EXTRA – Arsenal welcome’s £52m Alexandre Lacazette – Super Skills! (Video)

We are all excited to see Lyon’s hitman Alexandre Lacazette arrival at Arsenal, with the announcement expected to be made this afternoon. It is extra brilliant that he will be able to join the squad for the pre-season games and hopefully should be flying to Sydney next week to meet up with his new team-mates.

To give you a taste of what we can expect from our £52m record signing, we have grabbed this video courtesy of KaiiZo on Youtube..

Alexandre Lacazette – Welcome To Arsenal – Best Goals, Skills, Tricks, Passes – 2017

Watch all 37 goals that Lacazette scored last season on our new Arsenal Videos Page


  1. Well its about time Arsenal put a ball in to that cannon of ours that we love and wear on our hart,
    now all we need is a flint and some gunpowder to blow away the oppositio

  2. It’s 45 mill. Don’t put add ons ffs

    Anyway welcome Alex
    Ozil will assist with your settling in

    Guys we need to go easy with Lacazette
    He’s coming from a diff league.
    An he’s leaving his boyhood club.this is a huge adjustment for him
    It will take time. Let’s not get on his back if he takes time. The talents there

  3. And just wanna say I’m anti mahrez
    Purely cos we have ozil
    Don’t want any more players who don’t defend
    We need fighters in every position

    He’s talented and very technically gifted
    But he has that ozil gene I detest
    Red arrow brigade.. Deploy

    1. I agree with you. I think there are more suited wingers out there. Mahrez so far has been a one season wonder. His first season he scored 4 goals and last season he scored 10 (half of them were penalties). When the chips are down, will he sulk as he did last year?

      I find it difficult to believe there are no better wingers available.

        1. @WngerBooi:
          Are you speculating or you have an inside information about what you said.

    2. You seems to know very Little about football, please note that Ozil always is among the Arsenal players who runs most. Defensive is not only about tackling but also about prventing, if you mark a man the likelihood his team mates will play him will be reduced.

  4. All this talk of giroud leaving.
    Hes an excellent plan b

    Theo Walcott,Joel Campbell,lucas perez
    Sell two of those instead!
    I’d keep perez.

    Giroud wants game time of course.
    Guarantee him europa and some league games

    Keep him!

  5. Watching this video made me to realize that Giroud has been slowing us down all this years. Giroud does not even know how to drive the ball and slows down the attack a lot but i think with Lacazette our attacking force will be stronger. Giroud is a good plan b indeed and will be useful against clubs like stoke city and westbrom.

  6. Waiting for the Announcement…
    Alex Sanchez
    Alex Chamberlai
    Alex iwobi
    And now
    Alex Lacazette

    Alexes Connection of Glory.

  7. Waiting for the Announcement…
    Alex Sanchez
    Alex Chamberlain
    Alex iwobi
    And now
    Alex Lacazette

    Alexes Connection of Glory.

  8. So far so good not bad up till now when it comes to @arsenal transfer,so happy for the loyal fans who sticks by the team through good and bad times,keep the support #glory glory arsenal

  9. This guy is a very good attacking force & I’ll be damned if Sanchez doesn’t pen a new deal jst because arsenal has such a good player in their ranks. We are definitely stepping up & he should as well join the train. Waiting on ur decision Alexis.

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