Experience isn’t everything – Why I am backing Arteta as Arsenal boss


Hello losers! Ha ha! It is your fellow loser here. Howdy? So it is looking likely that our next football manager will be Mikel Arteta, our former captain who spent the last five years of his playing career with us and is currently the assistant manager to Pep Guardiola, the best damn manager in the world. Surprisingly, I am okay with this appointment. Why? Because the only person that can manage Arsenal and win us the premier league for sure is Pep Guardiola. Since Pep is not available, why not get his assistant to do the job? How bad can Arteta be? He has been understudying Guardiola for two seasons now and knows all the tricks and tactics of the football genius. I am okay with this. Surely, replacing Wenger is going to be a struggle just like replacing Alex Ferguson has been a struggle for Manchester United. So if Arteta’s appointment is the first of what could be a series of hirings and firings until we get the manager that can win it, so be it.

Not only does Arteta know and play the Arsenal way, he has understudied the best in the game. Sounds good to me. A lot is being made of his so called ‘lack of experience’ but what does that even mean, really? Carlo Ancelotti has all the experience in the world and is currently unemployed and Antonio Conte is soon to join him in the job market. The mighty Louis Van Gaal that won trophies in the Netherlands, Spain and Germany is also unemployed after failing to win the premier league with Manchester United. Experience is important but experience is not everything. Sometimes a new pair of eyes is what is needed, and in the premier league the completion is fiercest. Do you guys remember the amount of experience Pep Guardiola had before he was given the job to coach Barcelona, the best ballers on the planet? Let me refresh your memory. Pep Guardiola was coaching Barcelona’s B team before he got the job. Yep. Today, he is the most decorated manager in the game. What an irony.

I don’t know about you but this is one issue I will not be losing sleep over. Every possible name that has been linked with this job comes with no guarantees. Conte built the modern Juventus which Allegri inherited. Before becoming the coach of Juventus, Allegri didn’t win jack with AC Milan. Van Gaal had a blank cheque at Manchester United and the best he could do was fourth place by his third try. I thought we all hated finishing fourth, right? We were ridiculed for over a decade about merely qualifying for champions league. Anceloti comes with no guarantees either or he would still have a job. Let us give Arteta a chance and see what he can do. He is one of us. He is a gunner. And what if he deleted all things Arsenal from his Instagram page? If you got a job at Apple, will you be wearing a Microsoft T Shirt to work? We will support the new manager.

Every great man that ever lived was a rookie once. Somebody had to give them a chance to prove their worth. That includes Pep Guardiola and a certain Arsene Wenger. Arsene who? That’s right. Peace.

Uche Edochie
Lagos – Nigeria


  1. John0711 says:

    Another article on why we should have Arteta brilliant !!

    1. Paul says:

      I second that. Great article, with valid points!
      Whoever is appointed needs the support of the fans. Gunner 4 Life

    2. Anko says:

      How did Uche (the writer) come to her/ his conclusion “not only did Arteta played the Arsenal way he understudied the best in the game” sorry writer, were you in the same coaching team with Arteta, did you know what and who Pep allowed in his tactical room, where you in Man City to understand how their coaching team works, he only have spent 2 years. I think your article is flawed and full of passion and assumptions more than facts. It was alright for Barcelona and Real Madrid to hire Pep and Zidane respectively because they have been on top for a long time, they don’t mind spending large amount of money to get the best players. Arsenal Football Club haven’t been in the same league with them for a long time, we haven’t won our league for ten years, we haven’t competed favourably for a while now. So am really sorry to disagree with the appointment of Arteta. We don’t need to be underdog anymore. There is a reason why people hire people with experience to do their jobs.

      1. Anko says:

        And more so maybe Arteta played his best football at Everton, not in Arsenal. It’s been a while but am sure some fans will remember he wasn’t playing well after a while and he started sitting on the bench, plus he was injured. If you are looking for people that are real red blooded gunners am sure you will find lots of the that will be better qualified, that has a least managed before however small the team is. Now that Arsene is gone we are seeing the true colours of the people behind him. The Board!!!!!!

      2. Uche Edochie says:

        You are missing the point. Every Arsenal supporter should know by now that Arsenal does not operate like any other top club. A top club will approach Pep Guardiola, offer him double his salary and a blank cheque to buy a Neymar or whomever he chooses. We are not that club. Don’t get yourself all worked up for nothing. Arsenal will always do what Arsenal wants and what they want at the moment is to bring in Arteta. I will happily support the appointment of Alegri or Anceloti. But that won’t happen so I will not worry my self to death over it. Whoever gets that job has to prove himself anyway so their pedigree does not make their job safe. Arsenal will not hire Alegri and give him a blank cheque. Okay? So what is the point of going nuts over Arteta? The people who run this club maybe penny pinchers but they are not stupid. They did not fire Wenger so they can replace him with someone worse than Wenger. If you think Arteta’s hiring is whimsical, then you are not paying attention. I am sorry.

        1. Anko says:

          Sorry Uche I am not going nuts, you will be surprised am a Nigerian, you have said what you thought and I am say what I think as a paying customer, I don’t care whoever gets the job so far it is in good faith and not done to say money. That was what Arsene was doing over the years, building and saving money. I kept faith with him because I thought everything will be alright, and while we were worried about results and how badly the team was playing, Arsenal Football Club kept making money. So now that he is gone, I am not doing it again. Your article is flawed because until you are present in the situation you can never say for sure what is happening in the situation. So to say Arteta has studied under the best qualifies him for the jod is absolutely incorrect, and hiring him on that bases will be faulty. Tickets and merchandise at the Emirates are one of the most expensive.

          1. Angus says:

            Arteta is not being hired to save money. Allegri wants to stay at Juve a team with top players, wins the league every year and is not only in the CL but has a outside chance of winning it on recent years form. Of course Allegri wants another crack at the CL unless we offered him 200 mil+ to spend that we don’t have and then he’d be tempted to stay at Juve. No rush he’ll still be sort after next year or the year after if he wants to come to England. United/Chelsea/Us could all be open in that time realistically. Likewise best 2nd option wants to stay at Hoffeinheim for now, his choice. Outside that you have a bunch of people that don’t fit our structure or Enrique who would of been a gamble anyway and you don’t pay insane money for a gamble with some experience. Arteta is well thought Anko it’s not up for debate… Poch offered him a 1st team coaching contract… Pep offered him a 1st team coaching contract… he never played for either club or manager… we/wenger also offered him a 1st team coaching contract. Viera never got one at any top club neither did Henry which even the latter some fans would take over Arteta lol couldn’t make it up. He was nicknamed “the coach” before he retired. Unless someone is severely impaired they can read between those lines. Still a gamble ofc but when you gamble fills a gap year when your top 2 targets will likely be available in years to come is it a gamble? or just a win win?

          2. Cosrules says:

            Far out man well done to you for explaining this in way way that hopefully alot of people will understand, out of all the risks out there arteta is the best one. Let’s back him and see where we end up, I think alot of us will be surprised

          3. Uche Edochie says:

            Anko saying my article is flawed still implies you are missing the point. Anybody who is appointed as manager to that hot seat has to prove himself. Arteta has to prove himself and so does Alegri, Anceloti and any other prospective candidate that ends up getting that job. You are busy hauling insults and telling me that I am not part of their coaching set up. I don’t need to be to know the obvious. Who brings in an assistant coach only so they can keep the person in the dark and freeze him out of the coaching process? You are not making any sense when you suggest that Arteta is not part of the day to day coaching team even as he has the job as an assistant coach. Fans like you are too busy being angry and irrational. Arsenal will never be the way you want it. Make do with what is in front of you and hope for the best.

          4. GoonerP says:

            Well said Uche. Some Arsenal fans are only happy when they are complaining!

      3. D mc says:

        Hush it

        1. Anko says:

          D mc who are you? Thwart!!!

        2. Anko says:

          You are a proper rude person, i think I need to report you to admin. Nitwit !!!

      4. Malcolm Townsend says:

        Well said 100%

    3. Mobella says:

      That is the writer’s opinion. I know yours is different but what i don’t is how you hating the idea of him being our next coach prevent that from happening if he is chosen by the power that be. l thought all these negativity will end with Wenger resigning.

      1. Anko says:

        I don’t hate Arteta, neither am I against his coaching any team for that matter. What am against is the boards attitude towards hiring someone that we will give some excitement, something to hope for. That is the essence of the game right? That is what we pay money for. Some quality manger that will make a statement, even if we don’t win anything at the end of the day. As supposed to someone that will save them money. We are in a league with the collection of the best mangers at the same time. Pep, Jose, Poch, Klopp, Conte (Enrique) maybe and then the very good mangers at the lower part of the table. So am very angry that the board don’t think we deserve the best manger. And since it is their club and they can hire whoever they want, it is my money and I can spend it wherever I want. They don’t give me free tickets, I pay and I pay seriously sometimes. So I have a reason to demand the best!!! If they don’t provide the excitement, I don’t give them my money!!!

        1. D mc says:

          I said hush it anko

          1. Anko says:

            Are you silly or something? Do I know you or was I talking to you? I didn’t direct any of my comments to you so keep you silly thoughts out of my business

          2. Eddie Hoyte says:

            D Mc ???. Arsene Wenger is gone but yet people still want to hold on to negativity and still infect us the fans with it… So many plastic we call fans.
            For FVCK sake I’m tired of the negativity!! Keep quiet if you ain’t okay with Arteta, don’t buy the tickets. We’ve gone through enough this season already, don’t start bringing more now that we want a new start. (Admin sorry I’m cussing, but it’s annoying)

          3. Anko says:

            I know where people like you come from, and I know what opinion you hold, the beauty of this site is that you can express your opinion without being abused, when abuses come in, I understand what stuff the people is made of. Father Arsenal the greatest fan of all, how much do you get as a bonus for being loyal a fan, what car, houses, or benefits have you acquired because you support Arsenal. Ode!! Mr negativity! Mr loyal fan, all you do is to abuse others because I have stated my opinion, while all the owners of Arsenal do is make money. Keep on supporting no matter what and let the board keep making money. At the end of the day everyone will count their loses. And remember as a loyal fan keep up the support level by making noises while the boys on the pitch like my best Arsenal player buy beautiful house. The entertainment is good enough to take to the bank!!!

          4. Eddie Hoyte says:

            you don’t disappoint, you just spoke like a typical Nigerian man. I love the club, I support it, at the end of the day like you said I’ll have nothing to lose. I’m happy when we perform, and this season was a bad one but that didn’t stop me from looking forward to the future. While a twat like you is on here replying everybody with lines all about your materialism and your own value to the club. You see that’s the beauty in being a fan, loving and sticking with the team through thick and thin. We’ve done that through the thick, we’ll do that through the thin now. Whoever the club employs, we loyal fans who are passionate bout the club will support him and the team. Stick to your counting your materialistic gain and stop spreading your negativity, not everyone is a pessimist. So quit acting like the kid who threw away the candy and ate the wrapper

          5. Beaveraldinho says:

            Keep spreading the word Eddie. Us loyal fans need to take back over before Arsenal becomes a laughing stock for good. Arsenal is a class club. We are more than just about football and winning. We have principals and attempt to better humanity. Wenger is a legend not just because he went undefeated. He changed the game in England. He gave unknown players a chance to become superstars by improving them technically as footballers and humanly as men. The leadership at Arsenal have made the right moves in terms of Mislintat and Sanllehi. They will bring in the best players we can get for the (self earned) money we have. Surely getting in a coach who knows and accepts the setup, has learned from the best, knows the players well, champions beautiful football, won’t use up our budget on expensive contract severance and finally, understands the values and classiness of Arsenal F.C is a good shout? We as fans have the opportunity to back our new setup and cheer them on to victory. Lets grab that opportunity with both hands. No more misery. No more plastic fans who do not understand the values of our club.

          6. Anko says:

            ?, aw!!! Are you really sad that I have material things?? ?. You shouldn’t be. It will get to you soon. The problem is IT IS GOOD TO SHARE YOUR OPINION WITHOUT ABUSES!!! Abuse on any level is not accepted, but I guess you don’t understand that!!, name calling is not part of it, but I guess you didn’t get the memo! I think I should get abused because of the level of my support. So if you abuse me I will send you as many lines as I want. Mr none material things, go to Ozil’s 10m house and ask him to open the door for you because you are an addict supporter of Arsenal Football Club!!!!!

        2. Uche Edochie says:

          So don’t give them your money Anko. Anything else? Take a chill bill bro. This isn’t a bar fight. We all love arsenal and want it to do well and we recognize when certain decisions are not in our hands. So we either support the team or go elsewhere.

    4. Redandwhite says:

      Another AKB (arteta knows best) let the dynasty continue for the next 22 years, COYG

  2. Xxnofx says:

    We will have to back him but I’m 80% sure that this optiment is just going to end in tears .I think most of us know why we are getting him as manager ,it’s the cheapest option there is .I really thought we would go out and really try for the best we could get .

    1. Hilary says:

      Well, finally Wenger gets vindicated. Now we know he was not the penny pincher all along…lol

    2. Mohamed says:

      With 50 ml to spend he is the best we can get they want somebody they rule

    3. Angus says:

      Arteta will be a good manger honestly can’t think of an ex-pro in the game that has more promise than him, certainly can’t think of an ex-pro who has been so highly coveted so quickly. 3 way Spurs/City/Arsenal 1st team coaching battle on retirement? For an above average but not stellar player? He must be impressing off the field or all these teams/managers are stupid?

  3. Nayr says:

    correction Allegri won the league with ac milan.

    But amazing article giving a very good perspective.

    I will also give mikel arteta a fair shot at being manager.

    he might just surprise everyone.

  4. John0711 says:

    Most decorated manager lmfao Ferguson???
    Pep a rookie ? Barca B so not a rookie
    No wonder we are in the ?

    1. Angus says:

      Is managing the B team for 1 year to promotion after they spent the previous 8 years in the division above and spent the next 7 years without him in the same higher division that much more experience than being joint no.2 for record breaking BPL winners?

  5. gotanidea says:

    That’s right, who knew Wenger before Arsenal appointed him?

    Maybe Arteta could be a good manager, but do you really believe the Arsenal board will hire someone without any managerial experience as their new manager?

    I predict it will between Enrique, Ancelotti, Emery and Conte

    1. Alistair Jackson says:

      I don’t want any of those. Bring on Arteta.

    2. Angus says:

      It’s clearly Arteta now, Allegri would of been taken but doesn’t want to leave Juve (why would he) likewise Enrique would of been taken if he didn’t stupidly price himself out, Ancelotti is a joke how you can want Wenger sacked but hire the man who got sacked from Bayern and forced Heynkes out of retirement for being dated and ineffective is beyond me. Conte would never come to us he got pissed enough at Roman refusing to dip into his pockets (Roman being smart is no longer dipping into his pockets because it’s a fools game vs a country.) Emery would be an interesting gamble if it were not for the fact he doesn’t fit well, only Simeone could be worth that drastic a change and he’d never come (hes going italy if leaves.)

  6. Trollmatic says:

    Imagine Real Madrid would have thought the same about Zidane. They would have been two (nearly 3) champions league trophies lighter.

  7. Alistair Jackson says:

    Excellent article, Uche! I am 100% with you. How exciting to be pioneering with new blood and new, innovative ideas. We have seen Guardiola, Pochettino and a couple of City coaches singing the praises of Arteta, saying how brilliant he is at the detail; I am keen to give him a go, as we may get something new and very exciting.
    I like your summary of why ‘experience’ is a false idol to worship; it’s true that Ancelotti, for example, might win a few trophies but it would be plodding the same old route that has been trodden before, whereas, I am more interested in the possibility of changing the whole ball game. Look at Mourinho at Man Utd! He is winning a few trophies but the supporters hate him.
    My biggest concerns with Arteta are (1) will the players get behind him and (2) will the supporters hold off on their destructive bent and not drag him down before he has had a chance!

    1. Beaveraldinho says:

      I completely agree, although I think the players who don’t get behind him will be booted out the door before they can blink. The 2nd part is definitely the biggest problem imo. There are ‘fans’ of AFC who do not understand that we will never be a Manchester City type of club. Rather than live in the real world, either accepting this fact or supporting a club that aligns with their own values, they try to change the unchangeable by causing mass unrest when we don’t (for example) offer Guardiola twice the wages and give him another 500m to spend over a couple of seasons. I do have faith though. If the true supporters find their voice once again, the dreamers and negativity will be drowned out to a chorus of “Oooh to Be a Gooner…”

  8. Ddog says:

    I agree, In fact, the more I look it at it the better it sounds.

    1. Understudy to current best manager in the world
    2. 2 years of taking in footballs most exiting and ‘a la mode’ tactics.
    3. spent 5 under the tutorship of the premier leagues last great manager.
    4. Will adhere to our policy of beautiful football. Which as long as its not more wengerball (with a shodie defence), im happy with. Dont want to have to endure Mou tactics thank you very much.
    5. He is incredibly fond of arsenal. he loves the club
    6. He is young, highly motivated, and deeply disciplined (according to those around him)
    7. His peers value him incredibly highly, I think that says a lot – Check what Fernandinho and Pep say about the guy.

    1. Angus says:

      Tbh the 3 way battle of top prem clubs for his coaching signature is the main one when Arteta was above average but far from awe inspiring player. Other points are very valid though. 2nd point missing on your list is the likes of Allegri/Nagelsmann not wanting to leave their clubs this year making it a win/win gamble as we can’t get them now.

  9. GB says:

    Arteta is certainly far from being my first choice. To make it clear, I want either Nagelsmann, Jardim or my third choice, Allegri. But, I have to say that the article by Uche is well written and puts over some very valid arguments.
    As he says, there are no guarantees whoever gets the job and I think Fergie was at United about 13 years before he got any success after leaving Aberdeen.

    1. RealSOK says:

      Would you have appointed Nagelsmann and Jardim 5years ago.

      Zidane almost had Zero experience as a manager and now he’s in his third champions league final. Even Mourinho with all the experience couldn’t deliver that for them.

    2. Pain says:

      Which world do you live in it took fergie 7 years to win his first league title and 4 years to win his first FA cup

    3. Angus says:

      The biggest point GB is that Allegri and Nagelsmann are for sure not willing to leave their clubs right now. I mean we don’t have CL football and the top 6 battle for top 4 is also insanely competitive why would they? Don’t know much on Jardim but given how little he’s featured in the musings I assume there is something behind the scenes that says he doesn’t fit, be it not wanting to leave now or not wanting to work under our new structure.

      1. Angus says:

        To be clear referring to Jardim to Arsenal not saying I dont know much on Jardim in general 🙂

  10. Innit says:

    I will back him 100%. You can’t be a true Arsenal fan and not give him a chance. If he succeeds that would be awesome

    But is it wrong to wonder why they chose him over Allegri, Enrique, Jardim, Ancelloti, Simeone etc or even Henry or Viera?

    I think the reasons could be 1. Easy To CONTROL him 2. He is CHEAPER

    1. Angus says:

      Love to hear this but 1st Allegri clearly would of got the job if was willing to Juve but honestly why would he. Prem will be here next year and the year after and he’ll have top 6 offers whenever he decides to move. Enrique is far from certain and has no right to demand what he has so he’s out simple. Jardim I can only fathom isn’t interested or would refuse to work in our new structure but that is pure speculation and the one on your list you could say we’re taking Arteta over but that would be speculation too. Ancellotti… sack wenger for being old and outdated… hire the man sacked by bayern for being old and outdated? At a premium too? Simeone never coming (same as Pep for money reason and Kloop for fan reasons) would be surprised to se Smeone end up anywhere other than Italy but still if he came to England why take us over Chelsea? Manager loyalty? c’mon that is a minor consideration. Henry?????? Guy who left our youth team because we told him he had to give up being a pundit and concentrate on coaching? Least Viera is managing in New York but why didn’t City ever want him in the 1st team set up instead like Arteta?

      1. Angus says:

        if he was willing to leave juve*

  11. Sohara says:

    Allegri was my first choice…but I am now getting behind Arteta…I think he will be good , but the MOST important thing is that we fans get behind him and give him a chance

    I like what Sven is doing re buying the players , and Allegri reportedly did not want to work with him, he wanted to be the one to buy the players . The job is too big now for one man, to have a specialist ‘team’ all working together is the way forward I think

    Arteta is reportedly a great coach, and that is what we need at Arsenal…someone who will COACH our players, develop them especially our young talented players. To plan the tactics to play against the team we are playing that day . Hopefully Arteta can do that. He loves Arsenal ..lets get behind him

    1. Angus says:

      This! So much this! I don’t have a crystal ball (although i had as much as the bookies would let me on 12/1 Arteta, he should of been 5/1 max got lucky with Enrique being so greedy though) and don’t think Arteta is a guaranteed success but there is no reason not to believe he is highly thought of or to give him a chance. Hell when he was injured in his final years and marching up and down the touchline shouting at players I wanted him to takeover there and then lol Likewise I like our new structure. We have no manager and are actively pursuing targets because we no longer need one for that. It’s nice. Still think we have tough times ahead because Liverpool are a threat and Everton have money. Spurs are about to experience what Wenger did with young guns ala Clichy, Toure, Ade, Hleb, Song, Nasri, Fab and then RVP except if Levy don’t step up Poch isn’t turning down Real like Wenger so Spurs will be done no worries. They pay silly small money right now that can’t last without trophies as we all know too well. They already lost Walker and feel great about Kieran (Clichy-Gibbs anyone, we felt great too), Alderweireld is likely going, Eriksen maybe this summer, Alli next summer? Dembele who is massively underrated is 30 too, tough times for them.

  12. Adajim says:

    Hi think right now what d club need is instant success, a manager who can come in with special aura and charisma but giving d job to Miki is a gamble which can swing either way.
    Yes I understand he is inexperienced, let’s not forget Arteta man city team beat wenger last season, who knows, it could be a way to zerorise and rebuild. At times untested coaches are difficult to beat., not all great players become great coach and not all great coaches were great players. I welcome any choice d club makes

    1. Angus says:

      There is insane level of competition for top 4 by 6 teams. Chelsea have failed 3 times in recent memory as have United, we’ve only done it twice. No such thing as instant success unless you rightly class top 4 as instant success

  13. RichSAAlao says:

    I mean, i don’t get your point. It is not a joking matter.
    He doesn’t have experience, BUT what does he have ???? for cry out loud.
    If like you said Pep is best to win the league, and now is not available, how be it, he is still in the league. Implying Arteta will not win it as long as Pep is in.
    You said Pep handled team B at Barca, he was on the dug-out for some years, tehn graduated with some of those team B players.
    So, aside Arteta picking the practise balls by the side at City, what game did he oversee until now.

    1. Angus says:

      Pep managed the B for one year during the only period in 16 years (8 prior, 7 after) that they were in a lower division than the max they are allowed. Where do you guys get your info from, it’s so easy to research.

  14. pires says:

    Give the job to Jens Lehmann while you are at it…Idiots of a board.

  15. Tatgooner says:

    Being an understudy to a manager does not make yourself a great manager otherwise there will be hundreds of worldclass managers available right now and almost every club will be successful
    I will be okay with arteta only if his job is to be the teams head coach.I think he would do well in that role and let the recruitment process be done by sanlehi and misilntat.
    I believe arteta is well equipped with his own skills and knowledge of football and he was sometimes offering ideas to guardiola at city. His managerialskills could even be better than his playing skills

    1. Angus says:

      That is literally the role and the entire point of what Arsenal have been doing this year. Regardless Arteta was well thought of before he was under Pep hence why Per/Wenger/Poch all battled for his signature in the 1st place. Not like he just landed at City, City fought for him.

  16. Sean says:

    Excellent Article… i for one did not want Arteta when i 1st heard, still dont but if he does come in then so be it. I will support him until we cant anymore & Arsenal always.

    Bad points;
    – no UCL
    – who would want come to Arsenal
    – Will players come to play under him
    – will the players get behind him
    – backing of the fans

  17. Afc says:

    This shows how far arsenal have fallen. We are not a big club anymore it’s time the fans wake. Arteta is not the answer.

    1. Angus says:


      1. Angus says:

        we never were by the way just to be clear. we got marginally close to it under Wenger and probably would be now without the massive influx of outside money but we’re not.

  18. Ronny says:

    Yes the pep link is valid but what can help us win the league and improve is also money!
    As we know one of the likely reasons Arteta will come is he won’t be as demanding on the transfer budget.
    You look at pep he’s just blown away the pl and he’s looking to spend loads again to cover players getting older such as fernandinho supposed to be replaced by jorghino Napoli.
    Arsenal are tight and out of touch financially and don’t know the meaning of planning for the future.

    My view on Arteta is I’m a bit disappointed but knowing the board not surprised. I reserve judgment and will support fully adjustable there could have been a lot worse appointments.

  19. Durand says:

    Hey why not.
    We need a CB, jonny evans available for £3million.
    Don’t complain guys, give him a chance, dang.

    We need another RB, just promote youngster from the academy with no experience. He has to start somewhere and sometime right?

    Buying Auba was waste of money, we should have just given job to eddie; he could just be next Henry.

    We don’t need a DM, Willock has to start somewhere right?

    Sarcasm was dripping on purpose; no one here has any confidence with my player suggestions because it would be madness.

    But doing same thing with manager is ok to some. Has to start somewhere, just give him a chance, blah blah. I’m not drinking the Kool-aid on this one,
    Fail to plan, plan to fail comes to mind.

    1. Durand says:

      Besides, eddie was understudy to Laca so he must be ready.
      Willock has been at same club as Santi for 2 years also, he must certainty be ready to boss the midfield.

      Jeez, so I guess Arteta’s yet untapped ocean of genius was transferred to him by Pep through Osmosis?

      With that logic (2 years sitting beside Pep), why not go with Bould?

      Bould knows Arsenal far far better, used to smaller transfer kitty, and he also sat on bench;
      Far longer than Arteta and also learned from a manager with an OK 22 year career.

      2 years with Pep, 5 years at Arsenal outweighs anything Bould or Viera ever did apparently.

      For all the people saying just give Arteta a chance support the club I ask this;
      Are you as willing to extend same to Viera? Just give him a chance? A beloved legend of our club who could unite us, with grit and determination. We KNOW Viera, he is one of our own; I’m sure he would die before he failed Arsenal.

      Shame on board, double shame on Ivan, I’m still hoping Viera before Arteta.

      1. Andrew E says:

        I would also go for Viera before Arteta. He has 4 years management under his belt the first two with Man City Reserves, 9 years as a player with Arsenal so knows the club inside out. He would command the full respect of the players where I think Arteta would struggle having being one of the team only 2 years ago. What the club needs more than ever is a strong manager who won’t take any s**t from the players.

        My first choice would be Allegri but there is no chance of him coming here, the board are obviously looking for the cheap option.

        As for the article, it was deliberately controversial with little or no regard to fact, it was a wind up. As for Pep being the greatest manager ever is premature, his three clubs were Barca, Bayern Munich and now Man City, money, money and now more money. If he takes on a club like Atletico and does as well as Simeone I might change my mind.

        1. Ozziegunner says:


      2. summerbreez says:

        I’m hoping for Viera too His experience surpasses Everton ! and well a head in the city ground

        1. Angus says:

          City never let Viera touch their 1st team but got in a contract battle with us and Spurs to secure Arteta. Still can accept people respect his management credentials compared to Arteta. Still given the way Viera left us (using the media over multiple years), took his 1st city job (using the media again to slate us for not offering him a role) and has now once again used the media to complain about the token gesture phone call that no other legend other than him got should perhaps give people a little insight into the problems surrounding Viera in the 1st place. I suspect he failed the phone test and I suspect the phone test was for exactly these reasons to see if he was still that up himself.

          1. Durand says:

            Experience not important?
            So I’m sure you will be giving keys to your Farreri to your teenage child then. They have to learn to drive sometime right?

  20. Leeroysgooners says:

    Terrible piece of so called journalism how many errors do some research before posting.

    Error 1 pep is not the most successful current manager that would be Jose moaning Maureen with 17 and pep with 12

    Error 2 max Allegri won the league with AC you muppet

    Error 3 van gaal only had 2 seasons with manure and he finished 5th

    And people agree with your comments seems like you know nothing about the game so i wouldn’t take anything you say seriously

    1. Angus says:

      Where you getting your Mou vs Pep stats from? Its 8-7 to mou on leagues (head start and 2 in portugal). 2v2 on Cl (porto is impressive but the final 4 that year was psv,porto,united,monaco it was a freak year in the group stage without seeding if i remember right and united were the better team against porto.) Mou wins domestic cups 10-7 but 2 were in Portugal and 4 of his 5 in England were the League Cup. Given the grief Wenger got for 3 Fa’s (Mou has 1) I’d hope League cups don’t count. Mou does have 2-0 on europa but Pep has never been in that comp. Pep has 3-0 World Club Cups as well as 3-0 super cups so yeah don’t call out research when yours is wrong too or just very weirdly cherry picked (It’s currently 22 vs 21 to Mou including everything right now but league cups should be discounted which puts pep ahead with less years 20 vs 18) Article is pretty bad to be fair but people in glass houses…

      1. Angus says:

        pep has an extra super cup/world club cup because he took over Bayern after their CL win. Mou to be fair didn’t get to try to win that either time because he left both clubs after CL success… that is his mo though use players at the top of their game, win, leave and let someone else bring in younger players. Same reason Chelsea lost KVB, Salah and Lukaku.

  21. dan says:

    Was Sam p really asking for a knighthòd for that fraud? I didn’t know if it was serious or tongue in cheek. I pray not serious

  22. Ronny says:

    If we appoint Arteta we really ought to all start wearing red noses at the Emirates as we’re run by clowns who are determined to turn our club into a laughable circus!

    True what durance said fail to plan plan to fail!

    I read something today blaming the fans pressure for forcing wenget out earlier than planned.
    Un fookin believable I say! The fans have been protesting for ages and as a club we should have been lining up the next manager and having it agreed ages ago.
    The club says we couldn’t do this as things leak out bollo*ks have people not heard of NDAS?
    Gazidis the muppet makes me so angry.

  23. AB says:

    Will support the manager appointed by the board and see how the board supports him. I am also looking for the new manager to have integrity and not give us BS like we can win the league with this team. If we have a yes man, then we will soon be back to empty stadiums…I hope not…

  24. DANDY GUNNER says:

    It like the Blind leading the Blind. The Arsenal Board are just looking for a token Manage while they run the club from the Boardroom. Arteta fits the bill.

  25. GUNNER OZ says:

    What’s this fascination with Pep!! He took over Barcelona, Bayern and Man City with a wealth of talent. No to be outdone with the wealth he had at his disposal, he has spent close to $300m to secure a premiership with City. The article suggests that Arteta has learnt all these qualities under Pep, which qualities do you speak of. Give Pep the current Arsenal squad and a tiny budget to improve he would undoubtedly fail. The qualities that have potentially been learnt by Arteta are those that come with spending $$$. Arteta will not have that luxury at Arsenal. Give me a coach that has tactical awareness and has performed with limited funding. Marco Rose and Maric come to mind.

  26. ClassiqueGunner says:

    I Hate the word Arteta….???..

  27. ClassiqueGunner says:

    Are no longer the club we once use to be….

  28. ClassiqueGunner says:

    I am currently understudying my mum’so food at the moment .. I could be the greatest manager every if I am given a chance to coach @AsenalFC.

  29. ruelando says:

    I really dont want Arteta as a coach , because of the message that will be sending to us the fans, an inexperience manager, will suddenly become dog food for the fans within weeks if results dont go well, while it will be the heads making the decisions and Arteta being the front man.

    Right now we are looking players to come in with no manager in place, this shows the manager will not have anything to do with recruitment or the built of the squad for the new season, only a yes man would operate in that manner, not a coach who knows the players he needs to move forward.
    The life span for a coach is 1-3 years these days, Arteta as coach ridiculous, but if so i will support

  30. chris says:

    Get an arrogant manager that has his ego to fight for like Enriquiz, that has a point to prove to both mouriho, pep and konte not arteta that’s coming to work with friends no pressure what will he do when arsenal looses three straight matches look at nevil in Spain being a pondit isn’t being a manager and time has change from when wenger first came and naw

  31. chris says:

    Arsenal has brought ntn but pain give us enriquz make ateta his assistant fire him when he gets the league and let arteta do what eva with the club that way iv seen arsenal win the league in my life don’t I deserve THAT

  32. Aussie Jack says:

    Arteta? Well, he has the credentials I can`t argue about that but (and it`s only my opinion based on my personal feelings, nothing else) I got the impression, during his time as captain, that he was a little weak and indecisive however that may have changed after his experience with Guardiola. Must confess I favoured Vieira

  33. Aussie Jack says:

    Let`s be honest we didn`t want a change of manager we wanted a change of attitude and that wasn`t possible with Wenger.

  34. Ronny says:

    I’m getting over the shock that we might actually take Arteta as our manager now and just wanting us to get on with the announcement and planning for transfers pre season etc.
    I’m interested to know though if Arteta would have been and had always been the first choice whilst Wenger was still at the club.
    What I can’t believe is that the manager wasn’t chosen and all terms agreed or close to agreement pre Wenger leaving announcement.
    It snacks of gazidis et all incompetence again.

    Ps anyone read Henry winters article on how Arteta isn’t the right one? It talks about him adding to arsenal’s already soft executive core.
    Fuzzy feelings and hugs don’t win trophies!

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