Expert predicts Arsenal’s latest partnership will earn them a new set of fans

Arsenal has several sponsorship agreements with companies around the world.

The club makes a lot of money from these deals and some of them expose the brand to new markets.

One of our latest partnerships is the one we have just entered with Extramarks, which the club announced earlier this month.

They are not the most popular brand in the world, but as an educational industry outfit, they will expose us to a new set of fans.

Financial expert, Doctor Dan Plumley, is impressed and says it gives the club the chance to get across to a new generation of football fans.

He told Football Insider: “Reports from market consultancy experts suggest that 16 to 24-year-olds are a concern for big clubs at the moment.

“In some ways, they feel like they have missed a generation. They have to target a whole new generation of fans.

“If you’re a club like Arsenal, you’re looking internationally to drive that.

“Education is a wider part of what football clubs do and this is a good partnership from a corporate social responsibility perspective for Arsenal.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

We have recently been spending more money on very young players and targeting this group of stars means we might need new sets of fans.

This partnership will help to make the fans in the age-grade Doctor Plumley mentioned become more interested in supporting us.

To make it easy to gain their support, we need to do well on the pitch and it would be interesting to see how this second half of the campaign will come along.

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