EXTRA – PSG v Arsenal Highlights – Lucky Arsenal Awesome Ospina!

That was definitely one of the strangest Arsenal games I have ever seen. We started with no recognized centre-forward on the pitch, but two on the substitutes bench and Alexis Sanchez as our nominal hitman. This was obviously suicide tactics and our weaknesses were immediately exposed as Edison Cavani put us behind in the first minute of the game.

Luckily he lost his scoring boots as we could have been 3 or 4 nil down by half time, but our lucky force was great at the time. The Gunners seemed to come alive in the second half, but if it hadn’t been for David Ospina playing a blinder we could have conceded another few before Wenger did his usual subs between the 60th and 70th minute. Do not ask how we managed to get the equaliser but let’s just be happy we did and pray that our luck continues for the rest of the season….

I think I would rather have started with a proper team and played a little more impressively though!




  1. Dee@ease says:

    We all know how Hull City will set up their game plan which will be to sit deep like Chelsea,Swansea usually do against us but Wenger will go into the game with his usual lame tactics when in fact he should devising a better plan to get the 3 points with ease

    1. Arsenal007 says:

      All I can say is that…Sanchez does not fit as a striker (at least, not for Arsenal).

      1. karansagar says:

        I think we made a massive error in keeping Chamberlain and loaning out Campbell. It should have been the other way round actually. And yesterday he should have played Giroud instead of Chamberlain. Tactically we should be definitely doing this in the next game.

        1. mohawk says:

          Yes. Either Walcott or Ox should have been gone before Campbell

          But Campbell is not one of Wenger’s pet players so………

  2. AndersS says:

    You are right. We were very lucky, and we can be very happy with the result.
    But in the long run it will not last.
    Wenger simply can’t understand, that we need our midfielders to defend from the front. Our forward, whether it is Sanchez, Giroud, Wellbeck, Perez or whoever should not defend, and Özil doesn’t defend. This is OK, if the rest then defend. But OX (and Walcott) have no clue and Iwobi doesn’t either, but he is so young and playing in a new position so he could still learn it. When we then also have Caozorla, who is lacking a bit in physique to be defending well, we basically play with 5 player, who aren’t enough help for Coquelin and the defence. This is our main problem, and it has been for years. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be addressed.

  3. Darwin says:

    You know what else is lucky? The fact that Basle/Basel v/s Ludogorates also ended in a draw. If one of those teams had won, the scenario in our group would have been difficult. So overall its been a VERY VERY LUCKY night.

  4. mohawk says:

    Sure, there is often an element of luck in these types of games but ………

    We often complain that Arsenal cannot dig in and tough it out through difficult games so when they do it we should also give them some credit. Right?

    And when Arsenal fail to score after dominating and creating chances we often hear that Arsenal just were not good enough. So now we should credit PSG for the same circumstances?? I won’t give them any credit for missing chances. You win the game by scoring the most – not by dominating possession or creating chances.

  5. Uzi Ozil says:

    I will say this again. I am one fan that want to see Ox grow. I want him to improve but it just isn’t working. looking at his reaction sometimes when he misplace a pass or miss a simple chance says it all. He wants to improve as well but it isn’t working. Maybe loaning him would have done him and Arsenal good.

    Wenger goofed with the starting line up..

    Thought Santi and Coquelin had a good game. Ozil below par judging by his standard.

    CBS grew into the game but that understanding ain’t there yet. Well, they will gel properly I hope.

    Bellerin was good. He tracked back and block some chances. Monreal was exploited on some occasions.

    Sanchez is truly a fighter. Not a striker, no thanks to Wenger but played better when Giroud was on as he moved to the flank.

    Iwobi was better than Ox for me…He seem to have football brain. Still not the finish product yet but he will improve with time.

    Giroud….Absymal. you just know a red card was coming.

    Finally, ooooooOooooooossssssssssssssspina. Five star performance from Him.

  6. PRINCE AFZ says:

    Quite often fans complain that Wenger team set up is very predictable. Last night he did the unexpected and yeah he made the wrong choice. I believe Le Prof set up his team to soak up PSG possession while hitting them on the counter. It was supposed to be a surprise package but PSG had almost the same plan setting up their own midfield almost like ours with Matuidi playing on the wing. Our major weakness which they swooped on in the first minute was Iwobi’s inability to cover Monreal allowing Di Maria and Auriel to double up on him. Iwobi was supposed to do something similar to what Matuidi was doing by helping the defence and attacking when the need arises but he is not naturally suited for that. The Ox was supposed to help our attack with his skill but he was useless as he played like he does not know his actual position between playing on the wings or centrally. Anyway the group is still there for anyone to take. The end will justify the means.

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