Extra – First Official Arsenal interview with Sead Kolasinac – FIVE year contract!

So like last season Arsenal have got their first signing in very early, and although we probably all know that we won’t see another one until the last day of the window, it doesn’t stop us getting a little excited.

So here is Sead Kolasinac’s first official interview as an Arsenal player. Enjoy….



  1. Looking forward to seeing him play for us. Will search YouTube videos shortly
    He sounds like a typical Wenger signing ie doesn’t cost much, versatile can play different positions. Hopefully he will be kick butt on the field. Only time will tell

    Holding was arguably are best signing last season and only cost £2 million
    Who knows? Maybe Saed will be of Bellerin or better quality. It would be great to have two excellent Full Backs.

    1. He is good, and not really free. He ran his contract down because he can extract more money in salaries over next 5 years. He is not more than 80-100k per week player, and reported to get 140k per week, over 5 years, count him as a 15-20m buy

  2. Don’t worry Admin, ?? Wenger will get his shopping done early during this window. He pooped his pants ??? regarding his contract extension, so much so that he will follow the clubs orders of spending the war chest & getting his transfers in early. ?? I don’t think that Gazidis & Wenger are on their honeymoon in France, at the moment.?

    1. This morning he stood outside an entrance door for two hours waiting for it to open.

      It wasn’t an automatic door.

      I don’t think he is going to change.

      1. Giroud has changed his tune ?? the other day he was saying he wants to stay and fight the likes of Bellotti for his place in the team & win titles with Arsenal.. Yet, Tick ⏰ Tock.. Today he is now making noise about not playing second fiddle to another striker next season, Hinting to Wenger that he will leave. lol that?? ‘another’ striker must be either French or some young kid that cost a hell of a lot of money for Lamp post to change his tune quickly.

  3. I just watched two videos of him on YouTube. I encourage you to do the same

    He looks very pacey like a left winger
    He is aggressive and very good at crossing the ball. I saw a few sublime crosses and a few goals too.

    Again only time will tell of how he performs in the PL but very encouraging

    1. He had a good season that’s all.?? So much so that even Schalke were taken by surprise, hence why they didn’t renew his contract before and let it go into the final year. Yeah they tried but it was all too little too late. Don’t get me wrong, of course I want this player to shine at Arsenal but don’t build your hopes up just yet, this player has a dodgy knee as well ?? spent most of the 2014-2015 season out injured.

      As for Bellerin, it’s looking as if Barcelona really want him this time around and we all know the outcome when they really want a player.

      1. I know
        Bellerin just said he wants to play CL football and his family have moved from London to Spain

        Very worried

        1. I seem to be the only member of Gooner nation that wouldn’t shed a tear if young Hector decided to return home to Uefalonia. Although injured much of the year, his healthy appearances didn’t consistenly impress and there are certainly upgrades available if his heart pines for a return home.

          $50M, its been real HB

      2. Arsene FC have signed a player with a dodgy injury!!!?

        Whatever could happen next with our record injuries.

        Hope his the real deal though and makes a positive impact.
        Has Ramsey like hair so their is potential there.

  4. Prices are all relative.

    Years ago £2 m for Holding would have made him the world record signing, and I’m sure in 10 years £100 m for Mbappe will seem very ordinary.
    Even now, £90 m for Pogba does not seem that ridiculous.

    All I’m saying is let’s not get too hung up on the transfer fees

    1. Wow! Thanks for that mate ?
      Knowing that now, I will sleep tight tonight, that’s for sure ??

  5. What is the purpose of this article? It is very thin in both form and content. I would have expected this from some of the critics, not Admin! You should be writing something to provoke constructive debate but not this type of stuff really. This is not last season. A lot of water has gone under the bridge to make us believe that this will be a different season from the last one. Let us be more optimistic.

    1. It’s a link to our nearly signed players interview ?? I’m not even sure why I responded to you… Since you already didn’t understand the obvious ?

  6. the ideal team for next season

    bellerin holding koscielny mustafi kolasinac

    xhaka new signing(seri,tollisso,gueye)

    mesut alexis


    surely we could go close to the league with that first 11

  7. Lusaka to Chelsea or Utd what do you thing he’s admitting he knows which prem club he’s going and it’s a club playing CL

    1. Who? ?? Sounds as if I can get drunk off of that’s stuff. ?

  8. 5 yr contract you say?

    Didn’t bellerin sign a 6 yr one 1 year ago?

    Maybe he will have a couple of good games and be off to Barca?


  9. Ozil has said that he is open to a Schalke return and that his family would be very happy with it lol
    I seriously doubt they will pay him £250k per week or more.

    Take his comments as you like
    He is probably just saying this as a negotiation tactic

    1. Ozil wants Schalke but does schalke want him, while we may have heard rumours of teams wanting sanchez, have you really heard of anyone wanting ozil, it sounds harsh but it is the truth.

      Ozil is not the sort of player teams would be looking for, many will mention why he looks lazy and uninterested in many games, is because of our strike force in front of him and i would say in terms of a strike force in front of him at real madrid what was his contribution, because from what i can recall he was moved out.

      Let me ge back to the topic at hand , Sead Kolasinac will be outstanding for us i have no doubt

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