EXTRA – Watch ALL of Arsenal’s 121 goals in 2016/17

We’ve had Arsenal’s Top Ten goals of the season a couple of weeks ago, but now I have found an amazing compilation of every single one of Arsenal’s goals from last season. I reckon just about every player in our squad scored at some point, except the goalkeepers of course!

There are only short clips of each but It was fun to watch over breakfast. I bet you can’t remember all of them!



  1. whats the point of watching last seasons goals? we finished as 5th n out of CL. we r again preparing to finish 5th or 6th.a club that is supposed to big cant sign top stricker same thing again n again. we wont sign lacazatte or mbbape or whoever the f… there is. another frustrating season coming enjoy that

  2. So I have repeatedly been saying that Lacazette and Lemar are done deals
    Lacazette and lemar are gunners and their deals will be announced soon. Before the tour begins.
    For thos of you saying Ive stoeln info from someone called afc pablo. I would like to clarify that I have never heard of the guy.
    My source is friend I made from my stint working at Arsenal football club (not in the UK, I worked in asia and met her when she was sent from london)
    Re-member Re-source

      1. Ive heard of that guy.. alexis agent on twitter. I laughed so much!
        It was completely false from that start. Benzema was never joining arsenal. Not even a formal enquiry was made FYI..
        I can confirm that these two deals have been done. Subject to medicals. Both players have not yet had their medicals.


    1. LOL #muffdiverisamuppet

      Yeah Pablo was the first to announce that, yet he was the same guy that made us go crazy for MADNESS.. just hope its true

  3. Bakayoko has completed his move to chelsea. Deal to be announced possibly on sunday.
    I have no news on matic.
    Re-member Re-source

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