‘Experience has nothing to do with age’ – Mourinho tips Saka to start Euro 2020 final

Jose Mourinho has claimed that he expects Arsenal’s Bukayo Saka to start the Euro 2020 final against Italy come Sunday.

The 19 year-old has been his club’s best player for over a season now, as highlighted by his Arsenal Player of the Year award for the 20-21 campaign, and has quickly earned a regular role for his country also.

Saka didn’t start the tournament as first-choice however, with Phil Foden initially given the nod on the right of the three-pronged attack, but after the Gunners youngster started against the Czech Republic and picked up the UEFA Star of the Match award, he has been a regular in the side.

Bukayo did miss the win over Ukraine with a knock however, which put his place in doubt ahead of the semi-final with Denmark, but the manager had to issue bringing him back into the starting line-up as he put in another assured performance.

Jose Mourinho has now moved to praise Saka, whilst claiming that he would have no qualms giving Saka the nod once again if he was the England boss.

“I played an 18-year-old player in a Champions League final and he is still the youngest player to score in a Champions League final. No problem,” Mourinho told TalkSPORT.

“Of course we coaches normally we think about all these details but in the end when we make these kind of decisions we are sure of what we are doing and Southgate had no problem to do that, not only with Saka but also with other players giving them chances to play.

“The kid is proving my experience theory, which is experience has nothing to do with age.

“Experience has a lot to do with the way you think, the way you live, and the kid had a good experience in the best league in the world, in the most competitive league in the world, playing at a big club like Arsenal every weekend.

“He is showing great personality and I don’t think Gareth is going to leave him out.”

Would Southgate be mad not to continue with Saka after a number of top performances?


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  1. Just reading the headlines, I thought Jon Fox had written another article!!!! 🦊🦊🦊😂😂😂

    1. Simply put Jon, anyone younger than you hasn’t got your experience, while anyone who disagrees with you also needs your experience – the title of the article was the polar opposite of those views!!!
      As it came from “The Chosen One” it seemed very apt that I thought you had written the article and seen the light, so to speak🙄😂

      As for the contents, I refer you back to manures treble winning squad and with our wonderful group of younger players coming of age, MA couldn’t have asked for a better future – all he has to do, is manage them as Gareth Southgate is doing.

      1. Truly sorry to see – and after all this time Ken – how little you really know of me. And even after all our talks. But I have to suppose that neither of us at our “great ages and long life experiences” should be surprised at that.
        As for MA being able to manage our many exciting younger players, it would be a great help to him and AFC if at least some of those regular would be MA assassinson JA would give him a chance. But they don’t. Sigh!

        1. Jon, surely some light hearted banter doesn’t bother you?
          As for MA, he has this coming season to show us all what he can do and I really do believe that all TRUE supporters wish him all the best in achieving success for our club.

  2. Gary Neville has already backing d man U players to start ahead of him(Rasford/Sancho) but am convinced, Saka is gonna start on Sunday as he deserves it

  3. Speaking as someone who is much surprised, though pleasantly so, that SAKA has played such a large teamrole(I expected him to hardly feature, TBH) it now seems likely that once again Southgate will start with SAKA and sub him at some later stage.
    What is certain is that SAKAS TRANSFER VALUE WILL HAVE MUSHROOMED, during the Euros.

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