EXTRA – Burnley v Arsenal Highlights

This weeks youtube highlights of Burnly v Arsenal come from FOOTGOAL, and I must admit there are not many highlights from a dire defensive game. The goal from Koscielny looks like a comedy of errors and I still find it amazing that the referee allowed it.

But it’s about time we had a bit of consistent leeway from the men in black! Oxlade-Chamberlain’s shot would have flown out of the stadium if The Kos hadn’t got in the way!

Enjoy the three points…..


  1. and am still enjoying sweet defensive work that Burnley put and still end up loosing… is a lesson for them to play the game rather than employ such tactics… so bad for Burnley but 3points in the bag..

  2. The expression on Wenger’s face at the end was priceless!
    ?? It was like a pleasant wtf! Surprise ?

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