EXTRA – MLS Allstars v Arsenal highlights – Akpom comes good

Even Arsene Wenger admitted before the game that it would be difficult for Arsenal to win the match against the star-filled MLS team, but despite missing quite a few of our first team players, the Gunners finally ran out 2-1 winners thanks to a late winner from Chuba Akpom.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain looks a bit more confident afterlast season’s debacle, while Holding and Xhaka made promising debuts.Joel Campbell played well and won a penalty that he converted himself to give us the lead, but will probably be back on the bench when the season proper starts.

Didier Drogba scored against us as usual, but Arsenal came good in the end despite using 21 players during the match.

Enjoy these highlights from Futboleros TV….


  1. I never watched the match..but good thing all i hear is positive bout the boys except wallcot again!! that dude needs deliverance from whatever has made him this way..to be honest the game i’m looking forward to is our EPL opener. I hope we get laca before then, and mahrez hopefully but i know i don’t expect Wenger to sign em. surprise us Arsene!

    1. watched it before work.
      xhaka is something 🙂
      the youth are promising.
      holding commands the box, got turned few times, but he will be great for us- great buy

    2. Walcott and Gibbs were the only real disappointments.

      Gibbs made a sloppy pass right across the middle to an opposing attacker to set up the only MLS goal. Walcott looked lost most of the game.

      The good news: I thought most of the Gunners looked sharp and energetic – there were some nice moments of superb technical play. Young defenders Holding and Bielik looked solid.

        1. But for that lapse in concentration, I think Bielik was the best CB on show. Pity, it was a bad bad pass though, usually the type that would cost us points. In everything else though, he was solid.

  2. we wont get 30 for theo.
    but i desperately want him gone, have done since the contract saga

    he needs to go, to save his career if anything, maybe he will do well elsewhere.
    if joel is sold an he is kept i will be pissed.
    joel is very useful, works very hard is humble and well liked.

    #sell theo

  3. I was impressed with Rob Holding, he didn’t look out of place at all and the fact that he played the whole 90 minutes in that heat, just goes to show his quality. A great signing and a absolute bargain ??? (£2.5 million)
    I can’t believe that Wenger haggled over this kids fee ?

    Xhaka’s long range passing is great, his shooting isn’t bad either.

    The Ox looks like his back to his old beast like self, looking strong when running with the ball, but still poor when it comes to the end product ( his passing is terrible)

    iwobi looked like his been there, done it and got the T-Shirt, with no need to bust a gut, at all ?

    Jeff and Willock have potential and hopefully they will get some game time in the Cup games.

    Elneny looked like a Mop head running around like a headless chicken, to me. ??

      1. Oh, here we goooo …. again! ?
        Mr twister, back with avengeance! ?

        Where’s your evidence Officer ? ?
        Go find it.. and lets see… exactly, what I said. ?
        because i know that I didn’t say that as you wrongly presumed.

    1. Elneny did good sure he was on the first half and every thing went through him he kept it cool and moved the ball nicely and was on target Walcott should have passed to campbell for the second goal as he was free but he went in by himself

  4. I am happy he and Joel scored
    Many of our young players played well
    Wasn’t happy with Theo

    To be fair Sanogo scored a hat trick during a summer friendly so lets see Akpom play a few more matches first

  5. “increasing soending spree”?

    This is arsenal, owned by kroenke, “spending spree” and “arsenal” do not mix, let alone increasing the spending spree.

  6. holding and bielek did good considering their age and lack of experience but it’s better if they just have to deal with low or no pressure(less games) for now b4 their confidence tanks….walcott, I’m sorry to say is a box of wasted talent…so much promise at 16 and 10 years after??? that dude cannot light up d league even with a gazillion fireworks up his arse…he is not a cf or a 7, always caught in 2 minds, makes d wrong decision >75% of the tym and is d most inconsistent player we have (giroud is special)…I felt sorry for him as I watched d game against d all stars but he’s not helping his career by staying at arsenal, but rather filling his pockets with wages he doesn’t deserve…also shout outs to campbell, cech and xhaka(his left foot is really somtn)

  7. Same things happening once again. Getting over excited after some meaningless pre season game which was against some retired washed out players. Most of our players looked like they should also be retiring. How is Walcott still employed by us. Joke of a footballer. Ox is all but hype, does well for one game and then just goes.missing for months. Xhaka was OK, nothing to really rave about. Have high hopes though from him. No point judging cambell as no matter how well he performs when the real game happens Mr. wenger puts him on the bench.

    All in all arsenal fc needs a solid striker and a solid centre back. This team can’t go long like this.

  8. OT….if a “top,top,top quality” striker isn’t available, y don’t u just get a goalscoring winger quick and b done with it…I’m 500000% sure we would not buy mahrez, not with d amount of noise made on social media and we all Knw Wenger likes his business private…kante was sold in less than 4 days but an arsenal deal??? eternity…if on d off chance we sign mahrez, then I’ll knw Wenger’s got cojones cuz its like d ultimate middle finger to Leicester & vardy

  9. Manchester United do not even have champions league football and yet have signed zlatan and mkhi and have appointed Jose as their manager. Now they are going to sign Paul pogba, freaking Pogba for 100 odd million. All this without any champions league football. Have to admit other teams can only dream about such stuff’s. Yes all this may fail but it still shows their ambition to win and compete for the very best. They still give young players chance to shine. Rashford looks like a boy ready to be a superstar.

    I doubt Jose will let this fail. Unlike in chelsea he will get full backing from his new employers. They won’t fire him if he goes trophy less in his first season , finishing 3rd. He knows this is his dream job and he looks like a man with a motivation.

    Let us see how he fares this time.

  10. I was surprised to see Akpom get MOTM. It was really the build-up play that made the winning goal. Monreal probably deserved it.

  11. I was also pleased with the play of many of the youngsters, especially with the poise of Holding. Jeff continues to improve, and all in all the team is getting into fitness. Disappointed in Walcott and Gibbs, but other players show positive signs. However, I would not put too much weight on this game. The MLS allstars had good individual players who hadn’t played together and as a result, did not ask too many questions of Arsenal. Chivas de Guadalajara on Sunday will be a different story, as they are a good team and quite technical and will ask more questions of Arsenal. I thinks this will be a better test to see where we are at this point.

  12. Akpom is a great talent BUT NOT the man we need to leqd the line up front so lets not get all unnecessary about this, we are still about a million m iles away from winning anything and will be until Wenger buys in a talent that can score 25 goals a season and thats not gonna happen this summer I can tell you.

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