Expect more protests from Arsenal fans over ticket prices

There has always been more discontent over prices of Season tickets and entrance fees at Arsenal, not only because we are the most expensive football ground to visit in the world, but because we get less rewards, in terms of trophies, for the outrageous prices our club charges.

There now seems to be more willingness amongst the grass roots of the game to get their feelings heard, and Liverpools mass walkout last week could be just the beginning of more widely orchestrated protests amongst fan groups.

Entrance fees are just a small part of any clubs income, and with the new £5 billion television deal for the Premier League, the Football Supporters’ Federation feel that some of that benefit should be trickled down to real supporters via cheaper entrance fees.

The chairman of the FSF, Kevin Miles, said: “The FSF will be convening a meeting of representatives of supporters’ organisations across the Premier League to discuss the next steps in the campaign. There are a number of options,”

“The Liverpool walkout very successfully highlighted the whole issue of the affordability of football and the clubs need to be made to listen.”

Among the other options the groups will consider is a protest against club sponsors, who Miles said “may be more sensitive to public opinion than some intransigent club owners appear to be.”

It will certainly be interesting to see what ideas they come up with, but with Arsenal fans getting their way over the “Barcelona surcharge” I am sure there will be many Gooners willing to protest at the Emirates…

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  1. Protests will achieve little
    with massive demand.
    The Arsenal season ticket
    waiting list exceeds 90,000.
    Player and management salaries
    are up to 190 million pound per annum.
    In the mid 70’s it was 1 pound for
    the standing terrace.
    9 pound in today’s money.
    Things move on I guess
    + thankfully there is TV coverage.

    1. 90 000 waiting list is not important at all for the surcharge protest. The current season ticket holders have to organize a massive protest, so they can know they are doing all in their power to oppose the cancer of the club.
      Even if there is that long of a waiting list, people that really love Arsenal should do extreme things to keep the club’s identity alive. Even if it means buying season tickets, but not appearing on the stands, thus ruining clubs reputation among the sponsors. Whatever it takes, guys, we are becoming the English St Louis Rams and that means no titles and even dearer ticket prices.
      Your move season ticket holder.

  2. Oxlade went though a period were I have to feel for the lad, he would make one or two completely off passes and they would get punished, every time it seemed. I started to think about it when watching Campbell in his last two starts. He made I cant even tell you how many completely off passes but they weren’t getting punished, he wasn’t the only one but he stood out for me. I think maybe Campbell chased back and helped retrieve the ball a wee bit better than Ox did, but mostly I think it was just plain luck …bad choices/good choices from the countering team.

  3. @Trevor
    My father hid me under his coat to get through the turnstiles to see the Arsenal in the northbank in 1948 when I was 5rys old. Been a gooner since then.Never changed my allegiance. But I do reserve the right to criticise the Arse when they need criticising.

  4. Fans should realize that they cannot get both so called world class players and low prices for the football experience. You want a competitive league you then pay premium prices. As a matter of fact the money coming into the league through TV deals will only benefit players and their agents because their demand in the EPL goes up and so are their prices and salaries. We have already seen reason of such with clubs bursting their transfer records in search of average players. Only in January, Stoke City spend 19 million pounds on some Imbula guy.

    The expenditures of the EPL clubs will do nothing to improve their league positions but are inflation where one has to run fast to stay where they are. Most clubs will be relegated after spending millions on players, because by convention three clubs have to be relegated at the end of the season. The only benefit will be to close the gap between the top four and Europa clubs, and the gap between all the teams across the league.

    For a club to then go an extra mile, it has to any revenues elsewhere other than the TV money. Man City and Chelsea get that extra revenue from sugar daddies, while Man United gets extra revenue from commercial deals. Arsenal’s extra revenues are a combination of commercial deals and ticket prices. That is the reality fans have to face.

    By the way Loverpool and Tottenham had the most expensive tickets on average based on stats released by Sky Sports early in the season. The ticket prices for these clubs are set to go up as they try to build new stadia.

    1. Then tell my why does Arsenal have dearer ticket than manure,azure plastic and chelski? Does Arsenal pay bigger wages? Does Arsenal owe money for the stadium? Did Wenger overspend on the transfer market? Did Arsenal lose out on a major sponsorship? Didn’t think so. So tell me then, why is an Arsenal matchday ticket the most expensive IN THE WORLD?????

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