Extended Premier League suspension kills Arsenal form boost

The Premier League has confirmed that the Premier League will not return to action before April 30, all-but eliminating our morale boost earned by our return to form.

Arsenal won three league matches on the spin for the first time this season with our win over West Ham, only for football across Europe to come to a halt. The initial delay was only supposed to be for around three weeks, returning on April 4, but the epidemic has since escalated in the UK and abroad, and a rethink was needed.

Our club is believed to have been a key factor in the decision to suspend the league initially, with our manager the most high-profile confirmed case in the country. There has since been a surge in cases in the whole of the United Kingdom, forcing drastic measures to be considered, including a possible lockdown, and with all schools already scheduled to close.

The new restrictions will of course hamper some teams, and boost others, and we are definitely in the former group. Our side have finally found some consistency in results, and have since not even be able to train together due to our training facilities, coaches and players forced into isolation.

Rivals Tottenham will likely be able to welcome one or both of Heung Min Son and Harry Kane back to action when football returns, possibly hampering our push up into the European places, paired with the fact that they’d been in dire form prior to the break.

Manchester United and Chelsea also seemed to be picking up form also, and breaking that up might not be the worst thing for us, although targeting a Champions League place might be a push currently.

Will Spurs come back with the same lack of confidence they’ve been playing with of late? Will our side still feel upbeat about their recent results after so long off?


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