba’s value has gone up.

    It is simply the most disgraceful, unprofessional fiasco I have ever witnessed in my 25+ years of being a Gooner. In my opinion, the Willian debacle is a distant second.

    So, given the way Edu and Arteta have treated one of the club’s most promising players, you would have to be clinically insane to expect anything other than utter mediocrity from them this summer, especially given the apparent egotistical nonsense Arteta has been allowed to get away with all season.

    1. One can only agree, MrBure. David Dein must be tearing his hair out and glad he hasn’t been able to use his box at home games.

    2. And imagine the impact Arsenal’s treatment of William Saliba has had on other young French footballing prospects looking on!

    3. couldnt have said it better. the way this club is being run is disgusting and disgraceful. They’re all clowns. Edu, Arteta, Vini, Kroenkes. We just seem to get one bad egg after another with the stench of the kroenke’s around because they dont give a single damn about the club. I cant stand what is happening. Every day i am hoping there is news of them wanting to sell the club.

    4. Absolutely spot on MrBure. Arteta is more like Basil Fawlty than Arsenal manager. Oh I forgot “He’s from Barcelona”.

  12. It will be underwhelming in that very few Clubs will have the resources to buy players .Loans are likely to be a major feature of the summer transfer window with very few big money buys emerging as Clubs struggle to make ends meet as a result of the financial impact of the Pandemic.

  13. We definitely wont get the players we really want, we are out of Europe and Arteta isn’t any draw for top players. Add to that the clubs plight and standing.

  14. I know lots always try to remain positive and optimistic about our signings in the transfer window and our general movement towards being in a better state..

    However I’m not one;) I don’t want to be negative for the sake of it truly I don’t (I wish there was reason for optimism) HOWEVER seeing as neither the owner or manager has changed and history has shown both to be less that earth shattering in terms of vision especially in terms of SKs inept custody and minimal investment in our clubs team..then I have very little ‘faith’ (because that’s all it is) of how things will be improved.

    I hope I’m wrong but season after season history seems to repeat itself.

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