Experience or potential – what should Arsenal primarily be targeting?

Arsenal will be looking to add to their team this summer just like most other Premier League sides.

The Gunners remain one of the underachieving teams in England at the moment and Mikel Arteta has been tasked to take us back to the promised land.

The Spaniard is earning a reputation for developing young talent and, understandably, he has been linked with a number of youngsters to add to his team.

Some experienced heads have also been linked with a move to Arsenal and this begs the question, would experience or raw talent be the better additions this summer?

You can have all the best young talent in the world and they could fall short if they don’t have the right experienced heads around them to guide them.

Young players are usually exciting to watch but they lack the understanding of how to handle certain situations, like when things go wrong or the need to protect a lead.

Experienced players will have seen many different situations before and will generally know how to better deal with different circumstances.

But it can also be argued that experienced players are not always the best option, David Luiz being a classic example. Also, if we are honest, some so-called experienced players are simply looking for that one big final payday.

While getting a mix of both is the best solution it may well be the case this summer that Arteta is forced to limit his signings and might have to choose one or the other.

In that scenario, what route do you think Arteta should go down, an experienced signing or a youngster with potential?

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  1. experience on free transfers and 1 year rolling deals and buying in the future. We may not win anything for a year maybe 2 but when we think of Wengers last big project. Adebayor, Fabregas, Nasri, Flamini, Song, Hleb, Eduardo, RVP, Ramsey, Wilshere. If that team hadn’t been poached to death and picked apart by Utd, City and Barcelona, they may well have won the title.

    We need to bring that philosophy of buy young develop them to buy into our new/old culture and keep them together. If you look at Leno, Holding, Mari, Xhaka/Partey And Auba as our spine then integrate youth and youthful signings around them alla Saliba, well be fine. When you add in Guendouzi Pepe, Martinelli and Saka will be another year older in terms of prem experience. I think were in a better place than we think.

    1. ive left Bellerin and Tierney out there too so the squad is looking better season on season.

  2. OZIL, AUBA, MUSTAFI,HOLDING, and the rest of the deadwood then Arteta will have money with Auba we cannot allow him to run down his contract

  3. The transfers I am hoping for

    Thomas partey
    dayot upamecano
    Ryan Fraser


    I beleive the sale of these will free up enough funds for the other. And allow us to start building the core we need. If we can hold on to auba we are onto a winning team. Next season we will need to see how reiss Nelson does and decide if we need to give him more time same with pepe. Saka and martinelli can have atleast another 2 seasons to settle as with nketia and William saliba

  4. Honestly think Fraser would be a great signing for Arsenal, I think we have lacked the drive of wilshere (pre injury) in this team no one wants to take the ball and drive at the opponent everything looks flat and safe in front of The opposition regardless of weather they are top 4 or relegation bait! I want to see the attacking arsenal back. Scaring teams before we take to the field

  5. We have some really good young players…

      1. Bellerin should be sold to one of the Milan clubs to pursue his career on the catwalk. He has had too many chances at Arsenal to prove he can defend and has failed.
        Arsenal need a mixture of experience and potential; however the future looks bleak when Arsenal cannot complete the resigning of Saka!

  6. We should go for both and getting the balance right !by experienced players I don’t mean old players,there are a lot of good players under and around their mid 20’s with league and international,european experience,we have to stop signing players like Cech,Luiz and Co who signed for us just to stay in London there is a reason why Chelsea would sell players to us or not renew their contracts and that is. because they are passed their best/prime!Arsenal in the last few years has been seen by many as some kind of pre retirement club,signing for us for the wrong reasons(family reasons,living in London,financial getting 2/3 years contracts on good wages,knowing we are not competing for trophies, no pressure to win and barely no competition for places,this has to stopped now!!

  7. I think we should go for both so that the young ones who has the potential can learn from the exprienced ones

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