EXTRA Video -What do Arsenal fans think of Wenger’s transfer window?

Here is a very interesting video from COPA90 who has been asking reasonable Arsenal fans how they look at Arsene Wenger’s style of management, especially as regards this transfer window and the season ahead.

Who is responsible for Arsenal’s downfall?


  1. What is it that makes the Gunners fans believe this season may be different to the last 10?
    Wenger has no ability in the Tfr market. There is also the fact that the real good players do not ant to play for him… he fits players into a square box and that is where they stay – no alowance for personal expresssion. Sanchez is yet another example of a degenerating star. He is not half of what he was when he arrived..

    1. You’re forgetting that two of the last ten were different from the other eight.

      No room for personal expression. That is a weakness of ours, we have everyone wanting to get involved, but then get hit by sharp counter or sucker punch. If anything they need to be reigned in a little, wide players and CM’s in particular.

  2. The owner knows that
    investing a lot in transfers
    is high risk as there is no
    guarantee of winning when
    other teams can invest a lot too.
    Just being in the Premier league is a very profitable
    business even with out winning trophies.
    Heck even being in the Championship is profitable
    with multi millionaires buying into clubs like Wolves recently.
    The Arsenal Manager is not desperate to win because he won
    the league 3 times the last win in 2004 was with a team who were
    unbeaten in the league so he does not have the need to prove anything.
    Also since Chelsea and City came into contention
    the League is much harder to win than the time he won his 3 trophies.
    Now he just wants the job and the 8 mill that comes with it.
    So between them the Owner and the Manager have successfully lowered
    the fans expectation to celebrate top 4 not demand the title.
    So there is never any pressure to sign players.
    One man in the video encapsulated succinctly the Arsenal conundrum.
    “Are Kroenke and Wenger heroes for keeping Arsenal in the top 4
    or are they both greedy cowards for not trying to win the title”.
    The debate knows no end because if Arsenal did win the League again
    the debate would just shift to why arsenal has not won the UCL 🙂

    1. Greedy cowards is my thought on this far lesser clubs have stayed in contention and have also stayed in the PL so thet are far from hero’s the main motivation is money and they does NOT provide for scintillating football and the chase for the title of ECL fans pay thier money to be enthralled and excited but when thier team bombs out of ECL at the last 16 EVERY YEAR where is the excitement in that ??
      comming fourth every year is also as boring as hell But thats what Kroenke and Wenger aim for
      cowards and greedy scum the both of them as I see it.

  3. For me it’s Stab Kronke that deserves the biggest kick in the balls. I wish he would FO out of it! Aw and Gazidis are just pathetic yes men compared to that King Tool.

    We have a lot of silly old buggers sitting on the board as well stuck in the old ways.

    They don’t want to spend big but the old fools certainly want to charge big and rake in the pounds at our the fans expense. I despise them all.

  4. you are not playing Football Manager where for an ammount every player is available.
    I really think that there were no players for sale that would improve our squad.
    Or if they were (ex Higuain) their price was inflated.

    I think if Greizman or Lebandovsky became available on the market we will bid for them.
    But if you would be Bayern or Atletico would you sell them?

    Is like Inter is asking us to sell them Alexis. Would you sell Alexis to Inter?

  5. I don’t really know what to say of our transfer situation…but over all that the moment I see Arsene Wengers’ press conference I just c an honest man in him,still feel he’s the biggest asset of our club

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