Opinion – Experience and not youth should be the focus for Arsenal

Experience is what will get Arsenal through the tough times.

Arsenal has named a new manager mid-season for the first time in a long time and while Mikel Arteta has a transfer window in front of him, he cannot really do much this time around.

That is partly because he hasn’t had the time to fully study his squad and to know what needs to be fixed. He also probably wouldn’t be guaranteed enough funds to buy the quality players he needs this month anyway.

Next summer’s transfer window would be the important one as Arteta will be making signings that he feels can help him play the style of football that he wants to implement.

I do not know the plans that Arteta has for his team as they would be looking to at least end next season inside the top four, however, I believe one of the biggest mistakes Arsenal could make would be to prioritise signing talented expensive young players.

Talented players make teams tick and they can even help teams win things, however, it is the experienced heads that usually pull teams through when it gets tough.

Arsenal will be partaking in at least three competitions next season and it will most likely take a couple of seasons for Arteta to implement his vision fully. There will still be tough times ahead as the rebuild takes place.

However, spending money on experienced players almost guarantees consistency for much of the season which is how success is attained.

Many experienced players are always available and they will be in the summer. In fact, there are a good few available right now, Edison Cavani for example and Arsenal could do a lot worse than sign the experienced PSG hitman.

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  1. Lets stop making excuses
    I think Arteta already has all the experience and talent he needs in the squad.
    Emery finished 2 points behind 3rd in PL.
    Emery made the EL final in his first season.
    Below is that team.

    Socritis Koscielny Monreal
    AMN Kolasinac
    Torreira Xhaka
    Lacazette Aubameyang

    Subs used:Iwobi Guendouzie Willock
    8 players of the starting line up remain.
    Luiz/Pablo can replace Koz. Leno can replace Cech. Tierney can replace Monreal.
    We have also brought in Pepe Martinelli + Bellerin is back.
    Bench can include
    Martinez AMN/Bellerin Holding Mari/Luiz Ceballos Saka
    Pepe Martinelli Willock Nketiah Nelson Mustafi
    23 players with plenty of talent experience and youth.
    So I think it is perfectly reasonable we should win the EL this May.
    5th place(like Emery) is easily achievable (especially with a much stronger squad)
    Anything less would be seen as a step back from Emery.

    1. I can see Agu eman has changed his name to stevo after disappearing for so long especially after the man utd game. We were a lot worse off that team that finished 5th by the time emery was sacked. So you have no point there mate.. At least we can see positive signs with Arteta. There were no signs at all under emery at some point. The atmosphere was too toxic, he had to be shown the backdoor. Without achieving nothing this season, Arteta has already shown that with better players, he can compete with Liverpool and city

  2. I disagree. Experience doesn’t mean anything. If we look at man utd class of 92 most of them were inexperienced and fergie was able to mould them into a unit. Same with Monaco when they were on fire in 2016/2017. Same with Ajax recently.

    I think there is a big difference between experience and leadership. Players like luiz are experienced but lack leadership. I miss ramsey and Wilshire as they had leadership and passion. Again ozil is experienced but lacks leadership.

    I think we need a real solid leader at CB. Guys like Toure and sol Campbell were the last time we had real dominant strong leading CBs and that is when we were at our best

    1. The class of 92 was a small bunch of kids 5 or 6 if I remember, but the squad in general was experienced. It’s not too dissimilar to ours. The big difference is the quality and as u say leadership. Arteta is no fergie and as u say we do not have a captain that has those leadership skills.

      There are not many of those type around personally I think we got the wrong player from Chelsea. We spent 8m on luiz when we could have got Cahill on a free.

      Even now we are looking at the wrong types because of financial restrictions.

      Let’s not be too downhearted, the squad was improved this summer, it’s just the manager lost his way when the going got tough. But to be fair he wasn’t doing any worse than ljungberg or arteta, it’s just the mood that has changed not the win %. Only 3 teams have less defeats than us. Liverpool[0] City and Wolves[5 each] But only 2 teams have won less. If we had turned half of our drawn matches into wins that would have been an extra 12 points and put us easily in the top 4. That is how close the margin is.

      I think the solution will come this summer. With many players entering their last year the like of Macey, Mustafi, Sokratis, Luiz, Elneny, Mkhitaryan, Ozil and Aubameyang all possibly set for moves. Whilst Martinez, chambers, Mavropanos, Kolasinac, Xhaka, Guendozi, nketiah and Lacazette will be in their last 2 years. That is more than half the squad whose contracts will have 2 years or less.

      1. Fergie wasn’t an instant success when he came to united it took him a good few years to get to that level a lot of fans don’t seem to remember that fact, hence we need to support our coach with time and the right players he is going to take this club to new heights.

    2. experience is required….you need at least 2 or 3 players in the team

      they do not have to be over 30 years old

      a player who have played for at least 5 to 6 season can be considered as an experienced player

      a player who is 25 or 26 can be considered experience too

      Man Utd class 92 has 2 or 3 experience players such as Teddy, Andrew, Dwight and etc..

      the same can be said for Monaco….

      The teams you have mentioned have core players and have played together for at least 2 years….

      Comparing to ours…..we have no core players and which player in the first 11 has played together for 2 season in the first team?

      1. The debate should end experience or youth with both.The debate should be experienced committed players or experienced callous players.Unfortunately AFC has more of the latter then the former.Hence we are so low in the table as per our standards.How come Sheff Utd. are above us?It is due to the commitment and nothing more. If the player is committed on the pitch he plays irrespective of any affiliation or he his kicked out,even the bench needs committed players. Sad but true,the Arsenal of today does not have the cojones to dump the experienced callous players.

  3. You mean “ experienced players” like Ozil?Or David Luiz?Or Mustafi?Instead of,let’s say,Martinelli?How is that going to work out?Hear that Van Persie is tempted to come out of retirement-bags of experience,why not?I perfectly remember how much help was the experience of Lichtsteiner…

    1. Lichtsteiner may not perform extremely well….score 100 goals, assist 200 times or intecept 10000 times

      A player experience can be imparted or contribute in many other forms…

      a sports team need experience players whether on the pitch or coming on as a sub to provide the guidance, advice and etc.

      If you have played any tean sports in life you will know

  4. Football is now throwing up very different types of players. Players like Luiz, Mustafi, Xhaka, Socratis just don’t have the athleticism of modern players. Times are moving on. If experience means a lack of intensity, power and domination we can do without it. Players like Ozil are out of date and belong to a bygone generation not relevant to the modern athletic, intense game. Except for Santi Cazorla our little magician. There’s always a place for a wizard.

  5. exactly.

    you need a group of players playing together…to form the core

    Most fans think it is that easy like a video game

    our back 4 is almost brand new…how are they going to build up coordination with our brand new midfield?

  6. The important thing is that the owner and Board support Arteta, in scouting and recruiting the players (regardless of age and experience, but based on ability) he requires to fit the system and phylosophy Arteta wants Arsenal to play.
    This didn’t happen for Emery as Head Coach, who was provided with players to coach scouted and recruited by others. We all saw how that panned out.

  7. Only a team…..a group molded into one with one focus and determination wins …that’s what Arteta likely wants…… that’s what he got in our last game…I don’t hope for much this season but ……we are on to reclaim our top spots …..a new Wenger is in ……MA….

  8. Experience means paying £50-£100m, youth means £7-£20m. At this stage the focus should be on youth and give them the experience in the field. Maybe not such a quick return but the longer term benefits are obvious.

  9. It should be a mix of experience and youth. Both are important to the success of the team. The most important factors either in experience or youth are:commitment, desire, motivation and passion

  10. Why aren’t we trying to buy matic from Manchester United or at least get him for free in summer more size and presence in midfielder is needed then get doucoure from Watford as well plus grealish then we would dominate all teams.

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