EXTRA – The best XI Players that Arsenal NEARLY signed!

So it had to be done! Following on from the Top Ten most outrageous transfers that didn’t happen, we now have a video of all the top players that nearly signed for Arsenal. We know Vardy and Mahrez from this summer, but what about the ones that went before…..


  1. More torture! … Hey? ?

    Even if Wenger did sign all of these player’s, they would have all been sold off within 2 year’s of joining us! ? So I doubt that they would have all been here long enough to have played together at Arsenal?

  2. We missed out on a 15 year old Messi because Arsenal fc wouldn’t pay for a bedsit, for his family? ? ?

    1. He was 15 for God sakes, a king size mattress thrown down on the marble floors of Highbury, would have been like the Hilton hotel for his mob, back then. ?

  3. This video is just trolling Arsenal fc and the delusional world of wenger….. Delete it, Quick!… before its toooo La..

  4. So basically, Wenger is Excellent at picking the numbers that will win him the lottery jackpot but after filling in the coupon, he chucks it in the bin and carries on playing the same old stale numbers, that win him a tenner, now and then.? ?

  5. Where is everybody? ?
    I feel like Robinson Crusoe, Stuck on Here! ? ?
    Hey Mr Admin… I’m a JustArsenal celebrity… ” Get Me Out Of Here”… Or find me a mate called ‘Friday’ ?

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